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Sunday, 8 February 2009
12:34:15 AM (GMT)

"Now don't you move, little one," Qui-Gon rumbles in your ear before

delivering a long, sultery lick. "You just let us enjoy our ice cream," he

adds before two pairs of dexterous Jedi hands are quickly divesting you of

anything resembling clothing. Once you are bared to their appreciative

gazes, you shiver as Qui-Gon leans down and claims your mouth with his,

his kiss deep and sensual.

            You're shocked out of his warmth as he takes up his spoon and proceeds

paint your breasts with his ice cream. "Shhh..." he whispers as his tongue

glides down your throat before it, too, is bathed with icy cold. You

whimper and shiver as he systematically drizzles drippy ice cream over

your arms as his padawan paints your legs and stomach with his cone,

dipping it into your navel before his grin gets downright evil. You shriek

and your hips buck as he plants the cone between your leg and twirls it

over your opening, then parts your lips to run it over your clit over and

over before continuing down your thighs.

            "And now for toppings," he says, pondering the selection. You moan as

watch both Jedi squirt chocolate sauce onto their fingertips before

fingerpainting over your body with the sticky liquid. After what seems an

eternity of gentle, teasing touches you're thoroughly doused with

sprinkles. Obi-Wan's eyes glint as he spoons whipped cream over your

breasts and Qui-Gon plucks a cherry from a container. Slowly, slowly, he

rakes it over your mound until he reaches your opening and carefully

places it stem facing out inside you.

            Quickly you draw a shaky breath and bite your lip as they attack with

their tongues.

            You can't help but writhe slightly against the counter as they lap at

your skin, Qui-Gon sucking at your throat as Obi nips along your arms. You

groan needily as the padawan slides his mouth to one breast and Qui-Gon's

drops to the other, the master sucking rhythmically as Obi traces your

nipple repeatedly with the tip of his tongue before lavishing it with his

mouth. You find yourself gasping as Obi continues to hungrily lick your

breasts and Qui-Gon slides his mouth over your stomach until he turns and

kneels so that his face is between your legs. Silently, he places your

legs over his shoulders and Obi hops up onto the counter to continue his

attentions. You whine throatily as the Jedi master grabs the cherry stem

with his teeth and proceeds to move it in a circular motion, the attached

fruit brushing inside you erotically. He moves his tongue to lick once at

your clit before he covers your opening with his mouth, his lips pressing

against your skin before they slowly slide to encompass your opening.With

skilled precision he grips the stem again with his teeth and pulls gently,

the fruit freed with a soft pop. He sighs as he places the dripping fruit

in his mouth and chews before discarding the stem on the counter and

regarding you with blazing eyes.

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