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Kirti's Mind Theater. (Reeally long.)Category: The little Orphan
Wednesday, 8 July 2009
02:47:13 AM (GMT)
Characters, setting, story are property of Miss_RolePlay1995, also known as
<dragon>. She, not I, is the author of The Little Orphan. Plot is
product of Kirti's imagination, as there is almost no way this'll happen. (But I
figure that the situation is semi-believable in the real story, and actions by the
characters are beleivable of the characters within the situation. The
situation just won't actually take place.)

The following popped annoyingly (and towards the end, disgustingly) into Kirit's head
while she was trying to go on a painful peaceful four mile jog. *Cringe*
Remember boys and girls- if you're going to join the running team, and are training
months in advance, be very gradual when incrasing your distance. Really.

Hurray for lots of perspective changes! And jumps in the time period! And
exclaimation marks it the introduction! And for this think being mega fishing long!
    Naono perched himself on a wooden stool, leaning forward in rapt attention to
anything and everything Shikuro had to say. He was, after all, the leader of most of
the kingdom, a master of magic and swordsman ship, a strategic genius, and someone
who had saved Naono's life. You could say that he ranked pretty high on the list of
people Naono thought deserved respect. Shikuro seemed to like Naono too, but
maybe he was just being nice.
   Nice, another reason to like him. 
"Well you diffenately have potential... A tad on the thin side maybe, but you're
wirey. I suppose that's from walking so much... Are you very fast?" Shikuro, who had
been circling him to better examine his "potential", stopped in front of him and
looked at him curiously. His spine tingled beneath that powerful gaze.
    "Quite fast I'd say, sir." Naono answered politely. Modesty should come after
telling the truth to your superiors. Shikuro resumed walking.
"That's good then. Have you the faintest idea if you can use magic? I understand thst
the subject doesn't come up terribly often where you're from." He smiled as if not
being able to make things appear in a puff of smoke on a whim made Earth comical.
Well, maybe it did. Both worlds existed, who was he to judge which laws of physics
were better?
    "Um, I don't think I've ever done magic, sorry. Sir." Admittedly, Naono was
hoping Shikuro would tell him not to be formal. Maybe he was just so used to being
adressed as "sir" that he no longer noticed; maybe people usually addressed him
more formally and Shikuro was already honoring him. 
    "Well that might not mean to much. So how did you come to be here? It's not
something easily done, and you are but a child. Or that's how you appear," He added.
He stoped again, and shifted his weight to one foot, staring at Naono looking
guarded, or suspicious, but Naono had nothing to fear. He was not Shikuro's enemy,
and he really doubted he'd ever want to be.
"It's rather a long story..." Naono stalled. If Shikuro respected him getting here,
what would he think upon hearing that he had just slipped in when Mana came over?
     "Is there somewhere you'd rather be?" Shikuro asked archely. One sand tones
eyebrow lifted above a golden green eye. Naono's heart pounded. Without pausing
another minute he launched into the story, from being irritatated with Mana for years
-thirteen years, he took care to mention. He really was as young as he looked- to
slipping into the cave with Mana as he followed her, to at last the part Shikuro knew
already, when heard heard something too important and the corrupt young Monarch
decided to do away with him for good.
    "You saved me." Naono finished. "I'd have died out there for sure. I had no food,
or supplies of any kind," Naono left this to hang in the air. Actually saying that he
was in Shikuro's debt seemed a bit much, but he should imply that if Shikuro thought
he owed him then he'd comply, cerainly.
    "Hm. In-ter-e-sting..." Shikuro said, forming the last word into many syllables.
Naono winced, for the "sting" really stung. It was the physical sensation of
being asessed, measured, and calculated. He would soon learn that Shikuro was so
powerful that his words often lead to physical and emotional sensations for the
listener. His every word was magic, his every thought a mere flick of the tounge from
becoming realality.
    "Well," Shikuro said briskly, for he seemed to have come to some sort of
conclusion, "I would first like to see that you should never again tell someone that
you feel in their debt. As it happens, I don't plan to take advantage of you,
but I could. Sec- Ah, ah! Don't interupt me." Naono dropped his head in
apology. He had been about to express his shock that Shikuro had known what he meant
by his words so exactly, but it hardly matered. He had meant it to be obvious,
Shikuro probably hadn't used magic for it.
   "Second, you definately have strong potential. You say you were straining your
ears without meaning to to hear Mana talking in her sleep, but you only really heard
the information that was important. 'The Rockies!' may have- No, it probably
stood out because you accidently amplified your hearing with magic. Young people
often use magic like that, without words or intention. Your gift would have gone to
waste had you not come where you could be trained,"
    Thirdly, and most importantly, how would you like to help an underground
resistance movement stop an evil empire?"
Naono thought for a second, then light glinted off his glasses as his face split it a
long grin. "Why, sir," he said
    "I thought you would never ask."
     "So... He's not dead, right?" Asked Hana, "As in, he probably didn't
die after Taheiji threw him?" Sera patiently moved a branch aside so that Hana
could duck into the little hollow in the woods where the two of them like to train,
then attempted to explain- again- the situation with Naono.
     "For the millionth time, he's probably fine! Just a bit lost and confused
is all. And not to sound insensative or nothing, but if he did fall just a
little to hard and kicked the bucket... Well who really cares? He hates Mana, and he
probably hates Eichiro by extention. He's our enemy now, got it? We come here
everyday so that we can learn to fight our enemies. And what's it matter so
