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Wednesday, 26 December 2007
06:58:32 PM (GMT)
I sort of copied Eddie but it's a good idea.
First of all if you would like to contact me-

MSN/E-mail: Bjjtull (at)aol.com

AIM: bjjtull

Snail-Mail:  Ask about it. 
Phone: just ask me......

I know there aren't alot of options but hey...

A problem I have noticed:

I have had many accounts (Jamierose467, JamieT, and EmoandAnime_Jamie_T(active
accounts)) (or non active ones) yet nobody mails me on here. Please mail me. I love
all of my friends that is why I made a new account.
Reasons why I left-

It was sort of accidental. 

1) I was/am neck high in schoolwork. I'm always researching or something so sometimes
I might not mail you right away. Chew me out, and I mean CHEW ME OUT if I don't get
on every couple days. (I didn't really get to get on a whole lot)

2)  I had to sneak on. Don't ask about this one.

3) I was going through major emotional problems. (Mail me for more info on this)

4) I totally forgot the passwords on my old accounts. (lol)

5) As you can see I was going through ALOT.

My sincerest appologies!                                         
Things that happened while I was gone if you are curious-

Love life-

I had a very lovely love life when I was last on. It went downhill since I got off. I
am very stressed and miserable in this area. Too many guys have tried to get in my
pants. One of my best friends, who I had gotten together with, we were great and
everything, but he said we needed to break for awhile. He's 4 years older than me.
I need a guy who we can just talk. I need to be healed. I need to regain trust with
guys. I love guys. Not boy-obsessed type love, but as friends. I get along with them
best, almost all of my friends are guys.At school I have 5 girlfriends (friends that
are girls). Just lately guys have abused me, my heart, my trust, and my body. I am
still a virgin. (Thank god) I love all guys that are my friends though. I have a
great friend here who I have a big crush on. xD Stolen my heart. (Never will I tell
who) So maybe we could work out, I trust him alot.

School life-

Basically good. There is this new student, Landyn. Driving me crazy. He is so
stuck-up, & arrogant! We got along great at first. Loves the same type of music, I'm
awesome, and don't get offended by male crude jokes... I'm the top student in my
class, he is second, and he is all I'm smarter, I'm better, look what I know and you
don't. I am ready to kill him.
Though on the last week of school we have just gotten to be friends again. He has
totally let up. I think he has a romantic interest on me. I'm confused. 
His best friend, who I am friends with sits next to me in two classes. He wouldn't
stop rubbing my thigh. I told him to stop. He wouldn't. I told Landyn because I had
kicked him, done anything to make him stop. Thankfully Landyn told him off. He said
that Jonathon was a total jack*** and he wasn't really friends with him.
Everybody puts rumours around about I like somebody who I really don't. Other than
that it's awesome. =]

Home life-

TERRIBLE. I don't want to go into it. Recently though it has gotten somewhat better.

Those are my main lives but ask any questions you like

Only two people are on my best friends list. Unfortunately.-

Where to begin.... He is awesome. He is very dear to my heart. Every time he deletes,
he makes a new account, and we continue to talk. He can tie a cherry with his tongue.
He was very curious about me when I first got to talk again with him. Including the
Are you still a virgin? (Yes)
Who have you showered with before? (Brock)
Are you single? (yes)
Have you ever been fingered? (no) (and some questions along those lines)
And he also stated that I wasn't quite as innocent as when he first met me.<3

Again where to begin... He totally rocks. He is an online dad/brother. I can go to
him for advice anytime. I can trust him with my secrets. I love him lots. I hope we
will mail much more. xD

Futomakisushi says:   27 December 2007   271111  
i'm here if you need to talk okay?

EmoandAnime_Jamie_T says :   27 December 2007   266532  
Thank you. *huggles*


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