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Short Story: As a LambCategory: Schoolioooo D:
Wednesday, 17 December 2008
02:29:06 AM (GMT)
I basked in the glorious empty presence of my bus seat. While everyone else sat
squashed with their partners and packed lunches, two to a seat, I leaned against the
window, propping my legs up in the extra space. Who would have thought that having
Luke Cratoreal, a god in body, devil at heart, as a field trip partner would have its
advantages: he wouldn’t be here!
	Just yesterday, after Ms. Scrounger drew us as partners, my first thoughts, besides
a string of inappropriate words, was to kill Diana. Ali had been ready to rig the
drawing that our teacher would be using to pick our partners so we three would end up
miraculously together but, of course, Di has to get on her Mama’s Face.
	“Rigging hats isn’t a way to repent for your wrongs, Ali,” Diana preached to
our ex-gang member friend, “besides, the luck of the draw will keep us together for
sure. Have some faith.”
	Even with my bad luck, I didn’t know it’d be so easy to have a teacher draw your
name with the person you didn’t want the most. As soon as his name graced our
teacher’s lips, I stood as still as a statue, gaping, “Sarah Simmes and Luke
	“What? No, no, no! No way! No freaking way! Negative!” Okay, maybe not so
	“You have a problem, Sarah?” Ms. Scrounger replied calmly, used to our dispute.
	“Y’think? You cannot pair me up with that!” I emphasized “that” by rudely
pointing at Luke, who had been awoken from a morning nap by the noise.
	“What’s this munchkin going on about this early in the morning?” He growled,
glaring at me.
	“What I’m talking about,” I slammed my hands on his desk, “is that you and I
are going to be field trip buddies. So pack up your lunch and be ready, because this
should be fun,” I added sarcastically. I flopped down into the opposite desk,
crossing my arms, ticked as the Grinch finding out there’d be a Christmas after
	He gave me a look—a “are you stupid?” look—and turned to the teacher,
“This is some kind of sick joke, right?”
	“I’m afraid not, Luke. Now, buck up and be nice. It won’t kill you,” she
retorted to the both of us before returning to drawing names. I usually like Ms.
Scrounger, but today, I’d prefer the infamous Spanish teacher over her.
	I wanted to show Luke just how scary a munchkin could make a death glare, but he
returned to his own hobby, sleeping. Though, I’m sure I heard him muttering under
his breath various insults, such as “Imp”, “Midget”, “Carrot-Top”, and,
of course, his favorite, “Munchkin”. I kicked the leg of his desk and screamed
out “jerk!” before returning to Ali and Diana, who were now partners. I would be
sure they would undergo some mysterious accident on the nature walk. 

	Maybe this Grinch decided she liked Christmas after all. The next day, the day of
the nature walk field trip, and it was almost time to load up the bus. I glanced
around the classroom and no sign of the Giant yet. Maybe, just maybe, he had moved to
Madagascar in the midst of the night leaving me forever! …Or he’s just late.
“No,” I told myself, “I’ve got to stay optimistic!”
	Actually, Christmas began looking really good. The teachers were already herding us
onto the buses and still no sign of him.
	“If he doesn’t get out here by the time we close the doors, we’re leaving him
behind, and you’ll get your new partner,” Ms. Scrounger promised me, not at all
sympathetic about Luke’s health. She probably didn’t have the energy to deal with
us anymore.
	And that is where I began: the advantages of have Luke Cratoreal as a field trip
buddy. Most likely, his absence is due to him oversleeping. That seems in character.
But I didn’t want to brood over an icky subject like that gangly Giant. Instead, I
closed my eyes and thought about my possible partners.
	The prime winners were Ali and Di. They may be the main source of my troubles, but
they’re my best friends. Di would stop me from climbing trees, though, and Ali
would plot out ways to somehow get me and Luke together, that conniving, little—
	“Move your stinking feet.”
	My closed eyes twitched and my nose flared. Nope, Christmas still sucked. I cracked
a fake smile before my eyes flew open. They landed on Luke’s built torso, making
their way to meet his eyes, almost hidden beneath his natural platinum blonde sheet
of hair. His smile obviously held as much distaste for me as I did for him.
	“Gee, there goes my day,” I sneered, not moving my feet. I was comfortable, so
if he wanted to sit down, he’d have to do something about it. He thought so, too.
	He pushed my legs with enough force to spin me in a full circle, and somehow manage
to be spat out in the aisle. Oh, no he didn’t!
	I shot up, my fist clenched. I was primed for a fight, but my conscience told me
otherwise, and so did my Saturday detention list. I loosened my fist, closing my eyes
and heaving a sigh in defeat.
	I turned my attention back to the pest, who now carelessly perched on the window
seat, my seat. “Hey, I was here bright and early, Blondie! I should get that—“
	“Sarah Simmes! Sit down or, I swear, we will leave you here, understand?” Ms.
