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Summer <3Category: (general)
Sunday, 31 May 2009
09:46:56 PM (GMT)
Summer 09 will you ..

1.Dye your hair?
Yea =] Gonna be blonde and pink x]! 

2.Get a tan, or burn?
probably burn but end up in a tan

3.Go on vacation/trip?
Hopefully =]

4.Go camping?
haha hell yes x]

5.Plant flowers?
Nah thats not my thing

6.Play in the sprinkler?
Haha yeea

7.Have your license?
Sadly no T~T

8.Have a bonfire?

9.Have a job?

10.Go on any road trips?
I wish T~T 

11.Spend your money or save it?
umm...i'll probably say ima save it..but end up spendin it

13.Give anything up?

14.Do anything you’ve never done before?
Haha yea >D gonna go raving!

15.First day of summer, what will you be doing?
Hmm...whens the first day of summer agine o-o?

16.Who will you spend the most time with?
hmm Sabrina, Dale Mike Sam Breadon Joel....Oh! Probably Erika and Jenna..and a few
other peoples

17.Do you have any major plans with a friend(s)?
Yeea >D Gonna go with a bunch of freinds to a few diffrent towns...and party it up
for a week...and get revenge >D

18. Who will most likely be sitting beside you at the beach?
Hmm.....Sabrina probably

19.What will you take the most pictures of?
Well....Summer =] Everything and anything

20.Anyone you can’t wait to get away from?
OH gawd yes > > But sadly im stuck with them

21.Will you make new friends?
Yea =] Its my whole plan x]

22.Will you get into a fight with a friend?
Nah =] No need for Drama over the summer

23.Rekindle a lost friendship?

24.Will you more likely be at the beach, pool, or lake?

26.Do you think you will meet a new crush?
Haha maybe....maybe get Laid ;D [[thats a joke]]

27.Will you eat well or pig out?
Probably pig out XD

28.Anything you’re not looking forward to?
hmm....The heat @-@

Summer Questions

1. Favorite food on the bbq: Hamburgers or steak

2. Favorite summer drink: iced tea

3. What do you look forward to when summer comes? No school and non stop partying x]

4. Do you join any sports? Haha Noooo

5. Would you rather it be winter? hmm...probably when the heat gets to me XD 

6. How many times will you hit the beach? alot =]

7. How many BBQ's do you have? umm...what?

8. What time do you go to bed in the summer? when i want too

9. Do you go camping? Haha Yea =] Its the big activte of the summer <3

This or that

10. Flip flops or shoes?
filp flops

11. Beach or pool?

12. Bug bite or sunburn?
bug bite

13. Lay out or fake bake?
lay out

15. In a relationship or single?
single =]

16. Hang out with friends or family? 

Last summer; 2008

17. How old were you in June 2008?
14 ;D

18. Did you go to a campground?
umm...maybe i unno

19. What vacations did you go on?
umm...i think i went to cumberland...and the mainland o-O?

20. Who did you hang out with the most?
Ashlyn and Katrina -Shudders-

21. What was your worst memory of last summer?
I dont think i had one o-o

22. How did you celebrate the Fourth of July?
i didnt

23.What was your best memory of last summer?
=] ahaha alot of things but i think camping with Chelsea and her hawt brother and her
hawt brothers freinds ;D

24. What was one thing you did EVERY week last summer?
Slept :D

25.What did you wear the most last summer?
Bathing suit 

26. Favorite song? 
Oh Gawd..there was to many 

This summer; 2009

27. Where will you be going on vacation?
All over the place =] Thats mai Plan

28. How will you celebrate the Fourth of July?
hmm, well i wont. 

29. The best place to be this summer: long as im with my Friends <3

30. What are you looking forward to when the summer comes?
Revenge!!! and hanging out with Sam mike Erikka Jenna and Sabrina ;D

31. Do you belive in summer love?
hmm....sure why not

32. Do you like the summer weather?
Hahaha Sometimes XD

34. Is summer long enough for you or do you wish it was longer?
It should be longer! But near the end of it when i get bored i wish it would just
hurry up XD

Where is the girl/boy you want most?
He's locked up in my Head Because im compleatly Boy free right now ;D only got my
friends and a bag o' weed

where will you be 2 hours from now?
Right here infront of my computer...or outside stargazeing

Why do you feel the way you feel?
i dont get this question

What are you doing tomorrow?
School > > 

Where were you at 9am this morning?
sleeping or rushing around to get ready to go to the beach

Whose bedroom were you in last?
umm...mine o-o

Who was the last person you yelled at?
Sabrina <3 Hehehe

Is there something you wish you could tell someone but can't?
Yepp =] Theres i think....two people that i'd like to do that to

Do you sleep with the TV on?

Are you too forgiving? i can be...but right now...i dont want to be

Who do you miss?
This silly boy that i want to talk to more =] 

What was the last thing that was put in your mouth?
My pinky finger > < don't even ask > >

What are you stressed out about?
Passing school T~T

How many windows are open on your computer?

In the past week have you gotten sick?
No but i did get a nasty algergic reaction to somthing so i got to skip school all
week > <

In the past week have you gotten a hair cut?
No but oh gawd i wish i had

Is there someone you'd really like to hang out with and just talk about stuff?

Best summer yet?
hmm.....08 =]

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