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what am i to do?Category: (general)
Monday, 12 January 2009
03:06:00 AM (GMT)
On january 6th, one of my greatest friends passed away....after all the crap in her
life, she couldnt fight it anymore, and she od'ed on morphine, she had a hard life,
she was tourtued by the russian goverenment and her legs needed surgery cause they
were dameged so much, she was in a car crash and shattered her legs and had a pipe go
through her chest, she was in the hospital alot, and if she wasnt unconsous, she was
screaming for someone to kill her from the pain, she watched her twin brother hang
himself, she stabed her sister after her sister said it was a good thing her brother
was dead, her mother passed away, i dont know about her father, some old friends of
hers burned to death in front of her from a fire juggling accident, her 2 best
friends just recently passed away, and along with loads of heartbreaks and misery,
her cripled soul couldnt handle the pain, but now her heart can soar through the
clouds without anymore, she had a great spirt, and she was an amazing girl and a
wonderful friend, suicide maybe a "worthless" thing  to do, but with her life, and
her pain, it was ending a torment that nothing would heal

she posted a journal, saying how i helped fill the hole that her brother left, and im
the reason she didnt do this earlyer,

i miss her dearly, but some ppl dont even care that she was one of the greatest ppl i
knew, i loved her alot, and i would do anything to get her back, but i already
promised her if she did this, i would never try it myself....my mind is going through
hell right now, and i have no idea what i am to do to get away from the pain

i need help, but no one wants to listen

‹YouKnowYouWantToFuckMe› says:   30 January 2009   146134  
im sooooo sorry to hear that! *hugz u*
‹goddess_in_love <3› says :   8 February 2009   685872  
oh my goodness I am so sorry. Just remember she is always with you,
Like a gaurdian angel. This is probably not what you want to hear but
In the end everything will be okay and when it is your time to go she
will be there to greet you. *hugs*


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