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Monday, 17 November 2008
08:59:55 AM (GMT)
Keely and Dante made their way to their house; it was a bit before sunset. They
always closed the stall down before sunset. They let themselves in and took off their
cloaks and bags. Keely was surprised that everything was in boxes. 
“What’s going on?” Keely asked.
“I was hoping to tell you yesterday over dinner but, obviously you weren’t
“Tell me what?” She asked as he got something out of a drawer. He gave it to her.
It was tickets for a boat ride to Lilally-Grass. Keely had heard about the little
town, a few miles away. It was said to be beautiful and lush with wild flowers
everywhere. Keely was shocked.
“How much did these cost?” Was all she managed.
“A lot. But you’re worth it. Remember our plans? Me and you, in Lilally-Grass? 
How we would buy a house next to a big garden with a forest at the end? Well, it’s
going to come true.” Excitement rose with his voice. 
“There’s no return ticket.” She commented.
“Of course not,” Dante laughed. “Why would we come back? You’ve always wanted
to get away from here…and now we can! Aren’t you pleased?” 
“Yes, of course.” But Keely wasn’t at all pleased. She didn’t want to go.
She’s spent her whole life moaning about this god-forsaken place and now was her
chance to go but she didn’t want to. She kept seeing Thorn in the market. By the
river. In the alleyway. He wouldn’t leave her thoughts. And she didn’t know why.
He was arrogant yet concerned. Creepy but yet kind. Weird but yet…Keely felt drawn
to him. This should be the happiest day in her life. Starting afresh with someone she
loved, but she didn’t. She loved Dante, with all her heart but every time she tried
to think about him, Thorn appeared instead. It was like a horrible nightmare that she
wanted to have. She wasn’t starting to make sense.
“KeeKee? Are you alright? I…I thought this is what you wanted?” 
“It is. Erm…just a shock. Can I go and get some fresh air?” 
“What? Now? Are you sure? You could…”
“I’ll be fine,” Keely interrupted. “I’ll just go and get something for the
journey. Um…when is the trip?”
“Oh, it’s tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll leave at moon rise but it depends.”
“Tomorrow?” She took a deep breath. “Okay.” And she pulled on her cloak and
left the house. 
She started walking along the cold, damp street, her breath making smoke, clouding
her vision. The sky was streaked blood red from the sunset that was ending shortly.
She didn’t know where she was going, she was just walking. 
How can she leave behind everything she knew? They used to talk about it but she
didn’t think Dante would take it seriously. How much did those tickets cost? She
didn’t want to disappoint him by refusing to go. But, she felt like her heart was
“Are you alright?” A man’s calm, soothing voice drifted from next to her. She
looked to see Thorn walking next to her.
“Go away.” She mumbled.
“What’s happened? You look upset.” He asked, looking concerned.
“I am because you won’t leave me alone! You won’t leave my thoughts! Just go
away! It’s for the best.” 
“Thanks,” He snorted. “I save your life, take you to the dearest Inn I know,
buy you a dress, which you’re still wearing now I might add, and I don’t even get
a thanks!” They came to a bridge on looking the river. Keely leaned on the wall
looked at the water that could only be heard, as the clouds were thick.
“I didn’t ask you to…”
“Yes you did.” He interrupted. He turned her to face him.
“No I didn’t...” He ignored Keely’s denial. 
“You were calling out something else for some time. Something to break the routine.
To experience what really Aplecragg Village has to offer. And when you get it, you
throw it back? I don’t get you. I don’t think you yourself.”
“You make out like you planned that attack.” She said, changing the subject. She
knew she was confused. She didn’t need a vampire pointing that out. 
“Maybe I did.” He replied. Keely’s heart pumped faster as she suddenly felt a
rush of fright. She broke free of his gentle grip and started walking but Thorn
grabbed her arm and pulled her back. They were very close. Their faces a centimetre
apart. What was she doing? Keely thought. Why did she even come outside? 
Their eyes locked and she couldn’t seem to break it. He moved closer. Stop him! Was
all that was running through Keely’s head. 
“Get off!” She shouted and she pushed him off. She ran back the way she came, the
green dress flowing behind her. She did not look back. She ran all the way home and
fell through the door. Dante was packing some more boxes.
“Keely?” Was all he managed before she flung herself in his arms.

