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Wish #1 (pert 2)Category: wish
Saturday, 18 April 2009
01:01:58 AM (GMT)
“Excuse me officer? I don’t think I understand.” Jane said.
	“My wife, Clair, and I don’t have any children. But if you’d like, we would
adopt you as our own.” He explained.
	She didn’t reply for a moment. Then she said, “Officer Donny, could I have about
ten minuets to think about it?’
	“Sure thing.” He walked out followed by Doctor Jones and Julia.
	While Julia talked to Donny, Jane grabbed a blank piece of paper off the table next
to her and wrote a note as such.

	Dear Officer Smith and Julia,
	I decided on none of the choices I was given. Do not take it that I don’t like you
Officer. I am 100 grateful that you saved me. But if I lived with you or Julia, or in
a foster home, my parents would be able to find me too easily.							Jane.

	She left it on the table then opened the window with her bag on her shoulder.
	“Thank god my room is on the first floor.” She said. Then she jumped through the
	“Officer, if she does pick to live with you, take it slow with her. She’s still
scared and will need time to get used to living with you.” Julia explained.
	“I know. But I just hope she does pick to live with my wife and I. We really would
like to have a family.” He answered crossing his arms.
	“Wait a minute.” Julia said suddenly, her eyebrows knitted together. She put her
ear to the door and listened.
	Her face suddenly became shocked as she fumbled with the doorknob.
	“What is it? What’s wrong?” Donny said suddenly.
	“That retard! She left! Why would you put her on the first floor?” Julia yelled
at him.
	“What do you mean she left?” he yelled back.
	“I mean exactly what I said! She left the building! Vacated the premises! Escaped!
Whatever you police freaks want to call it, she left.” She went to the open window
and searched the ground outside it. “Oh-ho. She had better run! If I get a hold of
her she is going to be in so much trouble! I am going to strangle her!”
	Donny sighed and spotted the note on the table. He picked it up and read it then
handed it over to Julia. She calmed down and then started to cry.
	“Officer, please find her and keep her safe. She means everything to me.” Julia
then sat on the bed and cried into her hands.
	Jane walked clumsily through the street as she looked for a place to rest for the
night. She found a porch and made her way onto it and lied down. As she stared up at
the sky, sleep starting to overcome her, one thought passed through her mind.
	“I wish my life would get better. Please…”

‹♠PrincessLea♠› says:   18 April 2009   678947  
ive sent the story to Gemini and im waiting for her reply, but take
it from me, an experienced editor to all Gemini's stories, this is
really good. not as good as her's ((she's had 3 years to perfect
stuff)) but still amazing! really!
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says :   18 April 2009   776517  
hhhaha, thank's a ton leas!


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