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Them Scots ingenious plan.Category: (general)
Wednesday, 27 May 2009
10:54:46 AM (GMT)
I just need to get this out of me, and try to make it more understandable...

This is in protected...

The people included's named and brief description.

[ = Katie AKA Anime4eva
[[ = Me
[[[ = Rachel AKA Missmewmew
[[[[ = Joanna AKA Ice_cream_retard

[Kazuki - A 16 year old dude in a fighters group that's right eye is from an elf and
cursing him.
[Azumi - 16 year old, she's Kaz's cousin, but acts like a sister. She is also in the
fighters group.
[Koji - 18, REALLY short, is in the fighters group, was in a band with Kaz way back
[Asuka - Comes in the second half of the plan. She is Koji's sister, and appears out
of seemingly nowhere.
[[Tamoe - My only female roleplay character for the club. She's 14, short, and was a
princess of some land. Most of her family was killed by Kaz's father, who was a
demon. She's Kaz's girlfriend.
[[Gonnohyoe - Tamoe's older brother. He's 15, was the older prince of his land, and
once was very Paranoid, before the group of people opened him up. He has a condition
very similar to IBS, which he got when Kaz's demon dad attacked him and tried to take
his soul. He's very protective of Tamoe.
[[Hisoko - He's Tam's and Gonno's cousin. He's 15, and their dads were brothers,
which makes him a duke.
[[[Torao - (I don't remember much about his persona because he's no longer a
character...) A demon dude that was able to turn into a dog at a time.
[[[Luchia - Torao's sister, she could turn into a dog, and has a dog of her own. 
[[[Alfie - A dude. I honestly don't remember much at the moment. :O
[[[Daichi - Comes in during the second half of the plan, I honestly don't know much
about him either...
[[[[ Akemi - A girl who I don't remember much about at the moment.
[[[[ Haru - A hyper girl who's into playing the guitar (It's practically her life)
[[[[ Isamu - A vampire dude. He's the only character in the roleplay legally old
enough to drink alcohol.

I think that's everyone...

Phase 1:So, the plan all starts when everyone is in the park when Kaz and Torao gets
in an arguement. What they were arguing about wasn't what get's it into this plan.
It's when Torao says to him "I will kill you." With Tamoe and Azumi in
earshot, it sort of bugs them.

Phase 2: Then, the next day, everyone is at Az, Kaz, and Koji's house. They're all
doing random things, when Torao asks if anyone wants tea, since he's making some.
Only Tamoe and Kaz seem to want some, so Torao goes off to make it. When he comes
back with a few mugs, he bumps into Isamu, but nobody thinks anything of it. He hands
Kaz and Tamoe their mugs, and about 10 minutes later, Kaz says he has a headache, and
says he'll go upstairs in his room to rest for a bit. With a peck on Tamoe's cheek,
he goes upstairs. A bit later, Koji wonders how Kaz is doing, so he goes upstairs to
check. A few minutes later, he's screaming and swearing. Everyone is scared on what's
going on. Koji soon appears at the top of the stairs calling down, "Kaz is DEAD!!"
Everyone reacts startled. Tamoe starts running up the stairs to his room, but stops
before she opens the door, repeating "He can't be dead, he can't be dead..." But is
too afraid to look into the door. A few others soon make it up, trying to figure out
why Kaz is dead. They then think of the tea. Tam, being slow processing everying
happening stays upstairs, but (I think it was) Luchia goes and gets the tea, and
sniffs it. She can tell there's something funny in it. Everyone soon assumes it's
poison. But who could've put it there. All suspicions go to Torao. Everyone soon
blamed him for it, and Torao ran. He wasn't seen again after that. Luchia can't
believe her brother killed him, but everyone else doesn't hesitate. 

