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Mixed signals or am I just too dumb to read them?Category: Life
Thursday, 2 October 2008
08:53:17 PM (GMT)
History of it all...

I met my friend (let's call him Nathan) almost 4 years ago. It'll be four years in 2
weeks because I remember me and my very best friends (Nathan and Cassandra) all met
the same day 1 week after my birthday. SO anyway, we all went to the same school in
6th grade. He were BFFFFFS. Then he changed schools, she changed schools and
eventually moved to NC. Me and Cassandra talked on the phone everyday and we still do
to this day! Infact she comes over during the summer and we're going on a cruise
sometime in November. ANYWAY, after middle school me and Nathan had seen each other
very rarely and I'd always had the feeling that Nathan liked Cassandra. WELL I saw
him just before the end of middle school at the high school interviews and we gave
each other this HUGE hug. (I had been nervous but after that I was fine!) SO all
summer I talked about him and talked about him and was pissed off because he wouldn't
e-mail me and call me and I never got around to getting his number. (In totally we
all talked one the phone once with my cousin (Maria) and Cassandra. I freaked out
because his voice was HOT. I mean SMEXIN HOT! 
SO I get to school (9th grade now) and I think I see this guy on the steps that looks
like Nathan. He moved like him but I was like "No, Nathan had longer hair!" well long
story short, it was him!! And we're hugged every time we see each other since. 

Wednesday we went to the fair and it was so fun! We shared a soda (2 straws), shared
some dippin dots (I didn't want to hold them, the SORT OF, but not in a mouth
touching spoon way, fed em' to me), and got ripped off (15 bucks!) my carnies. lol
The whole thing though is that, it wasn't really flirty or anything it was just like
idk we were just friends even though when I think about it we did look like we were
dating. I wore all black, he wore all black we stayed right beside each other we kept
being retarded! Once we were talking about what would happen if someone thew up on
this cages in Ferris wheel thing (only it was ovular) and we were like "It would be a
whole chain reaction of people barfing on each other!" and it was gross but funny.
Then we were like "let's walk down a dark alley!" and then the other said "So we can
beat someone up and steal their money!" and so we were walking pass this old man and
Nathan says "I think a dark alley's this way." the old man gave us the funniest look
ever!! OMG! And we were running from the sound of country music and I stole the last
of the dipping dots and ran it was cool. SO at the end of the night my mom swears up
and down he kissed me but I was like "No, HELL NO, I don't remember that."  she also
says "You guys touch way too much!" (but not in a parental "stop touching!" way in a
"he-he you've got a bf" way) Weird thing is, I wouldn't mind dating him even though
he scares all my other friends (except Cassandra) and my mom doesn't like the fact
that he's atheist.

Weirder part!
He's not the common definition of hot, but he has this thing about him where it's
like reverse psychology! He pushes you away (in a away) and says mean stuff but it's
like you still want to be around him and like him, even though he's actually a REALLY
nice guy.

MY problem: Read the title. I think he likes me, I think he knows I like him, I think
I could tell him, and yet still my ever growing fear of "we're just friends" keeps
coming back to me.
Last edited: 3 October 2008

NinjaKitty says:   3 October 2008   587112  
Wow. Hm. Interesting.

Welllllll...I think you should just keep acting the way you are right
now. Since you two are so close, do something fun like the fair again
(or something more intimate like a movie) and see how that turns out.
You never know...
gal4lebanon says:   3 October 2008   162175  
beofre i say my own opinion the person up said do smtn else like go
out to a movie and see how it turns out. my opinion is that  u talk to
him ask him wats upat least  u'll know i mean will u seriously get
hurt if he says he doesnt like u that way ull still be friends why
does it have to be awkward? in case u r not brave ennough to tell him
just flirt if he replies to ur flirting then its safe u can ask away
but just make sure he knows wats up maybe its just ur side so all in
all  as a recap:
1 talk to him abt it  on the internet or phone is fine .
2 flirt and concentrate like memorise the reaction to analyse the
3 if ur a gutsy little chick ask him flat out wats the worst that
could happen its not like his friends will make fun of u! 
but remeber dont let the dear of striking out keep u from playing the
game.  i hope i helped reply telling me wat u chose if u want    i de
love to help u throught this  oh btw no ur not dumb u think guys
analyse half of wat we do?? hell no so give urself some credit hun at
least u got a guy i havent had a bf in 3 years plus ur mom seems cool
u lucky duck  peace
‹Carmen Dee loves CookieMuffinz› says:   4 October 2008   483642  
What fair did you go to? The farris wheel thing you mentioned sounds
like the zipper at the Puyallp Fair.
Music_and_Medicine says :   4 October 2008   662898  
It's the Virginia State Fair, but it's probably the same ride.


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