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Saturday, 8 March 2008
01:24:51 PM (GMT)
Val kept mummbling stuff about Stephan in her sleep.Stephan sat by the bed and put
his chin on it and looked at her.She rolled over her face was about an inch away from
his.He became very still.How much he liked Val from the first time he met her to
now.He fell in love with her.But he wondered if she had the same feelings for him.Did
she? No she couldent have.Why would a mortal girl fall in love with a immortal
creature?He stared at her and held back the urge to kiss her.Slowly Val opened her
eyes and seen him right there.She started to blush red.He smiled and she smiled
She kept looking at him.She had falen in love with im from the first time she met him
to now.But she also wondered like Stephan if he had the same feelings for her.Did
he?No,he couldent have.Why would someone like him,someone that looks so unreal love a
plain ordianry girl?She looked at his eyes.He looked back.She had been wanting to
kiss him but she didnt have enough corage to."STEPHAN!DADS ON THE PHONE AND WANTS TO
TALK TO YOU!"Megan yelled down stairs."COMING."He yelled at her and was gone in a
blink of an eye.
Stephan was down stairs and had the phone in his had in a instant."Hello?"
"Stephan,me and Valories father have to stay at the hospital tonight.There wasa big
accident and they need our help.Valories father wants her to stay over there and
spend the night with Megan."
"Ok.So,what happend?"
"Well there was a accident on the highway.It kinda just happend all of a sudden.we
have alot of people here injured from it.We dont know what cause it.One minute
everything was fine then the next we get a call saying there was an accident.They
needed volunteers so me and Val's dad volunteered.I have to go.Bye"
The line went dead on the other line.Stepahn sighed and looked at Megan."Meg,Valorie
has to spend the night here,Dad and her dad have to stay at the hospital tonight.Some
accident thing.He wants Val to stay with you."
"Fine.I have to go out for a little while.Dont do anything stupid.Ok"
"I would never."
"Im picking Megan.Im not gunna do anything take verything I say
literaly."He chuckled.
"What ever."Megan grabbed her purse and went out side and was gone.
Stepha went back up stairs and went to his bedroom.When he walked in Val wasnt
"Im in the bathroom.Im fixing my hair its a mess."He opend the halfway closed door
and looked at her."So when is my dad coming home?"She asked
"Our dads have to stay at the hospital tonight so your dad said you have to spend the
nigt with Megan."
"Calm down.She wont do anything to you."
"But I dont know megan that well.Actually I really dont know her."
"Well then tonigh to get to know her." He said and smiled.
"Great." She mummbled.Tonight was gunna be a very long night.

RAINBOWLOVER21 says:   8 March 2008   154665  
WRITE MORE !!!!!!!!!!I CAN`T
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   8 March 2008   558711  
write moe please! it is awesome! i wAIT 4EVA SO I COULD READ THIS!
wRITE MORE!!!!!!!! SEE ALl mY TYPING is jacked up becasue of you not
writeing more!hmph hmph.
‹YourPersonalNightmare› says:   8 March 2008   474632  
wow.yall must really like my writting.
dancing_swimming_princess says:   8 March 2008   685223  
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove IT!!!!
‹YourPersonalNightmare› says :   8 March 2008   239151  


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