Phase 3: During the next week, Tamoe and Azumi are very sensitive about Kaz's death.
The day after his death, Tam didn't even go out. But about a week and a half after
the incident (We're talking real time.) Koji introduces a new girl. He says he's
Asuka, his younger sister from overseas. She seems to have a problem with some of the
roleplay characters. (Preferably My group of Tam, Gonno, and Hisoko). She doesn't yet
know of Kaz's death, but Gonno spills. (Gonno and Kaz never had a good relationship.)
She finds the story they tell her hard to believe, but she's still upset over Kaz's
death. When they're all at Az's, Koji's and now Asuka's house, Luchia and Alfie
introduce Daichi, a young boy. Asuka calls Daichi to another room to talk, although
you never know what they said.

Phase 4: When the group are in the park, Az, Koji and Asu bring Kaz's dog, Ryuu with
them, along with Luchia and Alfie's new dog Amethyst and Tam's cat, Shige. Ryuu trys
to stay away from Isamu, but nobody really notices. As the pets start getting to know
each other, Isamu starts mouthing mean things about Kaz. Insulting names (Which I
will not repeat.) Making fun of his appearence (He had really red hair, so he went
mouthing about it being ketchup.) and even went mouthing at Tamoe, asking why the
heck she even went out with him. His ranting got everybody fuming mad, especially,
Tam, Az, and Asu. Finally, Asu starts yelling "I can't take it anymore!!" And starts
to explain a horrible truth. "Torao wasn't the killer! He's completely innocent!"
Akemi and Haru then step in to surround Isamu. Haru then announces the real killer.
"Isamu is the killer!" (Whoa, this sounds like Clue. O_o) Everyone of course is
dumbstruck, not sure what to make of it. Luchia starts getting angry yelling "You
blamed my brother!!" I then make Gonno think it out. *He framed Torao. It was the
perfect time to pull it off, and he nearly got away with it...* Tamoe still doesn't
know how to react, being a bit slow with dramatic events. (XD) Isamu then does an
evil laugh and admits he did do it. Akemi yells things like "You monster!" And then
Asu explains how she found out. Copied from the original roleplay."I knew there was
something wrong with this the moment I got here. I started looking around for
anything suspicious. 
I found hidden camera's all around Azumi's house. I watched them over and over, all
the while not finding anything suspicious. Then I met Daichi. He truely believed that
Torao was innocent, and he led my to believe the same thing. Then Ryuu started acting
strangely, around one specific person. Isamu. I re-watched the tapes, only to
find something I had missed before. I simple opening that he could have used to pour
poison into Kazuki's tea. Isamu bumped into Torao. But, it was all on purpose
so he could poison the tea.  I have it all worked out. All but one thing.. Why would
you do it, Isamu??"
This is when I find it a bit scary.
"Kaz was standing in my way of destroying everyone here."
Tamoe just stares at him wide eyed and horrified, and Gonno puts a protective arm in
front of Tam. Isamu then goes on about how it was the perfect opportunity and does
his evil laugh again. Luchia and Alfie go on about "What's wrong with you?!" and Asu
soon says something. "As much as it hurts me to say this, I must say, I'm impressed!
You're crime would have gone unnoticed if I weren't here. You put on a good show."
Hisoko then can't help but ask why Torao ran. Daichi can't answer that, but Asu can.
" Isn't that obvious!? How would you react if you had just been accused of murdering
your best friend!? I'm very ashamed of you all. You accused an innocent boy of murder
with no proof. And to think, he's probably the one hurting the most. The last thing
he had said to him were horrible hate filled remarks.."
Everyone feels bad suddenly. Akemi then goes on saying, "You're going to fix this,
It's at this point where I actually typed in a swear for Tamoe. (It was only the D
word, but it's a swear nonetheless.) Right after Tamoe says that, Luchia says she
hopes he goes to hell. (O_o) Then, (This is the only part they didn't plan, so Jojo
made it up on the spot) He "Grows wings" and says "I'll be back, suckers!"
(Seriously, couldn't there have been a cooler way? Like, vanishing in a black light
or something??)
Once he's gone, Tamoe is trying not to get her anger out. She's visably shaking,
fists clenched, eyes shut, teeth grit. Luchia lets out first out of Anger, Sadness
and fear. Az falls to the ground, breaking into tears, and Tam soon gives in, tearing
up too. Luchia and Akemi hug Az reassuringly, saying he's going to pay. Az responds
by "He better!" Akemi then suggests they find Torao, but Haru says that he's probably
too far off to be reached, but they could try. Luchia then asks "How are we
going to kill him?" Nobody responds to that, but Tam being alone crying causes Asuka
and Haru to give her reassuring hugs. Haru goes on saying "We'll find him. This is
why Werewolfs are better then vamps, Akemi!" "Yeah, you're right. **** EDWARD
CULLEN!" (I broke out laughing. xD) Tamoe then says that she wants a piece of him
too, as a sort of revenge for her boyfriend. Gonno and Hisoko go on saying they're
supporting her, and then everyone participates in a big group hug started by Koji.
Then everybody heads home to recollect their thoughts.


