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L must read this!!!Category: Death Note
Sunday, 7 June 2009
03:05:44 AM (GMT)
……..I licked my hand clean, but jam or no jam it was still sticky. I hated it
for once. Misa guessing my thoughts as always, looked at me in wonder “I can’t
believe you’re losing your taste for jam, Beyond, if that is your real name.” I
smirked at her “You, of all people, should know.” She rolled her eyes and turned
them red for my benefit, as if to show me how old our shinigami eye jokes were
getting. “You didn’t answer me.” she pouted. “Watching you with Yagami is
sickly sweet enough for me, dearest. No need for jam.” I said pushing the jar of 
jellified strawberries toward her. She dipped her spoon in and took a bite. “Your
eyes are still red.” I informed her. “So? My eyes are beside the point.” I
tilted my head at her “What is the point?” She crawled over to me and sat down to
where our knees where touching, Beyond, we’re friends, right? Misa bit her
lip and pushed my hair out of my face, a thing she does when a “important” topic
comes up “Beyond…..we’re friends, right?” I tried pretty hard not to laugh,
she was so focused she didn’t realize she was placing her words inside my head. I
decided to bite, she was very worried. “Yes, Misa. Best friends.” 
The very Best?
“The very best?”
“Of course.” 
And you care for me as one of the family?
“And you care for me as one of the family?”
“As though you were my sister.”

She nodded “Right. And as your sister we need to talk about the sister you’re in
love with.”  As worried as she was, Misa’s still bossy. I sighed “You don’t
like jam, Beyond.
You’ve always liked jam.” I looked at her “I like jam…..”  …..I just
liked it better in L’s mouth.  Misa looked at me, smirking. Oh great. I put my
thought in her head. I felt blood rushing and pounding inside my head.
“I don’t blame you……Light likes jam better on my fingers”  I knew this was
her way of making peace. I smiled sheepishly and retorted. “Light eats jam?”
“More than you at the moment. Which is not normal B!”  I  scowled. Of course I
knew what she wanted to talk about. “Damnnit, Misa! L and I are over!” I pulled
away hugging my knees to my chest, wishing her away. “Over? As in not together? Or
over each other?” she retorted  “Both!” I yelled my eyes turning to her
in a red eyed glare. She glared right back at me. But her eyes were blue. “I just
want to know what your feelings are Beyond. You can‘t eat. And not just jam but
anything!” I lowered my legs into a “normal” sitting position. “So my lack of
appetite is because of L?” I said using a tone that implied that of one reasoning
with a child. I expected her to smash the jar of jam into my head, Misa hates being
treated like a, well, blond,  her eyes shone red for a second and violent acts among
us were normal, so I braced myself……..But she responded “Sometimes…..you look
at her…..and you want to kill her for being so …so L…. at times…..And others
you just….want to hold her…..”  
“And spoil her and let her mock me.” I finished for her. She swallowed and
I felt my eyes slowly turn gray. “So, let’s hear it Beyond, do you love

All of a sudden I forgot  about the cameras, and the fact that L was probably
Misa inched close to me. Waiting for the answer. “I ….I miss her.” I whispered.
I've always missed her if she wasn't in my hands, in my bed, in my eyesight.Eyesight
that could warn her of any ill coming her way....even at my expense. Because I lo-. 
Don't bring it up, fuck no, don't bring it up,don't... feel it. Don't say it even if
you feel it. Don't think about how much you aren't anything like her, or good enough
for her, or lost her as everything she ever was. Don't be concited enough to think
you were her one shot at happiness. Don't think that if -if only I wasn't so sesitive
enough to kill-we'd be alright...Dont. Think. About. The people she ...the people she
 “And I hate every son of a bitch that hits on her and every skank that looks down
her shirt.”
I hugged Misa. I felt the numbness  I’d been feeling for the last four months wash
away with pain. I gripped Misa harder, clawing in my nails in, deep-so deep I could
swear her flesh was hurting me. And I hurt..I hurt so much I wasn’t even mad at
Misa for unleashing the pain. The pain of not being wanted by L.  Over over
overoverover AGAIN. Why'd she always drag it out? Why couldn't she had left me in
jail to rot? Why the hell did she let me get healthy again? L. L. “Misa…” I
sobbed into her shoulder, my nerves unraveling, exploding. “I love her.”

          L, I snagged this from his diary. He'll make sure to be mad at me this
                  But I thought you'd want to know......In case you didn't
watch...Ummm, I hope 
                         there's something other than pity left for him.

Last edited: 1 January 2011

rikus_gurl says:   19 July 2009   962219  
If a count as L i must say that's really sweet of Beyond, but if I
don't count as L, and only as Age, It's still really sweet!
Akiba23 says :   24 July 2009   997894  
Lol, Age whatever helps Beyond. 

Me: Oh!!!!! BB! *Tackle* You poor sweet thing!!!!

BB: *Glare* Get off!!! ....Fuck. Can`t we forget this happened? 
*ashamed of his girlish actions*

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