much to you for anyway? You didn't even know the kid, lucky for you."
     Hanako looked at her feet, shifting nervously. She picked up a weed on the
ground, held it up to the sun, sniffed it carefully, and pocketed it. It'd be good
for teas once dried. Finally she looked Sera straight in the face and answered the
whole truth.
     "I was hiding, following you guys to the night Eichiro found that boy. Eichiro
claims he heard us both, and I beleive him. He picked where Naono was hiding by
random chance, and because Naono fought back he was established as 'bad'. Oh, you
don't have to say it, Naono was bad anyway. But if Eichiro had jumped on me instead,
I also would have fought back. I'd be you're 'enemy' if Naono hadn't been there.
You'd be working every day to know how to kill me. That's why I care."
       Hanako got a differnt weed off the ground and gave it to Sera without looking
at her.
"Here. This'll help the blisters you get when you use your bow for too long."
     "'Self-Improvment'?" Naono asked incredously. It'd been a little over a week
since he had agreed to join Shikuro, and things were going great. Shikuro was the
perfect mentor, tough while still being encouraging. By the time he decided Naono was
"trained" he'd be some sort of superhuman. Lately though Shikuro-maji had been
hinting that traditional training, though more satisfying, might be too slow under
the circumstances.
     "Well maybe that's the wrong way to put it. The idea is that I would cast a
series of small spells on you, locked internally, so that little things that you need
to work out would be resolved already, and we could focus on big things. For
instance, you whimper in pain when the girl kicks you, and are so embarressed by this
that you now fear taking a blow while we spar."
     "I can tell you don't fear pain, but you worry about people thinking less of you
due to your reaction to pain. If you always jump to avoid a blow to the leg
because you don't want your master to see you tear up then you'll learn to jump when 
someone takes a swing at your leg, whichleaves you vunerable at the neck. With you're
premission, I'd like to make it so that you don't make noise when you feel pain. If
you ever want it removed then ask me. It would take a fair bit of energy for you and
a goodly ammount of outside strength to undo one of these spells, but the results can
be exelent." Was Shikuro was really letting Naono decide, or was this a way to test
trust? Naono had never let someone else change something about him permanantly 
before, he had no peircings and had never required pulled teeth or fillings. 
     ... But Naono did trust his master didn't he? The spells wouldn't do
anything that would hurt him, just do little things to help. There wasn't
anything to think about really.
    "Yes Master. Is there anything I can do to help with the spells?" "Grab that
kettle over there and start some water boiling. A bowl filled with cleansed water is
part of one of them." Shikuro turned and started readying some other materials,
smiling slightly.
    Such a trusting boy, he thought. I rather like him. I hope I'm just
doing this out of paranoai, I hope it doesn't come up... But if it does then nothing
short of this would do. He is just a child after all.
    That's right. Nothing else will do. Nothing else at all."
Zoh my gosh, TIME JUMP! Just pretend we know how Naono got caught, 'kay? I'm
having fun with this.
The odds were in his oppenents favor. As happened in times of stress, thoughts emtied
from Naono's mind, and a list of options lay before him. He could run, back up and
fight defensively, or he could make the first move. He couldn't surrender, as that
would almost guarentee his death. Eichiro had tried to kill him once after all.
    It'd been awhile since he'd followed them, but he remembered their names well
enough. Takuya, Hiki, and Ato. Presumably they were the ones who were unimportant
enough to be allowed to stay behind, and stupid enough to volunteer. Naono slide a
small sword from it's sheath while strengthening his defenses against magical attack
and pushing up his glasses. If he was going to fight them then it was going to be a
clean, physical fight. He couldn't wrap his mind around the idea that using magic for
an advantage wasn't cheating.
    No one moved, but the air grew thick with tension. Naono's breath left his mouth
in a short puff, but when he breathed in again he didn't feel satisfide, as if his
first breath hadn't been able to move in the stagnant air, and he had breathed it
back in.
    A jolt went through him. Eichiro was saying something Naono couldn't understand,
but whatever it was seemed to be attacking his sheilds.
"The kids got sheilds! The human boys got sheilds!" Eichiro muttered in shocked
contempt. He drew his sword and andressed Ato.
    "All Hiki has is magic. Help her go somewhere she can be of assistance." This was
appearntly a pre establish command. As one the four some moved. Eichiro and Takuya 
came at Naono at once, while Ato steped in front of Hiki. With a word she
disappeared. Ato took a few running steps foward to join the fray. Naono had few
options now. Sword coming, duck. See an opening, swing. Another sword, block, then
push, then swing. It was too easy. 
    If am amatuer looked at them, you'd think the three facing him were supior with
swords to Naono. All they were doing was moving so that they could be blocked, and
using intricate twirls to avoid blows. It's pretty to watch, but easy to fight.
    Distraction! Magic attack coming! Sword coming, kick, swing, strengthen
defenses. He had realized in time, he thought. His defenses were up and could
stay that way, for awhile at least. Even Eichiro couldn't break down Naono's sheilds
at the moment. He laughed for the sheer joy of holding his own against three
attackers, one of which could use magic. Sword, block. Sword, block. Opening,
swing. Sword, block, block, swing.
   Eichiro was muttering again. Opening, swing! Darn, Eichiro had physical
sheilds too. Block!
"Now!" muttered the Dark King. Naono's sheilds took one powerful hit, but maintained.
Hah! Sword, bloc- Jolt. Jolt!
   Ambush. More magic users. Hiki, behind him. Ato speaking now too. No options.
Sword, duck, roll, swarve, stand, block. Only Takuya was using his sword now, and
