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Katie Chapter 8Category: horror story
Sunday, 27 April 2008
11:27:15 AM (GMT)
"Oh my gosh, Sammii, your white skirt totally goes with your new tanned legs." Sanya
"I know, right?" Sammii was staring into a distance. "Is that Katie?"
"CHICKEN!" The two jumped, the stared a man was licking his lips at their legs.
"We look good, but not that good." Sanya laughed. Sammii wasn't lstening, she was
sitll a bit jumpy from what Katie had told her.
"Sammii!!! Sanya!!!! Get away from the Zombies!!" Katie screamed, waving her arms.
Sanya didn't hear her, she decided to tease the Zombies. Sammii joined her A crash
was sounded and Katie watched, horrified, as everything she knew happened around her.
A Zombie's hand had reached out and was clawing at Sanya's leg, it grabbed it and
Sanya ended up head first onto the pavement.
"Sanya!!" Sammii screamed as Sanya's legs was being eaten. Sammii also fell to the
floor a second later and felt munching on her legs. Sanya's lifeless body was
cascaded away fromt he area. She'd died. Sammii too felt everything close around her
and soon she too was dead. Katie was mortified.
"I have to do something." Katie paused. "Who's next?" Katie walked home as polcie
cars surrounded her.
"Stop where you are." Katie raised her arm, in alarm. They wanted to question her
about Sammii and Sanya's death.

"Why was you at the scene." Buddy asked again. Katie sighed.
"I was going to warn them about the Zombies."
"You didn't ask them to meet you there and set up the trap."
"No!" Katie felt insulted. She'd had enough. She got up.
"You're not going anywhere." Buddy said, ice cold. this made Katie nervous. He'd
never spoken to her that way. "First off, Annie, Selena, Lobo and now Sanya and
Sammii. What do you have to say."
"True story." Katie said, holding her hands up.
"You've said that before."
"True... Story!"
"Are you treating this like a joke!?"
"Listen.. My mom, my best friend and three people i've never met before are dead... I
could be acting a whole lot worse now." Katie smiled. "The only people left are Kent,
me, my dad and Adam." She sighed again, but this was a happier sigh. "Kent..." She
said dreamily. She had to contact him.. But how!?

"So let me get this right, i'm next?"
"Apparently... Listen, Kent.. Don't get the wrong idea.. I'll pop by and see you,
"Yeah." Kent said, happily. He could finally tell Katie the truth. Katie turned on
her TV. CSI was on.
"Today? Hmm... Today's Thursday.. it's not normally on a Thursday." A break began and
another programme appeared. Katie remebered how Kent's dad was like those people, a
forensic scientist. Kent normally helped on a Friday, alone. Katie didn't get the
clue righ then.. It took her a while but she figured it out. "NO WAY!!!!!" Katie

Friday's mornign burst through and Katie jumped out of bed. She got dressed and
curled her hair.
"Shit." She burnt her finger. The mark was a sort of scapel looking mark, like
something they used to cut open people's bodies. "Ouch!" she sucked her finger and
the mark faded. She ran out the house, she couldn't wait to see Kent again.
"You know.. I have something really important to tell you, Katie." Kent began.
"Mmm, me too, Kent." Katie wasn't listening, she was looking for strange scapels.
"Huh?" Kent shook his head.
"Never mind." He said.
"Kent, look at me." Katie turned him around. Kent saw this as an oppartunity and
kissed her. Katie held on, she didn't want this to be her last moment with Kent. A
clatter noise was sounded from somewhere and a scapel flew. It hit Kent in the neck.
He died instantly. Katie pulled the scapel out. Kent had a huge hole in his neck.
Tears found themselves falling down Katie's cheek.. Not again...

AnimeFanOVGY says:   2 June 2008   678176  
arghh why is it so retarded!????????!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!? sorry
bout Fly High, will be out soon, promise X
AnimeFanOVGY says:   2 June 2008   811979  
arghh why is it so retarded!????????!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!? sorry
bout Fly High, will be out soon, promise X
AnimeFanOVGY says:   2 June 2008   243362  
arghh why is it so retarded!????????!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!!!? sorry
bout Fly High, will be out soon, promise X
‹SoraKudo.♥› says :   2 July 2009   852251  


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