the joy of opening presents on christmas day and how that joy has very
slowly diminished as i got older
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the joy of opening presents on christmas day and how that joy has very
slowly diminished as i got older
Category: the wonderful holidays
Monday, 31 December 2007
12:22:39 AM (GMT)
dear diary   Dear diary 
ummm... oh yeah Dear kat...
there that's better..
stupid thing doesnt have spell check anymore so if you see mistakes dont think am in
idoit (baka) onegai 
sup kat am writing you agian it seems like i forgot agian though i was really
detrimed to keep writing everyday this time its seems as if ill have to start over
agian today....
there that should do it who could forget such a heart felt declaration of diary-dom..

anyway today in light of the holiday spirit even though it is the 30th and christmas
happened 5 days ago i do not quite get out of the christmas mood till at least untill
Feburary.. so anyway like i was saying in light of the holiday spirit  ive deceided
to make a  holiday diary a belated holiday diary post thingy.. or note to you
none-exsistent Kat but for diaries - sake i will pretend you are real so let me start
off my wishing you a [i]MERRY CHRISTMAS[/i], Joyeux Noel!,Feliz
Navidad!,Kedves Karacsony! ( <- thats hungarian for merry christmas)) dont ask me how
i know that oh and  Merii Kurisumasu ( that japanese!!((also no asking why i know
                       anyway back to the subject on hand opening christmas
presents.. when i was little this was easy all my relatives would bring in big toy
books or i would get one and me my sister and my brother would sit around and point
out what we wanted the most then when it came time to deciede what we wanted for
christmas me and my sister would always want the newest barbie and accessories ...
saying i want a barbie doesnt take a lot of brain cells let me tell yah... we had
giant bins of barbies and clothes.. of course for barbie and then we had a barbie
dream house with a elevator and flashing lights everywhere... easy peasy.. FUN
FACT  b].. here's a fun fact ( kat ill do random stuff like this alot so dont worry
much for my mental health am only slightly random..))) okay here's the fun fact
barbie last name is roberts (( i didnt even know barbie had a last name but you think
it'd be something more... more common for blonde eyed blue haired strike that
i meant blue eyed blonde haired (( perfect girl next door)) like... like jones or
smith the most common in america (( another random fact.. kat i think your getting
smarter reading this))
                so now that iv'e gotten as far away from the actual topic as possible
i think its time to go back to the main thought

soo christmas..  oh yeah now that am older choosing christmas presents is harder
naturally i want money but you cant open up money on christmas day which is the
funnist part about christmas... ripping the wrapping paper that some person slaved
over trying to make it just right and to just ripp it to pieces in to seconds 5 hard
minutes a present 2 seconds to open...  this is the irony of christmas soo this is my
delema i dont know what i want for christmas if am lucky my parents will get me
something that i wanted that i didnt know i wanted like this year i got a digital
camera from my parental units i didnt even know i wanted one before i got it.. now am
glad i got it 
kat.. what do you wish for every christmas (( this question is not specificly to kat
as she is just my computer and even if computers are hightech there not that good so
if your reading though i doubt anyone is but if you are answer the question for me
cause i actually want to know...

anyway kat thats all for now (( today i suprisingly dont have a british accent am
just plain old me in my head))
jaane, hasta la bye bye , bonjour.. ect ect..
(and just for the heck of it one time in english 
bye bye...
Last edited: 31 December 2007

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