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The Box! ( done and it is a short story )Category: (general)
Monday, 5 January 2009
01:12:47 PM (GMT)
The Box
By: Jenna Marie

“Hey Stacy what are you doing?" I said as I watched my friend look for something
Under her bed. “Jen is that you?" she said still under the bed” Yea it is me
Are you doing?" I said.

“Remember the box?" she said.

Do I remember the box what does she think I am stupid. Yes I do remember very well
To... The box is filled with stuff from ex-boyfriends that me and Stacy use to date
Love poems, letters, little toys, CD’s all kind of things are in it but only me
Stacy can look inside it.

You can imagine how surprised I was when she said she was looking for it.

“Yes I do remember it but why are you looking for it??" I said waiting for an

“Well I...I wanted to find some letter that I never read from... HIM.” she said
Coming out from under the bed.

Him... was Stacy’s resent ex-boyfriend... You know the one that says i love you
Moment, then takes it back? I think every girl knows a him and if not then, Do not
Looking for one...

Where was I...? Oh yea…

“Well are you just going to stand there or help me find it?” she said looking at
“Fine I’ll look in the closet “I said.
“Hey Stacy “I said from inside the closet
“What DID YOU FIND THE BOX!?” she said eager to her the news.
“No… But I did find these really cute shoes can I have them?” I said hearing
her sigh in the background.
“Sure I guess so “she said.
“STACY STACY I FOUND IT I FOUND THE BOX!” I said staring at it in awe.
Stacy came crawling out from under the extra bed in her room. Looking at me, then the
box, then back at me… she took the box and sat on her bed.
Opening it was kind of hard because we forgot the lock code at first. But in the end
we remembered it was 2, B, F, 4, E in other words two best friends forever.
Waiting for Stacy to open the box I said “why did you want to find this letter in
the first place?”
“Well it was the… break up letter and I never read it” she said with a sad
I looked at her cause I knew the tears would start any minute… and they did. We sat
there looking at everything, old photos, love poems, songs everything the more we
remembered the more we cried.
Then we found the letter she was looking for the letter she dared not to open for a
She wiped away her tears and I just sat there looking at the letter wondering what it
could say.
Stacy slowly opened the letter… and I just sat there waiting and watching.
Stacy looked at it at first then read it the look on her face was happy, sad, mad,
and surprised.
“Stacy are you ok?” I asked watching my friend start to cry.
She handed me the letter so I could read what it said.
I was surprised and really ticked off at what I was reading. Here is what the letter
Dear Stacy, 
Well I guess this letter is our final good bye. You know I never meant all the things
I said the day we had our fight and you know I love you. I wish it didn’t have to
end this way and maybe someday you will forgive me. I know how much I hurt you and I
will never forgive myself for saying all those rude and heartless things. But
breaking up with you was the right thing to do… I lied to you about everything the
real reason I left you was because I was cheating on you. When you read this I know
you are going to be mad and hurt. But I hope that you will forgive me because I am
sorry that I cheated really I am. So I guess this is really good-bye I will always
love you remember that.
Love, Justin 
What a jerk forgive him yea right for what? For cheating on her or for lying that he
cheated on her? Oh that boy has caused Stacy allot of pain and he is so going to get
it when I see him.
“Jen maybe I should forgive him.” she said as I sat there in awe.
Has my best friend just lost her mind? Is she really going to forgive a jerk like
that? Why, How, What would ever make her for even one moment think that she should
forgive him?
“Stacy are you for real? Forgive him he cheated on you and lied about it.” I said
still thinking my friend was crazy.
“Yea I know but… at least he told the truth.”  She said to me.
“But Stacy we hate guys like him.” I said still not getting why she’d forgive
“I know I know but I can’t be made at him forever. I want things to be normal I
want us to be friends again.” She said trying to get me to understand somewhat.
“Oh well ok I guess that is a good reason to forgive someone.” I said trying to
be understanding 
“Jen you are like my best friend in the world! I am so happy you and me can
understand each other so well and never fight.” She said smiling at me.
“Me to Stacy!  So… you really are going to forgive him?” I said still a little
iffy on if she should. 
“Yes I really am going to forgive him.” She said still smiling.
“Hey Stacy hey Jen long time no see.” Justin said like nothing ever happened.
“Hey!” we both said at the same time.
“Justin can we talk?” Stacy said looking at me for reassurances.
I gave her the you can do it look and she gave me a smile.
“Yea sure come on in.” he said opening the door to the house.
“Thanks.” We said at the same time again then giggled.
“So… what did you want to talk about?” he said looking at the both of us.
 “Do you remember that letter you wrote for me last year?” Stacy said looking at
me with a what am I doing look.
“Do I remember it of Corse I do why?” he said looking at Stacy.
“Well yesterday was the first time I read It.” she said looking at me then at
 “Oh… I see well what did you think of it?” he said with a worried look on his
 “It was a nicely written letter I really did like it” she started to say.
Then she started crying… I could tell all the feelings were coming back to her. The
same ones she had felt like the year before.
“Stacy you can do it be strong.” I said trying to be helpful.
“Your right Jen I can do this I… I have to” Stacy said gaining her confidence
Justin was just sitting thing looking at Stacy and me not knowing what was going to
happen next.
“I just wanted to say that I forgive you and I want to be friends again.” Stacy
said still a little teary eyed.

Justin smiled at Stacy then he looked at me and smiled.
I stood up to leave the room but Stacy tugged on my arm for me not to go. 
So I sat back down and waited to see what Justin would say to Stacy.
“Thanks Stacy that means allot and I want to be friends again also.” He said
standing up.
So Stacy stood up also and then they hugged. Stacy hugged me and smiled and I knew
she did the right thing.
So everything is ok now Stacy and Justin are still friends and the box is still in
Stacy closet waiting to be opened. 

The end
Last edited: 7 January 2009

‹*CODE*RED*ITS*HIM*› says:   5 January 2009   675516  
OH WOW!!!!!! AWESOME!!! 
love_to_laugh1_6 says :   5 January 2009   149439  
Hey thanks!!


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