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Thursday, 25 June 2009
08:10:46 PM (GMT)
What would you do if you were locked in a cushioned room with one gun, one bullet,
one person, and the two of you had to make a decision; kill or be killed?  If you
think this is easy you couldn't be more wrong. A ziploc bag is sewn to your lips
giving you a limited time  to make a decision before you suffocate and die. You think
you can rip off the ziploc bag? you're wrong. The ziploc bag is sewn to your lips and
if you rip it off it pulls out the string connecting it to your lips which triggers
an explosive below the room you're both in killing the both of you.  Still think this
is easy? it gets trickier. If you kill the other person you see all your close family
and friends mutilated and murdered right before your eyes then your released. After
you're released the ziploc bag is torn off and your tongue and hands are cut off
leaving it difficult to commit suicide. Think suicide is the answer? guess again. If
you try to kill yourself the other persons close family and friends are slaughtered
before them and the person is subject to torture for the rest of their life. You know
what the hardest part is? the other person is your best friend.
                                Now what would you do?

‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says:   25 June 2009   657258  
shoot the ziplock back!!!!
munchkin says:   25 June 2009   964965  
idk but that would be right lessthanthree
‹medusaaaaūüć™› says:   25 June 2009   847343  
>_< I dunno. Haha.
‹Emma Bear› says:   25 June 2009   837941  
Kill my self
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   25 June 2009   685695  
lol wow heartless bastard much?
‹Emma Bear› says:   25 June 2009   634511  
I rather die of  suffocate and die.
‹Emma Bear› says:   25 June 2009   243632  
I not heartless i just don't want to see the pain on anyone face
‹‚ô•Ice Cream Topped With Honey‚ô•› says:   25 June 2009   842728  
true dat!
‹‚ô•Ice Cream Topped With Honey‚ô•› shouts:   25 June 2009   725181  
i guess shoot the bag and then i cood breath better alittle an i wood
get close enough 2 my friend 2 whisper a plan or sumthin and tell her
2 shoot the bag as well then i wood get up and open the door unless it
wuz locked then i wood pickthe lock wit me hair pin whick i just so
happen 2 alwayz carry THEN i wood sneak out wen the guards aren't
lookin then tell my family 2 try and find a way 2 escape and once
there was i wood get all my family out and then my friends family out
then my g=friend and then me and then i wood scream at the top of my
out from all that talkin'!!! SUBSCRIBE AND READ MY DIARY ENTRIEZ!
SymiDisco says:   25 June 2009   686359  
Could I poke a hole in my zip lock bag? o_o
SymiDisco says:   25 June 2009   592231  
"After you're released the ziploc bag is torn off and your
tongue and hands are cut off leaving it difficult to commit suicide."
You still have feet. And you could get fake hands.. Even so, if you
wanted to commit suicide, you could fall onto something sharp
SuperSparkle says:   26 June 2009   167958  
For a klondike bar?

(read title then read comment if you do not understand)
‹sexi_italian_gurl› says:   26 June 2009   177482  
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   27 June 2009   155872  
I would shoot my friend.
hateculture says:   4 July 2009   391677  
Congrats Jacob, I just died from brain overheating.
My head exploded all over the desk. Gore yes much O___O
‹Charlotte speaks with Silence› says:   5 July 2009   525175  
God!  You dont lyk to make it at all easy do you????     I'd kill
‹XX_ScReAmInG_OuT_In_ThE_DaRkNeSs_XX› says:   17 July 2009   794127  
<masterofevilbunnies>, the only problem is, there is only one bullet,
so only one of you could shoot the bag.

I personally would make us both blow up, that way we could both die
together and no one sees their families mutilated.
cutie779 says:   17 July 2009   862311  
dis is nt so easy.......
i'd rip the zipbag off
n let us both die..
if we can't live
then we'd rather die
‹[--‚ô™BobsBestBuddy‚ô•--]› says:   17 July 2009   984679  
If you sit there and suffocate and die on purpose, that would be
suicide. ;D
bluesprite_411 shouts:   17 July 2009   196221  
if that happenned to me i would shoot the ziplock bag...
bluesprite_411 says:   17 July 2009   851956  
ooo and check out my diary on the next pg (pg 2)
its twilight:dumb or genius
plzzzz comment on it!PLEASE!
bluesprite_411 says:   17 July 2009   573155  
o and do you get kupipoints if you get a lot of comments?
papillon says:   17 July 2009   567552  
I would rip of the ziploc bag, killing us both because that way no
one else dies, just us.

O.o...But wait, the  ziploc bag is sewn onto the LIPS, so your nose
would still be free allowing us to continue breathing?
‹kat_got_ur_tongue_cuz_i_so_hott› says:   17 July 2009   969916  
I ahve no idea what i would do how the hell did u come up with all
this u have way too much free time
deeplov suggests:   8 October 2009   321753  
Just suffocate.
deeplov says :   8 October 2009   913219  
I would hold my nose XD


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