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You are a paedo and you cannot lie! Youm other bruvaz can't deny#Category: (general)
Sunday, 18 November 2007
09:52:50 AM (GMT)
So like. I was on a mission to prove Eddie was a paedo. I created a fake acount called "_like_kitens" and all that blab.. Pretty neat, huh? Then I got a message from Sonic... Askling what pants I'm wearing.. And thought. Fuck Eddie, This is gold. Was I right? Always TailsFromSonic pisses me off. Claiming to be 13, he's secretly a 16 year old boy with a pee fetish... And anal for that matter. Eugh, I hear you cringe. Here's how things turned from embarrassing.. To just plain nasty. Here, my friends, is the face behind Sonic. Thanks to an unknown source, I was able to view his unlocked photobucket account. I dunno about you guys, but I wouldn't tap that.. Not even with a truck. I had to cut it short. Because, naturally, all this paedo talk was making me sick. So here's my message to all the people like Sonic. I AM WATCHIN YOU KK Kirby
Last edited: 18 November 2007

Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   252447  

‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   469966  
Tell you friends. <333
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   289971  
I fuckin' will. This will go down in the book of Kupika legends. xD
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   247268  
Yeah, baby!

I hope Sonic sees ;;
Sanyu says:   18 November 2007   178866  

pedophile until you're 18 ;] one more thing to strive for, kids!
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   936867  

But he had a sexual moment with a 14 year old.

So, he basically is?
mewmewichigo says:   18 November 2007   862362  
Liek oemgeee!
I thought he was nice but nowww...
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   699133  
That's what many people thought
TailsFromSonic says:   18 November 2007   572468  

first of all, you had my photobucket account and kept posting multiple
pics from it in fleeting thoughts, so that isn't much evidence

as for the chat..  that can be faked in paint

Italics whispers:   18 November 2007   571298  
Lawl. XD
He always scared me.
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   237752  
Have sent*
neoeno says:   18 November 2007   435516  
See, personally, I would have waited until I'd achieved my final goal
before posting this :P

Even more technically, you can't be a paedophile unless you find
prepubescent people sexually appealing. The 14 year old was not
prepubescent, I am guessing. To me, at least, attempting to cyber with
a 10 year old doesn't count... since it's only characters.

Message incoming...
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   149547  

What if the account had been real? And he WAS going to meet her? And
they DID have sex?

You wouldn't be saying that then.
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   342449  
Neoeno, he called Eddie a pervert because he cybered, and he claimed
on his other account that he DIDN'T CYBER. xD

"first of all, you had my photobucket account and kept posting
pics from it in fleeting thoughts, so that isn't much evidence"
That was actually me, kk.
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   439221  
And Kirsty, I'd take that password off, tails might use it ya know.
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   819239  

Nah. He's free to use it. The perv.

This is a bit fucked up though

I wasn't planning on this when I first joined Kupika.
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   244684  
He'll delete the messages..?
neoeno says:   18 November 2007   496375  
Hey, I'm not criticising... just saying what I thought. I'm aware of
tails' hypocrisy here...
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   399782  

Then that shows he's guilty.
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   446863  
I deleted it liek <3
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   565142  
This is soooo funny. He's pretending not to care but you can tell
he's scared because he's making up bullshit about you 'shopping the
pics. xD
emo_sabrine says:   18 November 2007   831315  
Duude! I was talking to him and he kissed my nose and stuff! he kept
asking what panties i was wearing!
emo_sabrine says:   18 November 2007   398449  
I'm totally blacklisting him thank you!
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   566495  
It's okay people ^_^
CaughtInTheMist says:   18 November 2007   839656  
Go You. He iz sick, but u REALLY Kicked His Sunday 
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   968474  
Bump. <3
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   826345  
I kicked more than his Sunday 
NotJeff says:   18 November 2007   245379  
holy sshit-


you are bravee.
-bows down-
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   719434  
Oh, baby! XD
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   691522  
Do you remember Ian?

You're once..twice..three times a pervert. XD
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   329497  


He was well good, innit.