Naono was using both hands to keep it away from himself. A drop of sweat ran
annoyingly down his face. Now, when had he started sweating?
    Ato, Hiki, and Eichiro were all speaking. Hiki spoke a language like burbling
streams, a tribal language from the mountains. Ato mouthed English words, eyes closed
to concentrate without saying his spell outloud so Naono could prepare. The Dark King
spoke magic. Eichiro was magic. More blows assualted his sheilds. Trying to
hold them up caused him to get a number of cuts from Takuya. It hurt, it really hurt.
Naono realized he stopped trying to cry out in pain. When had he begun to try? 
      Then it was just over. His sheilds broke and some of the spells got through. It
was bound to happen eventually, all things considered. Naono's body went completly
limp all at once, but Naono remained conscious. Hitting the ground without catching
himself only  made him feel more bruised and battered, and he decided the conscious
was not a state he really wanted to be in. Naono tried to go into a trance instead.
Why had mediatation seemed so much easier with Shikuro? Naono just lay on the ground
trying not to concentrate. Above him, Takuya was resheating his sword, and the magic
users were catching their breath.
      "The kids good. Not at staying hidden, but he could fight okay. Did you guys
kill him?" A knee entered Naono's vision as Takuya lowered himself to the ground.
      "I... Doubt it." The Dark King said. "I only tried that after I found out he
had sheilds. It's strong, I thought I could use it to break them."
"I can't beleive you used it at all! I didn't have the nerve. I bet he's just knocked
out. That's what I was trying to do." Said Ato.
"He's alive. He's breathing. I suppose he must be unconscious... I was just trying to
knock him down. I didn't want to really hurt him- Shikuro tricks good kids onto his
side sometimes. Is it really their fault?" Hiki knealt down to look at Naono's eyes.
He was still trying not to focus on anything.
     "His eyes are open, but I don't think he's seeing right now. Well what shall we
do with him?" Takuya snorted and stood up.
"He was bad before getting in with Shikuro's crew, an' he's got rank now.  If you
leave him to me, I bet I can get some information out of him. Based on what he tells
us and how willing he is to part with it, we'll decide what to do then. Sound good?"
    "Anything as long as I don't have to deal with him anymore." Said Eichiro. Naono
heard a sword being drawn. "Precautionary measure, sorry." Said Ato, presumable to
     The sword hilt hit Naono on the head and any attempts at meditation became
Gosh this is long.
     Call it cliche, whatever. I tied the dumb kid to a chair. It's mean, and it's
old fashioned, but it's effective. And in the FBI being effective is all that counts.
I didn't really think Eichiro would let me interogate Naono alone, but he did. So he
probably didn't know what methods I was going to use. Really though, Eichiro'd be
cool with it as long as I got something useful, and the wounds were taken care of
before Mana found out.
    Mana is a great kid, but she really is a kid. She can't understand that sometimes
you have to do bad things. Or that sometimes you can still be good after to something
bad to someone bad. I'm a good person, really. Now how do you wake someone up
from a spell...? A bucket of water should do.
    A moment later there was a very soggy, but very awake, prisoner tied to a chair,
next to a fireplace in the basement of that Arisa chicks castle. I really wonder
about her. She didn't direct me to a proper dungeon or whatever they have here when I
asked if there was someplace I could "talk" to this kid, but I think she knew what
was going on anyway. In the chair, the little guy was trying to blink water from his
eyes. Well, it probably stung a bit. I saw some dust in the bucket.
    "Okay kid, here's the deal. You know what Shikuro is planning- we don't. I'd
really like to fix that. Are you willing to help me?"
Nothing. Well I hadn't really expected him to respond to the good-cop treatment. I
was never very good at that one.
"Alrighty then. Well if we're ganna play, I should tell you the rules right? That's
only fair. I can't ask you any trick questions, or underhanded questions. Every peice
of... We'll call it trivia, that sounds fun, like a game, right? It's all going to be
easy trivia, stuff that you know. But if you don't answer, then you get the question
wrong. And that's bad. You with me so far?" For a second, he just sat there, like he
was trying to decide something. Then he nodded, really slowly. 
    "Great. Other rules- you can quit when eeever you want, if you just say
"Alright", alright?" He blinked alot,  then nodded slowly again.
"Super. The name of the game is "Slash and Burn", and trust me it's not as fun as it
sounds. Any idea what this game entails?" No puase this time, just shaking his head.
He hasn't said a word yet. Well, he will. It's only a matter of time.
     My head hurts, and the water stings my eyes. As Takuya chattered in a friendly
way about the fact that I was about to be tortured the water seeped down my shirt and
into some of the cuts I had gotten fighting. The water seemed to have salt in it. I
tried to ignore it, to listen.
"...But if you don't answer, you get it wrong. And that's bad. You with me so far?"
It wasn't a retoricle question. I tried to speak, but my mouth stayed in a tight
line. The spell! I'm about to be tortured to find out what I know, and I can't say a
word. I just nodded.
"I'll ask you a peice of trivia. For example, if I say "what's your name" and you say
"Naono" then you get it right. But if you get it wrong then I'll take a knife, and
I'' cut your arm. That's the 'slash' bit. Then I'll as you again. If you still don't
answer then I take a fire poker from over ther and burn your arm. If you don't answer
after that then I cut on top of the burn, and after that I burn the cut, and if you
still haven't talked then I move on to another question. I think you'll answer
though- you're a smart kid. And if you don't get annything wrong, you'll get a prize.
If you want you can use magic to heal yourself or sheild yourself. I won't stop you.
Eventually though, you'll run out of energy, and then we'll play. Ready?"
     Just then Eichiro burst through the door. He looked mad. So did the kid. I guess
he didn't

‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   8 July 2009   411272  
Ok, before I say anything, what does "realality" mean? Was that just a
Again, WHOA.
I'm almost willing to say you write this story better then I do.
But I'm not.
No offence to you.
Lots of things I liked in your writing that I never even thought of.
Like "The Dark King". That name should be apparent, but I never
thought of it until you mentioned it. (I also was stupid enough not to
notice that you could use the suffix "-Maji" with Shikuro too.) 
I really liked the part with Sera and Hana training. :]
It makes me so happy seeing stories of my ideas. For some reason.
Inspiration, maybe? I dunno.
And, I hate to mention it, but it cut off at the end right when it was
getting good. It's just simply too long. :[
I love fan stories for some reason. I love getting new ideas. 
Good job!!! <-- Triple exclamation mark.
Kirti says:   8 July 2009   756753  
You're kidding. *checks.* No, your not. the ending was the best part
and I didn't save it! Waaaaah!

I didn't think anyone but Naono would call Shikuro "Maji", and Eichiro
the "dark King". But he wears alot of black and Naono thinks he's evil
soo... *shrug*
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   11 July 2009   315519  
No, it wasn't your fault. You just have to be careful with how long
you make your diary entries.

I said could, I didn't say would.
Yeah, it fits. Why not.
Kirti says :   12 July 2009   432219  
Could, would, what? 

I'm almost done rewriting the end. I shall have it done before I leave
for my week long camping trip.


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