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A girl named Halyn - part 1Category: Halyn story
Monday, 6 October 2008
12:35:31 AM (GMT)
This is a story about a girl named Halyn. Her name means special or unique. Though
this girl thought of her self differently. Every morning she got out of bed,  had a
normal breakfast, brushed her teeth normally, got dressed into her normal school
uniform, went to the same normal school she went to every day, eat lunch with the
same normal friend, went back to the orphanage on the same normal route, and did the
same normal homework. The same thing everyday. Except for Sunday of course. On Sunday
Halyn would walk to the park. She would stand in front of the fountain and sang for
money. She did this every Sunday. She would sing from Eleven to twelve then would
break for lunch. She would then eat a normal lunch then would go back to singing. The
girl collected a good sum of money over the years. Though today, the day of her
sixteenth birthday something unusual would happen.
        " Good-bye Sister Dominic." Halyn said as she bowed gracefully. She then
stood up and smiled. " I should be home around five o'clock today." Sister Dominic
smiled, her same usual smile then spoke. " Alright, just don't be too late. It is
your party after all."  With thins Halyn smiled and left for school. Today was April
15. A Friday. Halyn was on her way to school. Earlier then most people even get up.
Her long brown hair blew back in the slight breeze that, this morning had given. She
was still tired as she rubbed her green eyes. Her morning walk took about fifteen
minutes to her school.  She walked slowly but carefully on the deserted sidewalk. One
or two cars passed her by but not much life was shown yet. Today was Halyn's day to
clean up the classroom before and after school. It was odd how it fell on the same
day as her birthday.
           " Halyn!Wait for me!" A shrill voice called out. Halyn turned to see who
it was. She smiled gently as she saw who it was. Racing to catch up with her was a
girl. This girls name was Marlina Garden. She was Halyn's best friend. Who also
happened to be on clean up duty as well. Marlina also had a secret. She was a really
famous singer in a band called DNA.  It stood for the three members
stage names. Darcy Smith, Nakia Benson, and Andrea Swift. Marlina was Nakia. The name
suited her quite well. The name meant pure or faithful. Just as Marlina was. Her
voice was large for her small body and it felt sweet and sticky like sugar. It made
everyone feel a little better inside just listening to it. Amazingly not one person
had figured out Marlina's secret. Except for Halyn of course. That's how they became
friends actually. Halyn had been listening to DNA[i/] for a project. They
had to choose a band that they liked and do a report on them. So again Halyn was
listening to DNA[b/][i/] on the roof top at lunch. She was in grade eight at
the time. That was when they first met as well. Halyn took out her earbuds and placed
them down beside her. This was when Marlina had came out on the roof. She smiled
politely and sat down by her. They sat their eating their lunches not really talking.
Marlia's cell phone rang and the girl picked it up. She talked for a bit to her
mother telling her not to forget to go to the dry cleaners after school. After this
they were again quietly eating their lunch. Halyn looked up and just said randomly "
so you're Nakia Benson?" Marlia almost spit out her lunch when Halyn said this but
she didn't. 
             Instead she blinked a bit and said, " Yes. Don't tell anyone please."
Halyn shrugged it off and they began to eat their lunches again. See? It was just
like that. They met and became quick friends.  Odd way to make a friend, I know.
Though Like I already said Halyn wasn't a normal sixteen year old with long brown
hair. Well I guess Marlina isn't either but that doesn't count because she isn't the
one who the story is about. In fact we should probably get back to the story.
              Halyn waited for Marlina to catch up to her for Marlina was small and
couldn't run very fast. When she caught up they began to walk to school together.
Marlina was all excited about how today was Halyn's birthday. She was going on and on
about how she could do something like say happy birthday to her tonight while she was
working. Though Halyn turned down the offer she was still pretty happy about the
idea. Marlina continued to talk and talk. She then hit her head and took something
out of her pocket. It was a small bow wrapped in red paper. Halyn's lucky colour for
that day. ( Halyn checked ) Halyn smiled and opened the gift. Inside was something
very spectacular. A golden locket. It had Marlia's picture inside. They hugged and
continued to walk to school. When the school was in sight they smiled at each other
and raced to the door. 

This is where I have to end for now sadly DX. I need to go to bed so ya. I'll
probably write again on Tuesday.

‹Stephy Star-Bright› says:   7 October 2008   851622  
that was an awesome story starcrazie.

i loved it~!
‹Casey_Be_A_Vampire› says:   9 October 2008   119976  
tiggerlemon101 says :   12 October 2008   328867  


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