"i'm 15, will u still cum on me"

"yes hun anywhere u want i will deliver"

emotional1 says:   18 November 2007   963628  
you're such a bitch.... leave my jesse alone. mkay????
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   338112  

ur ass looks well big
emotional1 says:   18 November 2007   888641  
*looks around* eh... me? *raises an eyebrow*
AmBeZZy94 says:   18 November 2007   749559  
he told me he is 15
emotional1 says:   18 November 2007   429998  
-_-;; am I the only one that isnt mad at him.....
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   239711  
Leave him alone? Am I missing something..wasn't he the one who wanted
to piss on the girl? xD
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   411259  
And Kirsty, lol @ Ian and Suli. That's was hillarious. 
Lyncheh says:   18 November 2007   171292  
emotional1 says:   18 November 2007   961357  
*sighs...* this has nothing to do with jesse, but you should really
try eddie... he's much older and hella creepier.... and I'm not just
saying that because of his age. I'm no ageist. that and.. he used to
be a good friend.... so.... um..... yeah....
‹Puppeh.› says:   18 November 2007   753115  
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   936992  
"*sighs...* this has nothing to do with jesse, but you should really
try eddie... he's much older and hella creepier.... and I'm not just
saying that because of his age. I'm no ageist. that and.. he used to
be a good friend.... so.... um..... yeah...."

Already done it bbe
‹EvaHEROIN› says:   18 November 2007   998449  
You're a SPY :O
*feels CHEATED*
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   348382  
Sowwie babes xxx
‹{Hey hey, Mennyei! ♥}› says:   18 November 2007   447411  
I knew there was something creepy about him. :|
Nice one Kirby. xDD
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   412718  
Why thank you :]
‹HANNER› says:   18 November 2007   868194  
ROFL! Pwn. Thats great. HAHA. You are so awesome. BRILLIANT. ROFL. I
laughed hystericlly during this. Especailly the part where it says
"could you walk around in your pajamas, with no diapers on, ((haha. As
if ten year olds ever wear diapers.)) and pee in them for me?"
ROFL. Classic. Did this really happen? Or did you like... Edit it with
Paint or fotoflexer or something? Or did you seriously just print
Uneek says:   18 November 2007   884423  
good job XD
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   18 November 2007   795657  
It was just a screenshot.

The only reason he said about nappies was because he asked what pants
I was wearing. So, I replied with

"I wear nappied coz I wet myself when I'm scared"

Camilleh says:   18 November 2007   134267  
He DID always creep me out, even though I never talked to him.

....thak God. o_0
‹Eleanorrrr™› says:   18 November 2007   211959  
Oh god
That was reallllllllllyy disturbing
kattany2 says:   18 November 2007   493623  
fucking lieing bitch tailsfromsonic does not say "HEHEHEHE" that
mucth i mena come one for the little time i talked to him he is not
lik that and i beleve him but you peopel taht actully belev he is like
that realy need to get a fucking life GOD!!
ShadowVash says:   18 November 2007   886593  
er LOL

I finally looked at this 

that guy is my brother =P
Sanyu says:   19 November 2007   287127  
"you peopel taht actully belev he is like that realy need to get a
fucking life GOD!!"

Is it just me, or are these two things completely unrelated?
(believing something / having a life)
telemagi says:   19 November 2007   111145  
LOL, my god I have not laughed so hard in quite a long time!!!
Lyncheh says:   19 November 2007   572517  
I love 'teh grammers' of some of the naive fools who actually believe
in his lies. XD
AmBeZZy94 says:   19 November 2007   363584  
I have other pics of him, he sent me some:::}

He is a perv, and I have a lot of proof because I kept answering him
ShadowVash says:   19 November 2007   495538  
I only asked about your panties 
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   19 November 2007   647748  
You're still a pervert
‹»-(¯`v´¯)-» Kelsey Boo »-(¯`v´¯)-»› says:   19 November 2007   886565  
ew ge sick
‹»-(¯`v´¯)-» Kelsey Boo »-(¯`v´¯)-»› says:   19 November 2007   538421  
i ment ewww hes sick
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   20 November 2007   844895  
He is indeed :P
Tantivy says:   20 November 2007   197611  