Scrounger screeched from across the bus. Someone’s a little moody…
	“Yes m’am,” I murmured, quickly taking the seat where my feet had been. I
scowled before questioning Luke, “So, why were you late? Sleeping or—“ I stared
disbelievingly at Luke, “What do you DO at night?” He was already sleeping…
against my window! His head only moved softly with the bumps of the road. His hair
swayed, shining in the sunlight. His lips were slightly ajar, lost in dreams and…
is that drool? Nope, just checking.
	“Okay, that’s hot,” I admitted to myself, but I knew this would not do. That
was, as I cannot stress enough, my window. It was time to wake up a bear from
	I leaned my head back, shutting my eyes, pretending to be asleep as well. I let the
bus rock me whichever way, almost flinging out of my seat a few times. Soon, the bus
and road agreed with me.
	Being small, a little bump in the road had me lifted an inch off the ground, but a
large bump could go as high as a foot. This bump was the mother of all bumps,
stationed right at a turn that had the bus leap and would land me right in Luke’s
	As I sat in his lap, I wrapped my arms around him. This ought to wake him up, I
thought. “No, Teddy! Stay away from the canned cheese!” I murmured sleeplessly,
loud enough to turn heads. I heard Ali squeal, obviously thinking one of her schemes
	I had expected Luke to jump up at the sight of a midget in his lap, especially one
that he hated. I suspected to have been thrown to the ground. Then he would have
stomped off to sit somewhere else. It’d hurt, but it’d rid me of him. That is
what I planned. 
	Instead, I didn’t fall to the floor. Arms folded firmly around me, like if they
let go, I’d disappear forever. My eyes snapped open looking straight into Luke’s
perfect face. He looked so determined, but so sad, as if he had lost someone
precious. My face got hot just staring at his still face. Wait, hot? Was I blushing?
	I couldn’t be blushing. This was Luke Cratoreal, my sworn enemy. And yet… I felt
my cheeks burn. I tried to get out of such an awkward position, but his toned arms
wouldn’t allow it. Darn it! Would I have to wait until he woke? I didn’t have to
think longer; Luke started talking.
	“Munchkin,” he sighed. 
	He couldn’t have been dreaming of me, could he? I didn’t think that to be a
possibility, so I stupidly answered, “Y-Yes?”
	His grip loosened, but he kept sleep-talking, “I’m sorry for being such a
	I always planned to punch him and not accept his apology if I ever heard that, but
now that I did…
	“Every day with you is a rollercoaster, exciting and full of twists and turns,”
he stopped along with the bus, but he still seemed asleep. I didn’t want this to
end, but he did. His eyes fluttered opened before me, and he smirked, “If I were to
say that, would you be happy?”
	I stared bug-eyed at him. He- He was teasing me! I slipped out of his arms and off
his lap into my seat, not moving while everyone filed out for the nature walk.
	Luke rolled his eyes and jumped over the seat. In the aisle, he pivoted and held out
his hand, “Coming?”
	I blushed a deep crimson red, looking from his sincere face to his outreached hand.
Not believing him, my brow furrowed, and I screamed, “Jerk!
A.] Title:  As a Lamb- An old Bible parable has a story about how a wolf would dress
up as a lamb to steal and eat the sheep. The sheep were stupid enough to believe that
he was their own kind.
B.] 	Direct Characterization: Luke Cratoreal- Sarah describes him.
Indirect Characterization: Sarah Simmes- Luke’s nicknames explain how short she is
and her hair color. Her tone throughout the story shows she is a hot-tempered,
energetic girl.
Protagonist: Sarah Simmes
Static Character: Ali and Diana- By the end, Ali is still excited about getting Luke
and Sarah together; Di is still a righteous, motherly figure.
Dynamic Character: Sarah Simmes- By the end, she doesn’t know if she still hates
Luke or if she thinks he’s irresistible.
			Luke Cratoreal- In the end, he held out his hand sincerely.
Round Character: Ms. Scrounger- She shows many sides, like her calm, composed teacher
side, and then the “Will you just shut up?” side.
Flat Character: Ali and Diana
D.] Setting: Bus and classroom
E.] Tone: Angry
F.] Flashback: “Just yesterday…” on page 1, starts a whole section of a
G.] Point of View: First, Sarah’s.
H.] Theme: Don’t judge a book by its cover- While Luke was sleeping, Sarah was so
overcome by his beauty, she forgot that he was the devil himself.
I.] Conflict: Internal- “I couldn’t be blushing.”
                     External- Throughout, between Sarah and Luke. Man V. Man
J.] Plot Structure:
K.] Symbol: Christmas represents Luke. (Because who doesn’t want a tall, blonde,
buff guy for a present?) Pgs.3-4
L.] Irony: Sarah uses verbal irony when she sarcastically remarks “…Because this
should be fun.” Pg.3
M.] Oxymoron: “empty presence” Pg.1
N.] Allusion: Sarah being compared to the Grinch. Pgs. 3-4
O.] 1.) Simile: “as still as a statue” Pg. 2
      2.) Metaphor: “…time to wake a bear from hibernation.” Pg.5
      3.) Alliteration: “gangly Giant” Pg. 4
      4.) Personification: “bus leap” Pg. 5
      5.) Hyperbole: “a god in body” Pg. 1

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