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A real friendCategory: (general)
Saturday, 26 April 2008
09:32:55 PM (GMT)
If you ever read this diary, I want you to know somthing. I did not repaste anything
on here. I say all i mean and all I mean all I say. Don't repaste this with this
paragraph. Take it off and repaste it. BUT- if you really mean somthing then write
you own version of this and repaste this paragraph only and the last few sentences
below the next paragraph.. Title it A real friend, no matter which repaste you went
with. Thank you.

A real friend sits up with you and listens to your depressing tales. They lend their
advice when they think neccassary. They comfort you when you cry. They want to help
you even if you really don't want it. But they understand that you really don't want
to be bothered with the same question everyone asks, Whats the matter. Nothing is. is
allyou say, but a real friend knows that somthing is wrong.  a real friend sits down
and puts out their hand, lets you take it and hold it for as long as you can, or want
to. They don't talk to you the whole time, but wait patiently for you to let it all
out, even if they are dying ot know. They don't drowned you in things that they like,
but you don't. They hold judgement on that speciel boy you've been falling over, no
matter how different he is, or how weird he acts. But when they know he just isn't
right for you, or your too good for him, thye tell you. They don't lie to you, or
talk behind your back. They don't blow you off or change plans one night before the
big sleep-over, or event you two have been planning for months now. She doesn't stick
even the slightest of things that make you a little bit upset on the inside. They
take out some time to return any favor you've ever done for them. They put an
oppinion in when asked, they actually read what you've wrote. (One of my friends just
skipped it for no reason, this diary I mean)

A real friend read through this all and saw that they may not be exactly in these
guidlines, and so they will talk to you and ask you how you are and when you repley
they ask about this diary and then they tell you that they trust you with their life
and can you do that for me? And then if this writer is a TRUE friend they will smile
and say yes, yes you can.
Last edited: 26 April 2008

‹\/amPyroManiac› says:   26 April 2008   949587  
amazing diary entry, and happy to hear that these were all your own
thoughts and feelings.
‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   26 April 2008   991134  
thats was a beautiful thing to read *tears*
‹SqueeneyTodd› cries:   28 April 2008   811964  
That was awesome! I don't fall in to the "hold judgement of the boy
you like"
category, though, but I'll work on it.
MeepingMeep says :   28 April 2008   379633  
No, meaning that You don't, like...ummm.... k, sorry I was trying to
say gtaht you don't tell me taht hes really weird or try to keep us
apart, cause I actually think he may like me!!!!!!! Mousefang! (You
will have to check on Warriorfy you!)


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