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Thinking Out Loud #11Category: (general)
Thursday, 8 May 2008
09:29:07 PM (GMT)
Today's topic is...

Rude people.

Okay.I agree,everyone is going to be rude at some point in their life.
I am rude alot,but only to people who deserve it.
I got yelled at today in the computer lab because I was walking super slow,but didn't
realize it.
He was like "You got feet,you got a heartbeat,now GO"
I was like wtf....If there was no teacher there,I would have punched him.
Seriously,I'm not taking that bullshit.

And guys are always being jerks around me.
This guy asked me to help him with his homework,and I was looking for mine to see
what my answer was,so I could help him.
The bell rang and he was like "Thanks for the help." and walked off like it was my
fault he was stupid.
Hmm...people these days.

Oh yeah,and once I got some high achiever thingy in English and I got a McDonald's
certificate,and everyone was like "CAN I HAVE IT"
And of course,me being the hog I am,was like "" xDD
And this guy was like "You know not to ask her...It's McDonald''s her life."
I almost smacked him.I'm serious.

Why is everyone being so rude...they don't even know me.
The teacher was like "Courtney?" and half the guys in my class were like "Who the
fuck is Courtney"
I wish they'd keep their damn comments to themselves.
I know I'm overweight,I know I'm not noticeable,but do they have to make me feel even
worse about myself?

xExotic says:   9 May 2008   696484  
Awh D:
That happens to me too!
People are also racist to me...
I'm part Filipino, and they always say, "Natives are fuckin' awesome!
Atleast we're not Filipino like Olivia. And atleast we don't have a
fuckin' weird language."
I'm like, "WTF??"

I hate when people are like that D:
NinjaDino says:   9 May 2008   296852  
I know.People around here are such bitches..
xExotic says:   9 May 2008   487199  
I know D:
When I walk home there's always a bunch of these high schoolers are
there and whenever i walk by them they're like, "Hey babe, Lookin'
And then another one is like, "Nice girlfriend,"
And they joke around and say, "Naw, I just don't want it to
feel bad because she can't get any."

I'm like "=0="
NinjaDino says:   9 May 2008   564957  
If I was there,I would seriously spazz at them,and beat them for you.
AerithLight says :   26 May 2008   985922  
Lmfao. On the "it" thang, live. XD
People up here in Fort Crack are stuck up.
They need to all go get a life. ;D

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