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A Typical Akatsuki MorningCategory: akatsuki
Wednesday, 11 February 2009
05:42:03 PM (GMT)
{Disclaimer-- this is a joke, peoples. :D}
It starts like this...
Me: *wakes up* *yawns* *traipses to the bathroom* Me: *knocks* *enters* *thrown back out into hallway by a pissed off Hidan* Hidan: BITCH! GTFO! GELLING MY HAIR! OUT! OUT! OUUUUT! *slams door* Me: *blinks* *gets up* *leans on wall waiting for Hidan to get out* Tobi: *prances down the hall in Hello Kitty pajamas and clutching a teddy bear* TOBI IS A GOOD BOY! TOBI WILL GET ZETSU BREAKFAST IN BED! Me: ... *trips Tobi* Tobi: *goes flying* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! SEMPAAAAAAAAAAAAI! *crashes into Kisame who's carrying plates that need to be washed* Kisame: Oh-- oh, shizz--! *trips as well as Tobi crashes into him* *the plates fly foreward* Kisame: Noooo! Kakuzu: *exiting his bedroom, uses his threads to catch em all! Pokeplates? Un!* Kisame: *sigh of relief* Thanks, Kakuzu. *gets up* Tobi: Oww... *lying on floor* Kisame: *holds out his hands* Give em to me, I need to wash em or Konan's gonna skin me alive. Me: *snickers* Sushi for dinner, then hn? Kisame: *throws Tobi's teddy bear at me* Me: *ducks* Hidan: *coming out of the bathroom* *gets hit by teddybear* *censored in case of small children* --and then when I'm done doing that, I'm gonna ram it up you so far you'll be throwing up tentacles for weeks-- Kakuzu: Hidan, shut up. Hidan: *spazzes* Kisame: ...gimme the plates, Kakuzu. Kakuzu: ...how much will you pay me? Tobi: *gets up and runs down the hall into the kitchen* Me: *goes into bathroom* *brushing teeth* *brushing hand's teeth* *hears cursing and yells outside the door* *rolls eyes and washes hands* *steps out* What's-- ...wrong? Tobi: *dragging a dead shark to Zetsu's room* Tobi is a good boy! Kisame: *sobbing in a corner* Mommmyyyyy! Konan: *wanders out of living room* ...? Kisame? Hidan: *still cursing profusely* Kakuzu: Wha? Fifty bucks? No way, Jose! Tobi: Tobi is a good boy Tobi is a good boy... Kisame: *sob sob* Sasori's Ghost: *walking to the living room* Idiots... This is exactly why I died… Orochimaru’s Ghost: Actually, you were beaten by a little girl and an old lady. Sasori’s Ghost: Shut up, you Michael Jackson-wannabe. Orochimaru’s Ghost: *tear* Me: ...what the hell was that, un? TobiKisameHidanKakuzu: Good boy-- waaaaah! Mommy!-- you stupid motherfu-- SEVENTY FIVE BUCKS!! Pain: *coming out of his own bedroom* *bloodshot Rinnegan eyes* SHUUUUUUUUUT UUUUUUUUP!! Everyone: *shuts up* Pain: *eye twitch* *eye twitch* Konan: ...Pain? Pain: *eye twitches twice* Kisame: -sniffle- Leader-sama? Pain: *staring down Tobi, Kisame, Hidan and Kakuzu* One. More. Word. Out of any of you... and... *eye twitches for the fifth time* Got it? Good... ...I need sleep... *stumbles back to his bedroom* Tobi: ... Kisame: -sniffle- ... Hidan: ... Kakuzu: ... Tobi: *drags dead shark to Zetsu's room and leaves it there* *comes back* *silence* Me: Well. This may be the start of someth-- *jumped by Tobi, Kisame, Hidan and Kakuzu* Tobi: Bad sempai! Sempai is a bad boy. Kisame: Shut up, dude! Hidan: Dumbass, if he hears us, we're dead! Well, except for me. *preens self* Kakuzu: So shut it! Itachi: *walking down the hall* *sees the tangle of peoplezz* *raises eyebrow* Twister? Konan: Pissed off Pain. Itachi: Ah. Tell me how that one turns out. *continues down the hall* -- The rest of that morning was quiet... until Kisame started sobbing about his mother again. Then Pain beat him. Kisame's still not moving. ...oh well. Can I have his room? Pain: *growls* NO! Me: ...oh shit. Gotta go, un!

Kisame says:   11 February 2009   439334  
God, that was painful. It took days for Tobi to find my legs so
Kakuzu could sew em back on.

...no anesthesia, dude.

*wincing* Pain was hella angry...
‹[--♪BobsBestBuddy♥--]› says:   11 February 2009   852312  
Haha. Good story.
DeidaraKatsu says:   11 February 2009   725923  
What the hell are you talking about? /I/ found your legs, un! Just
like Tobi, to be claiming credit for all my work...! Grrr....!
kenna_horselover says:   16 February 2009   111113  
 lol. I agree with  Dark_Wings.
Riku_Yamaguchi says:   19 February 2009   622314  
Wait, where was I!? D=
‹<3JESSE..ISH..EPIC<3› says:   8 April 2009   877869  
Oh lol. Pain scares me and TObi was like Sempai is a bad boy. I was
like WTF?
Shaggy500 says:   8 April 2009   268391  
LOL funny story so which charecteter ru

Guessing Deidaria???
Keiko_Uchiha says :   3 January 2010   351130  
I remember Kisame telling me about that :'D
I'll have to make one of these soon.


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