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Alright, so...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 13 May 2009
12:15:18 AM (GMT)
My first diary entry goes to something completely random, but completely

I was looking through the pictures here at random, and found one about,
right? And I figured, "Hey, that looks stupid and detrimental, lemme try it!"

SO I DID. And I went though like fifty billion pervs before I found someone

As shown here:

You: Please don't leave me!
Stranger: i wont!
You: Kay, good!
Stranger: asl?
You: What?!
You: I thought you knew!
You: You're supposed to know me!
Stranger: i did, i was just making sure!
You: I thought I was special!
You: NO
Stranger: im sorry
You: You're not sure of our love?!
Stranger: please, forgive me
You: How can I forgive that!?
Stranger: please, i beg of you, forgive me.
You: I can't forgive you! I thought we had something, and I guess I'm just not good
Stranger: your the best though! i swear to you!
Stranger: it just slipped out!
You: How can I be sure you won't forget you swore?
You: Hm!?
Stranger: a total accident!
You: How can I ever trust you again!?
Stranger: its just something im going to have to rebuild up with you. but i promise i
can make this better
Stranger: so long as you promise not to leave me,.
You: You really expect me to be able to make promises with you?!
You: And trust you to keep them now?!
Stranger: it was a simple mistake, ill never do it again
You: But I loved you!
You: And I thought you loved me!
You: But you don't!
Stranger: of course i know your a 18 year old girl from nebraska!
You: I'M WHAT?!
Stranger: i do love you!
You: and who is SHE?!
You: is SHE someone I should KNOW about?!
You: Why is this funny to you!?
Stranger: no, shes my cousin
Stranger: shes my cousin, i just got you two confused.
Stranger: wait, i want to take that back
You: How can you confuse us?!
Stranger: what about it. it meant nothing, apparently.
You: That was the best night of my life!
You: and you shrugged it off?!
Stranger: no, to you. all you did was fall asleep.
You: o_o
You: Touche.
You: Damn.
Stranger: if the best night of your life includes drooling on my 300 count cotton
pillow cases, then gosh, let you have the best night of your life every night.
Stranger: Hi, i'm alyssa by the way.
You: xD Hi, I'm Maria.
You: You're cool people
Stranger: as are you.

Lumenol says:   13 May 2009   377544  
what the fuck!!? hahaa couple of pervs...
feelslikeheroine says:   13 May 2009   669221  
I lol'ed so hard at this, I started coughing uncontrollably.
Maria_Maelstrom says :   13 May 2009   227766  
xD It was a fun time. I think I might upload a picture I
'printscreen'ed. o_o


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