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:3 Of course I'm annoyingCategory: school!
Tuesday, 2 December 2008
04:16:06 PM (GMT)
THANK YOU Fr. David! <3 Short homily
O_o dude the populars didn't sit in front this time. So during the Our Father Patch
(2nd grader) was already holding onto someone's hand but let go and wanted to hold
mine. :/ and same with the peace thing. 
._. new songs. Yippee.

Well we checked our rough drafts. 
Then we did vocab or something else.
So yesh talking to Tom again. D:< I am so not mean. I can be mean but that's
when you piss me off.

Estimating time! <3
._. still gotta turn in my line design.

:o ohmygod we're learning how to proof-read?! ._. that's gayyyyy
I hate " : ? ! They all involve shifting. GRR

WHYY I didn't want to go outside. I HATE WINTER. TOO COLD!!! 
Cassie and Jackie were eating the salt and Viki and I were like you know cars went
over that and people stepped on it. But they didn't care.
So now my friends have just one nickname to call me. Each one has there on to call
me. So Taylor calls me Cookie, Viki calls me Hopper 5, Jackie calls me Jay and Cassie
calls me Janelley Jello ._. ain't that great?

Oh yay we got a chapter review. Whoop-de-freaking-do 
Almost finished though. 

xD omg Mrs. James is either deaf or I'm too quiet. So we were passing our papers in
and she skipped me and I'm like Mrs. James, Mrs James? She came back and said no
wonder you were giggling and it's not that your igsifnifigant (Yesh I know I spelt
that wrong screw you) but yeahh. 

D:< WTF? All us girls aren't getting any A's in class. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

So in the classroom Tom and I were talking and I'm like I'm not mean! He's like Don't
talk to me. Me- Why?? Tom- Don't talk to me! Me- WHY?????? Tom- do you not  know what
does Don't talk to me means? Me- Nope xD Tom- DO NOT TALK TO ME. Me- I don't get the
not part. Tom- UGHH. Don't talk to me. Me- WHY???? Tom- You're annoyinng. that's
where it ends 
xD I also forgot when I said I don't know what 'Don't' means! 
HAHA fun fun.
;3 of course I'm annoying! 

Bus line
New method now. They're going to call you out when you're bus is there. I was talking
to Johnny and stuff and he doesn't like being tall. I'm like I don't like being
short! So I made him feel even taller xD it was funny!

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