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~Forbidden Love; Chapter 4~Category: Stories
Tuesday, 30 December 2008
10:36:47 PM (GMT)
Wait! Have you read Chapter 1,2 & 3 and the Character Introduction yet? If not, read it now!!! .:FORBIDDEN LOVE; CHAPTER 4:. The next day, William, Ren and I walked to school together. They stood beside me. "Look! William-san has come back!" I heard girls shout when they saw him. "Look! It's Ren!" some other girls shouted. "Chiaki, why?!?!? Why do you have two men beside you?!?!" the guys shouted. As we reached my class, Tsuji and I bid William farewell. We walked into class together. "Morning Kahoki" I said to her. "Good morning" she said to me. "Hey, did you do your homework?"Sora asked Kahoki. "Of course she did! She's not lazy. unlike you!" I said jokingly back. "Not funny Chiaki" Sora said to me. "Relax, it's just a joke. If you do it during lunch, I'm sure you'll be able to finish it" I said to him. "Thanks Chiaki" he replied before walking of. "Kahoki! You shouldn't let people ask you for your homework! You're the second in class. What's wrong with you???" I asked her. "Sorry Chiaki", Kahoki replied. I smiled at her. "Don't worry Kakoki. You're my best friend so, I'll always be there to protect you" I said. "Really?" she asked. "Of course!" I said. "Right, Tsuji?" I asked him No reply. "Tsuji?" I asked. There I saw him, girls crowding around him. I sighed. For some reason, I felt like hitting all the girls for going so close to him. Am I jealous? I am jealous! "Ren!" I said sweetly. "Yes, Chiaki?" he asked. I needed a way to make sure none of the girls go near him. I put my lips near his. "Did I say not to get so close to other girls? Honey?" I whispered to him. He started blushing bright red. "As long as you understand, that's great" I said before kissing shortly on the lips. I looked at the girls with a killing aura in my eyes. "Understand girls?" I asked. "Understood!" they replied in fright. I turned smiley again. "That's great!" I said. "Chiaki.........." Ren said. What I didn't know is that, William saw the WHOLE thing. He clutched hi hands. "Nobody gets that close to my Chiaki!" he thought to himself. He stormed of to class. After school, Ren confronted me. "Chiaki, why did you do that?" he asked me. "I don't know" I replied cheekily. "Chiaki! Tell me the truth!" he said. "I'll tell you the truth tongiht at 12 a.m. at the outer garden. Be there" I said. "Fine" he replied. "Hey! Chiaki!" I heard William shout. "William! It's nice to see you again. Are you going back to our place or your mother's?" I asked. "My mother's so, I won't be following you back" he replied. "That's too bad" I said. "Yeah. Anyways, good bye" he said before kissing me on the forehead. "William?" I asked. He just smiled at me and walked of. Why would William kiss me on the forehead for? .:END;FORBIDDEN LOVE; CHAPTER 4:. -Shirley Hong
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