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The Wonderous Adventure Part 3Category: (general)
Wednesday, 5 December 2007
10:52:27 PM (GMT)
Characters: Narrator, Nancy,Michelle,Candice,Roger,Michael,Chris 

Ok there readers!!   :x. Now i know you are all excited about this episode so
before you read the story, read this. Now Roger and Chris had a fight on the last
episode. The fight was about how Roger was saying mean things about Michelle. Now you
may continue reading

Roger: What did you just say to me?

Chris: I said you never get girls because you act like a jerk all the time!!

Michelle: Roger i thought you were my friend?!

Roger: Well your the one that mad this mess happen!

Michelle: Me?!

Roger: Yes you!

Chris: Don't put her into this! This is our fight!

Nancy: So i guess we're not going to the rave then huh?

Michael: I guess not Nancy.

Roger:Oh we're definitely going to that rave! Let's go guys.

Michael: Bye guys!

Candice: I will miss you Michelle! You too Chris!

Michelle and Chris: We will miss you too Candice.

Narrator: Michael,Nancy,Roger, and Candice go to the rave and Michelle and Chris stay
home. I bet your wondering what is going to happen next, right? Well your about to
find out right now! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Chris: Why did you want to stay here with me?

Michelle: Because i needed to talk to you and if we went to the rave it would've been
to noisy.

Chris: Oh

Michelle: What's wrong?

Chris: I thought you stayed here with me because you wanted to be with me like be my

Michelle: Do you want me to be your girlfriend?

Chris: It all depends. Do you want to?

Michelle: Sure. I would love to be your girlfriend.

Chris: So what did you want to talk to me about?

Michelle: I was just curious about something.

Chris: What is it?

Michelle: Are you over Candice?

Chris: What are you talking about?

Michelle: I know you and Candice went out a week ago.

Chris: Well yeah im over her. We broke up 5 days ago because of what she did!

Michelle: What did she do?

Chris: She kissed another guy and said that he kissed her out of nowhere!

Michelle:Oh. Well do you want me to talk to her?

Chris: No. 

Michelle: How come?

Chris: She might think i put you up to this.

Michelle: Ok then.

Narrator: Meanwhile at the rave.

Nancy: Hey do you guys think that Chris and Michelle are ok?

Michael: Well iam kinda of worried about them.

Roger: Im not! I don't like either of them! They DISGUST me!

Candice: Hey! Your the one who HAD to be so damn mean to Michelle! That's why Chris
jumped in.

Roger: What are you talking about?

Candice: If you hadn't said all that mean stuff you would still be friends with Chris
and Michelle.

Michael: Look Roger, so maybe Michelle said some mean stuff. But a real man would've
ignored her.

Roger: Why are you guys giving me this pep talk for?

Nancy: Because if you don't do something now, they may hate you forever!

Roger: That's not possible, is it?

Michael: It will be if you don't call them and apologize.

Roger: But you heard what Michelle said to me!

Candice: Look Roger, if you don't call them then we won't be your friends either.

Roger: You mean that?

Nancy: of course she does.

Roger: Who asked you?!!!

Michael: And that is exactly how fights get started.

Roger: Well Nancy should've butted out of it.

Candice: Michael, give me your cell phone.

Michael: Where's yours at?

Candice: I left it at the house ok?

Michael: (He hands her his cell)

Candice: (Dials the number)

Narrator: At the house the phone rings. Michelle answers it.

Michelle: Hello?

Candice: Hey girl. This is Candice.

Michelle: Hey how are you guys doing?

Candice: We are not doing so well over here.

Michelle: How come?

Candice: Because Roger is getting mad at us because we told him to apologize to you
and Chris and he said no.

Michelle: I wouldn't accept his apology anyway,

Candice: Why not?

Michelle: Because that would mean me actually talking to someone as mean as him.

Candice: Oh.

Michelle: Hey listen i gotta go me and Chris are watching Halloween:Curse of Michael
Myers and Chris made popcorn.

Candice: Are you going out with him or something?

Michelle: Um......Well......Yeah. We're going out.

Candice: Well im very happy for the both of you.

Michelle: Hey before i go i gotta ask you something personal.

Candice: Go right ahead.

Michelle: When you went out with Chris did you kiss a guy and then tell Chris the guy
kissed you out of nowhere?

Candice: Is that what he told you?

Michelle: Yeah. But he told me not to ask you if that's true because he thought you
might think he put me up to this.

Candice: Im perfectly fine with you guys going out. Anyway i would probably think
that he might've put you up to these shenanigans.

Michelle: Oh well. Well i will see you when you guys come home k?

Candice: Why are you ending the conversation so fast?

Michelle: Because Chris is waiting on me! Why are you interrogating me?

Candice: Me???! Your the one who's all up in my business.

Michelle: Look i don't want us to fight.

Candice: Why not? afraid that i would kick your ass??

Michelle: Because if we fight then we will end up like Roger and Chris. Bye!!!(She
hangs up on Candice)

Chris: Hey baby who was that?

Michelle: Candice.

Chris: What did she want?

Michelle: She wanted to see how we were doing. 

Chris: Look i need you to do a favor for me! It's a HUGE favor.



STAY WARM!!!! 12-5-07

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