Jinx and Lars had been walking all day. The sun was now setting and the market was
packing up. They finally came to a small, multi-coloured caravan parked in the
“Here we are.” Jinx broke the silence that had covered most of the journey. Lars
heaved a huge sigh of relief. About time, he thought. He was exhausted.
They entered the caravan without knocking to find it filled with trinkets and
collectibles. In the middle was a table a small woman sitting by it.
“Why, hello Jinx! Haven’t you grown?!” She beamed. Jinx sat down at the table
and Lars copied.
“This must be Lars.” She smiled. Lars was shocked.
“How do you know my name?” He asked. Maybe she was a fortuneteller or an oracle.
“Jinx talks about you every time she comes round.” He looked at Jinx who was now
“Not every time.” She denied.
“Yes you do…” The woman mumbled as she got up and picked up a plant from the
Lars looked back at Jinx, again, who mouthed ‘I don’t’ to him. He smirked and
watched the old lady who put the plant on the table. It looked oddly familiar. It had
purple/red leaves, which drooped over the big roots that stuck out of the soil. It
was covered in small pollen that was falling onto the soil.
“Suppose you’re after this, then?” Of course! It was Jinx’s Spider-Willow.
“How come she’s got your Spider-Willow?” He asked.
“There was a raid a couple of weeks ago with our dorms. Luckily, my Spider-Willow
didn’t get trashed but I couldn’t take that risk. Um…actually, no we haven’t.
Can I speak to you in private?” And they got up and went into another room.
Lars was left with the Spider-Willow. All that could be heard was a little musical
box that was open on a shelf. Lars watched as the two dancers, in the music box,
dance and twirl together in time. He looked out the window. Streaks of blood red
crept across the sky. The sun was setting. 
Eventually, Jinx came back into the room, followed by the old lady. 
“Thanks again. I’ll see him tomorrow then.”
“I should warn you,
The Lunar Parade may seem beautiful, 
But nothing can be so wrong
As you will find out when the fresh blood spills,
During the very first song
I suggest you go before it happens,
When the graceful turn
Or you will have a valuable lesson
You will not forget to learn”
Lars was confused. What had they got to do with the ‘Lunar Parade’? And whom was
Jinx meant to see?  Was it her husband-to-be? Most likely. And when he whisks her
away, where would he go?
“C’mon Lars. We got to find some shelter for tonight.” And they left the
caravan in silence. They came to a bridge and decided to stay underneath it, out of
sight. They didn’t start a fire yet, too many people were still coming now and
“Whom are you meant to see?” Lars broke the silence.
“Someone.” Jinx replied, bluntly. Lars took a deep breath. He had to ask now,
whilst they were still alone.
“Do you love him?” 
Jinx frowned. “Excuse me?” 
“It’s a pretty simple question. Do you love the man or not because if you don’t
you shouldn’t go with him. You should wait.” 
“And what would you know?” She asked laughing.
“Not much but I know enough to wait for someone you do truly love and they love you
back.” Lars looked at the ground.
“I’m sorry,” Jinx laughed. “Who are we talking about here?” 
“That man, you’re going to see at that Parade or whatever.” Lars explained.
“‘That man’ we’re going to see is just going help me.”
“Help with you with what?” 
“My powers. Trying to control them and stuff. They’re turning me into someone
I’m not. Someone I don’t want to be. Hopefully, he can give me something to
suppress it.”
“Oh.” Lars said, blushing.
“Yes. Oh. I mean, what were you on about?” She gave him a little push. “Saying
that I’m in love…” Jinx trailed off.
“Well, are you in love?” He asked. She looked at the ground. 
“I think I am. I’m not sure how I feel about him yet.”
“Oh.” Lars said disappointed. He knew it. She was in love. That’s why she was
getting more distant with him. 
“Shhhh. Look.” Jinx hissed as they looked up at the bridge. Two people were
standing there. One was a beautiful woman in a gorgeous green dress with flowing
brown hair. The other person was a man. A tall, handsome, pale man. They seem to be
arguing but then they got close. It looked like they were going to kiss but then she
ran. The man just watched and then walked off. Jinx and Lars watched in silence. 
“It’s getting cold, maybe we should make a fire?” Jinx suggested.
The fire was warm and made Jinx and Lars feel safe as it flickered under the bridge.
They were both lying around it, on opposite sides but their faces were still close. 
“So, what we doing tomorrow?” Lars asked.
“Going to the Lunar Parade to find an elf. I’ve seem him once before so I should
still remember what he looks like.”
“Okay. Should be fun then. Are we going like this?” He asked pointing down to his
cold, muddy clothes.
“No, the woman gave me some money.”
“Who is she anyway?” Lars grabbed a stick and started poking the fire.
“A friend. I bumped into her at the market. I remember, we were at a painting
stall. He was really good.”
“The painter. He’s paintings were just…magical. There was this one, it was a
sunset. Blues, purples, pinks, all those soft colours. I was going to get for you on
your birthday but, like I said, I bumped into her and, got distracted, I guess.”
There was another silence as they both watched the fire.
“Hey, wanna see something good?” Jinx asked, cheerily.
Lars shrugged. “Kay.” Jinx pulled out a small, sphere. It looked like glass but
had engravings on it.
“It’s a dead Flickergem. I found it on the field. People put them on a necklace
and where them round their necks. They change colour for the person’s mood. When
they die, people throw  them out. I learnt this trick…” She placed the dead
Flickergem in her hand and closed it. She closed her eyes as her marks lit up softly.
When she opened her hand again, the Flickergem was glowing softly.
“Whoa…” Lars muttered. Jinx closed her hand again and when she opened it, the
Flickergem had stopped glowing.
“Can I hold it?” Lars held out his hand.
“Sure.” And Jinx placed the Flickergem in his hand but still had her hand on it.
She closed her eyes again. This time, Lars saw the energy flow from her marks and
into the Flickergem, letting it glow. She opened her eyes to see the glowing ball of
glass. Lars closed his hand, holding onto Jinx’s. They eyes met, the light off the
fire dancing on their faces. They drew nearer and shared their first  kiss in the
Last edited: 17 November 2008

My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   30 November 2008   976155  
~“Well, are you in love?” He asked. She looked at the ground. 
“I think I am. I’m not sure how I feel about him yet.”
“Oh.” Lars said disappointed. He knew it. She was in love.
That’s why she was
getting more distant with him.~

I loed at that. Lars is so stupid. xD

Anyways, well written as always. ^^
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   30 November 2008   681124  
‹Emafie› says:   30 November 2008   265489  
Hey, I was supposed to build up tension or sumthing like that, bt it
just turned out cheesy and gay, but I finished the chapter so :P
My_Cold_Little_Crime says:   1 December 2008   829236  
And it turned out awesome. ^^
‹Emafie› says :   1 December 2008   547337  


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