Talking to Katie, she said it took months of planning, and even they were surprised
how well the plan worked. And that in turn lead to my recent FU oekaki. (I'm probably
going to make an FU oekaki every time something really drastic happens in anything I
do. xD)

Forever on, I now fear the Scot's planning. I still hate that everyone was in on it
except me. I was having trouble taking in their awesome planning. O_o
Last edited: 27 May 2009

‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   27 May 2009   697835  
Koji's eighteen...

It was Haru that sniffed it!!! DX

I think we're underestimating. This is what Haru did:


you have no idea how much I rehersed that bit XD

Yup, I made up the part about him growing wings XD I think it's cooler
than vanishing in dark light! DX

I loved Akemi's line about Edward Cullen XD
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   27 May 2009   817714  
It was my planning D:

Joanna and Rachel played vital parts, but I was the leader.
‹♥ Echo Deluxe ♥› says:   27 May 2009   526585  
Yeah katie, you take all the credit. >.>
Rawr. LoL.
It was fun! Very Very Very Fun. :D
And you not being in on it made it more fun. ^w^ LoL
We love you really sam. xxxx
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   27 May 2009   954748  
Of course, Katie, well leaded...

I think the plan was for to reasons.

1. To bring roleplay back to life (It worked!!!!)

2. To freak Tamer out (Which worked even better!!!)

I played a more vital part. I'm the real killer! XD
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   27 May 2009   732949  

I wanted rid of Kaz, Rachoo wanted rid of Tora and Joanna wanted rid
of Isamu! Kill 3 birds with one stone! xD
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 May 2009   328879  

"Jojo: 2. To freak Tamer out. "
It worked. xD
Kirti says:   27 May 2009   823657  
Hm. Lengthy. (but I read it all.)

You mean damn? Damn is a swearword in Canada? Weird... I sorta
figured that There wouldn't be any differneces in speech between
Canada and Northern U.S (other than the accents)...
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   28 May 2009   381194  
Well, most people don't consider it a swear here, but my parents say
it is. Being that they're highly informed, I believe them. :L
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   28 May 2009   781176  
You need to copy and paste Haru's line properly. That was the best
roleplay I ever did! XD
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   28 May 2009   914627  
Sorry. xD
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   29 May 2009   871492  
I was kidding XD

‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   29 May 2009   294397  
I'm gonna keep re-reading this!

It's very interesting! xD
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   29 May 2009   126767  

Glad you think so.
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   30 May 2009   381634  
I come onto this diary when I want a laugh xD 

You entertain me beyond measure, Tamer! :P
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   30 May 2009   455865  
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   30 May 2009   924322  

I didn't think it was important in the plan.
‹Joanna;FinallySetHerselfFree♥› says:   31 May 2009   699962  
Shouldn't have said that Tamer.

Everything involved in Katie's plan, even the position of Gonno's left
ear (felt like being random) is important to her.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   31 May 2009   552365  
‹[DAHNANANA..BATMAN!!]› says:   31 May 2009   713166  

That wasn't important Tamer..



I was over at Rachels house when we somehow started talking about
funny mugs. Then we thought of that one. We decided Rachels characters
would give Kaz the mug, then the whole plan just rushed to me! :D
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   31 May 2009   389616  

Well, I didn't know that.
Kirti says :   31 May 2009   865643  
"highly informed"?

That's pretty condecending Role.


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