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DAMN IT! I missed the first day! D:Category: (general)
Tuesday, 26 August 2008
03:53:56 PM (GMT)
pfft no I did not oversleep :p I woke up at 5 something. I had to go somewhere
today. *whines* I wanted to go to the first day!! Anywho I was at a funeral ;; and
yeah. I had to do the first reading so if I asked you how do you pronounce
Ecclesiastes yeah thats why. Umm so after the funeral we went to my grandpa's fave
resturant. Nice eh? His funeral we go to his fave resturant. Anywho :D I saw my huggy
buddy XD hehe He hates that I hug him. Umm I texted someone and damn class scheduele
is screwed up. Gym health????? What's that? *dies* Spanish is the first period on
monday. bleh. So hmm I has a locker undre Kelly [maybe] and I sit next to mike?
[maybe again] No new kids. Hmm back to resturant cousins are evil! gah running around
the place and I have to watch them. BLAH

so my parents and aunts went to see my grandpa get cremated.
umm what does cremated mean?

I can't believe the first day of 7th grade and I miss it! D:

alleygirl92 says:   26 August 2008   468669  
Well, Cremated means.....
burnt to ashes.....
And for me it was hard to watch both of my great-grandpa's
be cremated.

Ouch...well, at least you shouldn't have any homework, right?
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   26 August 2008   986224  
aw you had to watch? 

lol true but who would give out homework on the first day?
alleygirl92 says:   26 August 2008   643223  
Yes, because, it was in their "family" churches......
and they belonged to a different religion than the rest of our family,
so it was tradition......

My teachers!!
Beware, in our chatholic school's they always give out homework on the
first day
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   26 August 2008   826566  
ohh that sucks

they do? wow. then i'm lucky my catholic school doesnt do that <3
alleygirl92 says:   26 August 2008   545238  
yeah, hte first great-grandpa-pa
died when i was like three
and then my other one like a year-and a half ago
when i jsut turned ten-ish.

And plus, the teachers are pervs......
adn their are only like 2girls
and the rest male techers.
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   26 August 2008   531268  

alleygirl92 says:   26 August 2008   426831  

our gym techer mr.gabruck........
has been teching since my uncle was in school
and back when my uncle was in school he dated like 7girls
and got 2 pregnant
and now he is dating a woman who is only like 2years older than his
daughter, adn she is only in 11th grade.
‹◦Squirrely Girl◦› says:   26 August 2008   613546  
:O omg wow.
alleygirl92 says:   26 August 2008   771476  
I hate him.
Danielle10 says:   26 August 2008   843616  
Today's the first day? Oh, unlucky you.
CuteBunni says:   26 August 2008   971944  

I don't think I want to see my relatives get cremated...

Anyhow, I'm in 7th grade too!
‹adorkablemaknae› says :   26 August 2008   197691  
Sorry, I wasn't there. Stupid homework! >/ 
You... missed the first day? xDD Nice Nene. 
No new kids either. Sitting next to Matt, Raphael's in front of me. I
poke him and it's fun. :D


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