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Monday is here again. ;]Category: Kaylee's Bloggerz. <3
Monday, 8 December 2008
09:46:55 PM (GMT)
Monday, December 8th, 2008
Kaywee Blog. ;]

Hey hey hey. ;D Guess what today is? MONDAY! ;o Ohmigod. What does that mean? KAYWEE!
So, Hi. I'm surprised I even got to get on the computer considering my homework and
science fair and that my internet died when I was doing my homework. xD OWWIE! I just
sat on my small pencil. Dx Luckily it isn't that sharp. ;D Weee! Well, I didn't think
much on what I would write so this might be really short cause I still have some
homework to do.

Otay, so, I'm going to be busy all week except today. Yay for Monday. ;] Well, I'm in
teh Nutcracker[which is a ballet] and and and like I have dresh rehearshaalll Tuesday
and Wednesday and then I have the performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday...I
think. ;P So, Chaw. I get to skip school Thursday and Frieday. WOOPIE! xD Some of my
friends want to go to it but...I don't know if they are going to go. 

Well, in second period there is this guy that sits across from me and he is so
frickin' annoying! Gar! D< We had to watch this video for an intro to the new chapter
and then when I question was being he started singing "Kaylee and Zack sitting in a
tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G" and I'm all like WTF! I don't even like this Zack kid. He is a
total player. D< I hate players! Gar. And then I try to ignore this guy and he keeps
calling me and trying to get my attention and hes like "My birthdays on the 24th"
blahblahblah. I don't want to know all this shet about him!! D< And then he sarts
singing Christmas songs. -_- And I'm trying to pay attention and OHMYEFFINGOD he
keeps calling my name...-_- I didn't get a few of the questions for the video quiz.
Dammit. GAR!

Well, two of my friends started wearing eyeliner. O_O Like, Keany. She put way to
much on because she kept trying to even it out so it kept getting bigger and bigger.
Then Alysha, she like hardly put ANY on. But Alysha isn't aloud to wear it. She snuck
Keanys on. ;P Cheater. Lol. I wonder if her parents noticed. Lmao. Everyone kept
calling Keany emo or gothic or like a vampire. O_O wtfff. Vampire? xDDDD Lmao. What
losers calling people vampires. ROFLMAO! ----Wtf. Just got a text message. O_O Uuuh.
Wtf is Volcom? xD Wierd.---- Well anyways, loser people. ;PP

Well, I'm not as hyper as last blog which makes me sad. DDD; But...Chaw. :] My phone
is still acting stupid. D< Gar. It makes me mad. Well....I love my guy friends. xD
Lol. The bus was funny today. xD So like...My friend, Romie..[wierd name, I
know...STFU] he was yelling something and it was so funny I don't remember what it
was but like...lmao. xDD Then Conner was trying to get a High Five from me and I
didn't touch him except for a poke. ;P And I love Harrison. xDD I hardly talked to
him on the bus today but...I just love hiim. xP And ate two donuts
yesterday and he hurt himself. xP Lmao.

NEXT MONDAY. ;DDD Byebye. <33 Oh and Like, I lost a toof last night at 11 somting. ;D
-Kaywee <3 ;D
P.S. Spelling mistakes were not fixed. ;]
Last edited: 8 December 2008

‹goodfornothing› says:   8 December 2008   447539  
OHLOL. Looks like you got it working xD
saralyn247 says :   9 December 2008   193592  
Eyeliner... something you CANNOT wear too much of. xD



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