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100 questions i answered.Category: (general)
Thursday, 10 April 2008
02:41:45 PM (GMT)
1. Name: Hannagh!
2. Middle Name: Christine
3. State: Ireland doesn't have states, lmao.
4. Place of Birth: Gallimh!! [Galway.]
5 Male or Female: Female
6. Hometown: Galway..? Thats a city darn.
7. Bus: what?? and yes i got hit by 1
8. School: P.C.H xD [Prison Camp Headford]
9. Occupation: Being annoyed at school.. Currently.
10. Initials: H.Mc.M
11. Screen Name: GC4life as you sghould kno by no i love Good Charlotte ^^

Your Appearance:
12. Hair Color: Light brown. shoulder length
13. Hair Length: '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' ''
14. Eye color:  blue.
15. Best Feature: My Eyes
16. Height: 5''8
17. Braces? Nope!
18. Glasses?: Nope! Meh vision is prefect!!
19. Freckles?: no
20. Diploma?: not yet.

Your Firsts:
21. First kiss: a guy called Osin in roundstone like two years ago....^^
22. First best friends: Ellie Aron and Barbie!
23. First Award: Idk! I have lots.
24. First Sport You Joined: Thi Chii
25. First thing you did today: Eated.
26. First Real vacation: U.S.A
27. First thing you said today: 'Neh, i need food.'
28. First Love: .....it hurts too much.......he didnt love me back......U____U

29. Movie: a few are;  Spirited Away, Little Miss Sunshine, Blades of Glory,
Anything by Will Ferell!!
30. TV Show: nothing
31. Color: ohh. everything. srsly. except Pink -______-'
32. Rapper: Eminem. Defoferssure.
33. Place to get groceries: The food shop-place.
34. Food: Sushi!!!
35. Season: fall - ish. / winter - ish. ?
36. Candy: Anything chocoladge.
37. Sports: Horseridding, swimming and running
38. Restaurant: bleh. 
39. Friend: wtf. y'srs?. 
40. Store: Gah, some place.
41. School Subject: Art. 
42. Animal:Llama, Ducks.
43. Book: walking naked....dont be put off/on by the title..its a really good book
44. Magazine: nothing 

45.Doing before you started this survey: went to put my foal to bed he ran over me
going into teh stable! lol
46. Feeling: relaxed
47. Wearing: my uniform
48. Crying about: i'm happy. no cry:]
49. Eating : your brainz! :P
50. Drinking: your brainzjuice! :P
51. Dreaming: of being a photographer
52. Typing: this. 
53. Listening To: WT
54. Thinking about: The one i love not saying....U___U
55. Wanting: the one i love
56. Watching: the compyy's screen. 

57. Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Leaving ceart Irish paper morning,
COMPLETLY hammered.
58. Kids: two or three i guess
59. Want to be Married: Well, maybe eventually.
60. Career in Mind: Photographer

Which is Better with the Opposite Sex:
61. Sport: whatever. 
62. Shirt: whats that ment to mean?????
63. Hair color: Dark well what ever
64. Hair length: decent.
65. Eye color: Anything..?
66. Measurements: Anything...$_$
67. Cute or sexy: adorably sexy.
68. Lips or Eyes: both. but eyes are nice
69. Hugs or Kisses: both, but kisses are good. 
70. Short or Tall: Tall 
71. Easygoing or serious: both
72. Romantic or Spontaneous: spontaneously romantic. 
73. Good or Bad: depends
74. Sensitive or Loud: bit of both 
75. Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship ^_^
76. Harley or Crotch Rocket: uhh. 
77. Two or One: ............

Have You Ever:
78. Kissed a STRANGER: Many a time!
79. Had major surgery: yesh
80. Gone commando: no.....!
81. Ran Away From Home: nope. 
82. Broken a bone: yesh...my skull
83. Got an X-ray: yes. 
84. Been on a cruise: nope u_u
85. Broken Someone's Heart: i hope not....DX
86. Dumped someone: yesh
87. Cried When Someone Died: yesh for a very long time R.I.P XD
88. Cried At School: yes. i have.

Do You Believe In:
89. God: no.
90. Miracles: yes. but not by will power of god :P 
91. Love at First Sight: yes. i do
92. Ghosts: Spirits.
93. Aliens: not really...
94. Soul Mates: fersure.
95. Heaven: no.
96. Hell: no. we are all equel in what we do in life.
97. Answered prayers: yes. [gahh. these answers don't go with eachother]
98. Kissing on The First Date: if it feels right.
99. horoscopes: no...what a load of sh** 

Answer Truthfully:
100. Is there someone you wish you had?: 
Yesh..but i dont know who he is.....yet. its sad....:'[

Wow, what a GREAT survey.

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