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Chapter Three: ReiCategory: (general)
Friday, 15 August 2008
12:48:09 AM (GMT)
Note: Chapter in Rei's pov

            My eyes drifted open slowley. The brezze that blew in now was not cold as
last night had been.So spring was here now. This but be the first thaw out of spring.
I took joy in the fact that now I could move again. I could leave this run down shack
in the most dangerous ghetto town in these forests. Of course I'd have to leave
around noon if I wanted to stay safe. I looked towards the corner of the room and my
poor little satchel. It held the little bit of my possensions. A winter jacket, food,
water, and the one thing I would hate to lose, the locket that had belonged to my
mother before she passed when I was 7. I had taken it from the jewelry box and ran.
Never once looked back. 
            But enough of the bad memories. I had to check my rations before leaving.
I might have to see what more food I could scrouge up before the sun beat from the
center point of the sky. I stood up and stretched, walking to get my bag. I opened it
up and groaned. Looked like more playing for pity before I left. This would be hard
here. So I groaned and looked at the outfit I was wearing ,wondering if I'd have to
ear at it anymore to get more stuff. I smiled when I realized I wouldn't. So I got up
and crossed the room to the door, my bag over my shoulder. 

            The sun woke me up to find myself in the middle of the forest laying
under a large oak. I grumbled and stood up. Not far to the next village, I tried to
tell myself. I knew it might not be true though. It could be a weeks travel till I
reached the next village. 
            Voices reached my ears a few hours later. Sounded like a lot of people. A
village. I found the break in the bushes that lead to the village center. I jumped
back in surprise and watched the children playing everywhere. All human. When was I
going to stop hoping that some village would hold something different for me to see.
I'd seen a lot since the 7 years i've been running. Lots of villages, lots of towns,
way to many people. I had once stumbled upon a village of half demons, also known as
hanyo's or neko's. They were very cruel though and I left the very next morning after
spending one night there. So it scared me when I saw the familar pink ears. A neko's
ears. The girl appeared younger then be though, possibly only 12. Her beauty stunned
me. Within seconds I found myself compelled by it to step forward. Her ears twitched
and she turned to look at me. She turned away and spoke to the girl at her side. 
             "Marina, there is a vistor" she said.
             "She looks afraid. Susana, why don't you go greet her?" The neko nodded
and stood up. She nodded for Marina to follow her. She smiled and followed after her.
They walked towards me, as I stepped back.
             "There's no reason to be afraid" Susana said as they came forward. She
smiled at me, and I beleived her. "What's your name?" she asked.

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   15 August 2008   839774  
Great chapter I love it!!!!


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