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Bored out of my mind so im making quizzes.Category: (general)
Friday, 25 July 2008
11:05:38 PM (GMT)
I kinda doubt that i am the only one who gets this.
I'm bored out of my mind (as the title implies) and no one is on cause its, like, 11
So, um  yeah.

Being that I'm bored out of my mind (as the title implies) I am going to make quizzes
(as the title implies).

First Quiz: What TV show are you?

The thing in your life that you most concern yourself with is

A) The wellbeing of random people
B) Working on becoming stronger so you can pone your enemy(or enemies)
C) Random stuff- its probably something new every day
D) Hiding a secret and most likely coming into trouble and letting it slip and then
find some way to make it un-slip

In your head, the most often thing that you come across is...

A) You narrating your life story as it happens
B) Ways to get better at something (or random ramen cravings)
C) Skematics of the machine you just built
D) Song lyrics- its like you have another life as someone musicaly inclined

At the end of the day...

A) You come across some huge realization that you kind of knew the whole time
B) You realize that you hate a person even more then you thought you did (either that
or you are exausted from all the poning you did)
C) You decide on what you will do tomorrow as you hide every last bit of evidence of
what you just accomplished
D) You relax because you know that you just solved all your problems, no matter how
embarrasing or stupid you might seem for doing so

Your best friend is...

A) Someone who works at the same place as you but in a different department and you
share manly guy love with
B) Someone who will most likely die on a mission or become evil so you will have to
pone them
C) Your sibling- you love your best friend like a brother already, and now he is your
D) A skater chick who knows everything about you and would go to any length to help
you keep people from finding out your big secret (or any other secret you have for
that matter)

Your idea of a day off is...

A) Going to the bar with your SCB (Super Chocolate Bear) and then playing Saltine or
B) Bugging your mentor to teach you some uber cool move that he showed you about a
thousand times but never showed you
C) Doing what I do every day- Invent something new (or if it is a reeeeealy perfect
day for it, do nothing)
D) Chilling out at the mall with your best friend to do a total wardobe makeover or
going to get a mani-peddi at an exclusive salon that only famous people can get into

Mostly As: [scrubs]
Mostly Bs: Naruto
Mostly Cs: Phineas and Ferb
Mostly Ds: Hannah Montana

1 day later. Still bored. New quiz

What cartoon charictor are you??

Your 'happy place' looks like...

A) An open field where jellyfish roam free
B) A magical place with endless video games, tv, and junk food
C) Lets check the Map!!! Say Map!!! Say Map!!!
D) Everywhere is happy!!!!

Your best friend is...

A) An uber smart person. Too bad no one but you recodnises his superior abbility!
B) Someone who gives you everything you want via magic
C) A monkey who wears shoes.
D) Everyone is my best friend!!!!!!!

Who is your favorite superhero(s)

A) Mermaid Man and Barnacle boy
B) The Crimson Chin
C) Super Map and Super Backpack!!!
D) Suppppppppppppppppppppper Grover

Your favorite food is

A) a Kraby Patty
B) anyting jam packed with suggar
C) Chocolate!!! (pronounced chokolatAY)
D) Cookies with letters and numbers on them

If your best friend is not home, you

A) Make a new friend
B) Go to your backup friend's house
C) Chill with the familia en mi casa!!
D) Watch some random tap dance expert dance

Mostly A's- You are Spongebob Squarepants
Mostly B's- You are Timmy Turner
Mostly C's- You are Dora the Explorer
Mostly D's- You are Elmo
Last edited: 26 July 2008

_peace_lover_ wonders:   30 July 2008   886453  
kewl quiz. i get bored all the time. comment back please! or message.
question: hw do you not get bored and have fun?"
poet87 says :   1 August 2008   517354  
i know!!!!!


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