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Jonas Brothers Survey #1Category: Jonas Brothers Surveys
Friday, 25 April 2008
01:40:33 PM (GMT)

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1. Did you think Nick sounded like a girl the first time you listened to the original version of "When you look me in the eyes"? *yeah..kinda..lolz...but its kinda cute ^-^ 2.Did you get really annoyed when they kept playing S.O.S over and over on the radio? *Never! heheh..luv dat song very much! 3.Did you hate the song Hold On when it came out? *Nope, it's one of mah fave! ^-^ 4.Did you get pissed at the song "Kids of the Future" because it was annoying? *Never! I mean I luv dat song! <3 5.Do you hate how Joe always includes Chicken in his raps? *haha..NO! I luv it! It so Funny!.."OPEN THE FRIDGE, EAT A CHICKEN" lol XD 6.Did you think Kevin wasn't cute the first time you saw him? *NOPE! He's so cute! I mean they're all cute! ya know..hehehe 7.Did you think Kevin was cute, but not anymore? *He's still CUTE! understand?!? lol XD 8.Do you still think he's un-cute? *I said UNDERSTAND!?! lol XD 9.Do you think Joe or Nick are ugly/not cute? *OMJ! They're so CUTE! especially Joe..hehheheh...^-^ 10.Did you think one of them was the cutest/hottest when you first saw them, but now you like a different one? *Nope, I still luv Joe...hehehhe <3 11.Did you think Kevin lost his virginity when he stopped wearing his Purity Ring? *nope....^-^' 12.Did you think he had gotten married when he lost it? *Nope..... 13.Do you still not know what happened to his ring? *I heard he lost it in the Bahama's water rides or in a wave pool and he is getting a new one.... 14.Did you think the boys were married or promised to someone when you saw the rings for the first time? *No, ppl wear rings, I just thought it was a normal ring..dats all..^-^ 15.Have you lied about meeting them or talking to them to someone to sound "Cool"? *Nope, y would I do dat?!? 16.Did you dislike Miley ONLY because of the rumors about her and Nick? *Nah, I like her! (luv the tv show Hannah Montana) 17.Did you used to love Miley untill Nick stated he had a crush on her and now you hate her or you used to hate her? *Nope, I mean I'm sort of a fan of her.....^-^' 18.Did you realize you were just jealous or self obsessed with having Nick to yourself and gave up on hating her within a week? *y would i be jealous...she can have nick! while I can have JOE! lol XD 19.Do you hate Mandy? *Nope, y would i hate her? 20.Do you hate Mandy or AJ or both because Joe dated them? *Nope, Joe and AJ are da cutest couple ever, but they broke up...huh-huh..T-T 21.Do you immediately hate a girl when you see one of the boys arms wrapped around her in a picture? *Nope, they have friends/gfs, they can do what they want..^-^ 22.You got EXTREMLY pissed when you first saw the picture of Joe and AJ kissing? *Nope, I mean they're the cutest couple ever! But they broke up...huh-huh T-T 23.Did you cause drama or repost bulletins a million times when Joe cough-cussed on MTV's TRL the first time? * i was proud of him! lol XD 24.Did you cry when Joe got hurt by "Hitting the wall"? *Poor Joe....he's my Little Danger..heheh 25.Do you wear a purity ring JUST because JB has one? *Nope, i dont have one, but wish I have...^-^' 26.Do you have anyone in your life, friend or not who says they are a JB fan, but they really aren't because they only listen to 1-2 songs? *ummm....yeah..but i'll not tell their names...hehe 27.Do you have a person in your life, friend or not who thinks they are a better couple with your favorite Jonas only because they are a Christian or a bigger Christian than you and they can sing (or so they think) and that gives them the intoxicated thought they would make a better match with that certain Jonas, even though you are clearly better for him? *re-reads question 5 times* ok i think i got it...yes i do? hehehhe ~Fill this out and then repost as "Sad Confesions of a JB Fan Survey", YOU DON'T HAVE TO!! My first oekaki!
Last edited: 26 May 2008

BeatBoxBethh says:   27 April 2008   957816  
lol One question that should be in there is

"Do you think it's cute how Joe falls all the time?"

‹KeNiJoeFanatic› says:   27 April 2008   316769  

He's always cute <3

He really is my Little Danger <3

haha....anyways, tnx 4 the comment! 
xeLeLx says:   21 May 2008   427386  
I love the purity ring part.. LOL!
‹KeNiJoeFanatic› says :   21 May 2008   789389  
Yup! heheh :]


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