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Thursday, 13 December 2007
01:13:39 AM (GMT)
I have a project that we have to make a radio show so me and my friend sydney
decided to be valley girls in our radio show... tell me if its funny or not...

(music plays) Omigod, omigod you guys!

Amber: Hey everybody! You’re listening to OMGT! 
Mia: Oh my god, totally?
Amber: Yah, DC’s #1 pop station!
Mia: This is Mia….
Amber: …and Amber! And before the next commercial break, we will be giving out
fabulous prizes like new Backstreet boys greatest hits concert tickets!
Mia: Like, no way!! *attempts to sing* “yah, I never want to hear you saaaay, I
it that waaaaay!!! ”
Amber: Mia….
Mia: Ok, I’ll shut up now.
Amber: No wonder you don’t like, have a boyfriend… 
Mia: Shut up!!! You know I’m sensitive about that!!!! *starts dramatically
Amber: but idk… I think I’m gonna like, break up with mine…
Mia: *stops sobbing* why?
Amber: I can’t like, believe this but he like, called me stupid!
Mia: *gasp* stupid? Oh my god, no way!
Amber: I know! Do you think I’m stupid Mia? 
Mia: Of course not! You know how to say the ABCs backwards!
Amber: Oh yah! *takes deep breath* E, G,C,N,U,V,W,E…. wait did I already say E? oh
Mia: That’s too bad cause like, your boyfriend knows how to skateboard.
Amber: Yah, skateboarding is like, totally virile (pronounces “virile” wrong).
Mia: I know! Like, all skaters are hot… even if they’re ugly!
Amber: But its like really hard, cause I got on the skateboard and then, I fell and
like, broke the heel on my new stilettos. 
Mia: *gasp* no way!!! The hot pink ones!!!????
Amber: *sadly* yah, with the 3 inch heels…
Mia: NO WAY!!!  That totally sucks. That sucks.
Amber: But speaking about boyfriends, I don’t have the worst one! Guess who
Mia: uh…. Daniel Radcliffe?
Amber: Daniel Radcliffe is a boy you idiot. But anyway, Its Paris Hilton!!!
Mia: OMG, Paris? She’s like my idol!
Amber: I know, but like, now, she’s dating this Swedish pizza boy!
Mia: ewwwww…. Pizza? That has like so many calories… 
Amber: I know, and like Swedish chocolate is like so fatty, Paris’s boyfriend must
be fat.
Mia: Eww… Paris is dating a fat boy. That’s like #1 on my boys not to date.
Amber: I know, right! And what’s up with people going to like, college these days?
Mia: College has like no point except to meet boys. 
Amber: Tee hee hee, I know! 
Mia: Ya just sit in a classroom and learn about stuff like math.
Amber: *gasp* wouldn’t it be so cool if they had a college for cheerleading???
Mia: Omigod, yah! 
Amber: Cause cheerleading is like, so much more better than math! 
Mia: NO DUH, wait… I think they do have colleges about cheerleading?
Amber: Really? If there is, then I wanna go! 
Mia: Well, If there’s colleges about music, then of course there are colleges
Amber: speaking about music, we have to give out those backstreet boys tickets!!!
Mia: oh yah!!! Ok… If you wanna get those tickets, you have to call 3013875640.
Amber: Phone lines are opening….now.
Mia: Hey, caller #3, you’re on with Mia and Amber on OMGT. What’s your name?
Caller #3: *says something*
Amber: Ok, here is the trivia question- What backstreet boys song was Mia singing
earlier in the show?
Caller #3- *says correct or wrong answer* (If wrong, pick up new caller, If right,
go on with conversation)
Amber- Omigod, that is totally correct!
Mia: You, get backstreet boys tickets!!!! 
Amber- Whoo! 
Mia: Now, lets like play a song!
Amber: What to play, what to play…
Mia: Let’s play Fall Out Boy, just because Pete Wentz is hot!
Amber: Yah, he’s like the hottest guitarist ever! 
Mia: Wait…. Doesn’t he like play bass?
Amber: No, pretty sure he plays guitar…
Mia: Ok
Amber: Ok, this is Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy from their album, Under
the Cork Tree.
Mia: You have been listening to OMGT, DC’s #1 pop station! 
Amber: Omigod, totally!

Sugar we’re going down by fall out boy plays

mcr_xylph says :   25 December 2007   869599  
MICH MICH MICH...wuv the script


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