Must've been amusing, talking to him in such a way. xD
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   20 November 2007   592225  
At the same time... It was quite sick
Lyncheh says:   25 November 2007   412476  
You loved it really bbz.
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   25 November 2007   633824  
Not really....
xExotic says:   13 December 2007   865517  
I can't believe Tails would do that..
mimi_ says:   23 December 2007   112511  
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   23 December 2007   741836  
Frizzette says:   23 December 2007   165936  
Leave him alone!
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   23 December 2007   936427  
Make me :D
Katie_xox_Cupcake says:   23 December 2007   272655  
GENIUS! OMFG! -Dies- I can't beleive you! You- WOW. I'm impressed! xD Anything about... Message me xD I can't say it here. I'll get massacred.
CreamFromSonic says:   24 December 2007   454557  
;( It cant be true ;(
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   24 December 2007   344816  
this to not true
angel260 says:   24 December 2007   769837  
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   25 December 2007   845259  
Sorry folks, but it is true.
‹Cora Rose› says:   26 December 2007   954369  
haha!never would have guessed!but why am i laffing?
Lyncheh says:   27 December 2007   969215  
Haha, it's still funny even to this day. Tails is now trying to catch
perverts, ROFL. Give him a mirror, anyone?
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   27 December 2007   328993  

He's repented!
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   27 December 2007   215575  
Oops, did someone leave a hatful comment?

must have been deleted!
colagirl4 says:   27 December 2007   522516  
OMG!He asked me if i had cute panties!i dont like him and he is a
Frizzette says:   29 December 2007   826617  
I must ask, how would you people like it?
To have a bunch of imbeciles pick on you
about a pack of lies. Because that what it is
AmyFromSonic101 says:   29 December 2007   914686  
oooooooh, that is bad.
SeeWilly says:   29 December 2007   922182  
you must've deleted it because it said something you couldn't
understand or answer.
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   29 December 2007   169662  
Isn't lies 

I'm not gonna sit here and make all that up.

I have some kind of life
nickjr says:   29 December 2007   155874  
When I first joined, TailsFromSonic sent me a message-the first
mesage I ever got-and he didn't ask anything like that from me! Only
quixoticchaos-and his other account because of the messages,
chaotixquixotic-and upgrayedd did that to me. But upgrayedd apologized
and now we're playing tag and the other two accounts are disabled.
Lyncheh says:   29 December 2007   833375  
Kirsty, one day the kids will realise how he is.

Until then, just laugh at them. xD
Sanyu says:   29 December 2007   493635  
Hey, you gave people evidence and said it was real. Let people do
what they want with the info ;]
hillsfan101 says:   29 December 2007   526364  
‹brittybritt› says:   29 December 2007   292928  
omg that is scary!!
Penny789 says:   29 December 2007   264473  
TailsFromSonic sent me a message about cute panties and stuff and
upgrayyed kept asking me weird stuff. Your probably both guilty.
Except neither of you really have proof since you could just write it
on with paint. So, good point TailsFromSonic.
Penny789 says:   29 December 2007   147714  
Hope upgrayyed sees this according to his personal ad.
crazy_pwetty_gurl92 says:   29 December 2007   564453  
Is this all a fake?
or is he really a pedo?
tiff1819 says:   29 December 2007   822466  
he is a pervert he asked what panties am i wearing and do they have a
cute bow ewwww
‹ღ-Baiℓey,™› says:   29 December 2007   315252  
i couldnt read the whole thing
>_> to gross...
xrainbowXCOOKIEx says:   9 January 2008   425193  
Oh go-

And he looked nice, huh.
Bloody hell mates, bloody hell.

-Runs away-

SonicFromSonic says:   11 January 2008   194286  
You people didn't know that that was Tails?
-Points to photo of creepy old him :]-
waterman2011 says:   12 January 2008   446838  
thats a little creapy
the_GIRL_had_IT says:   1 February 2008   775568  
I honestly don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time...
Weird, it's not really a laughing matter...

No, but really, he's a creep.  And techincally, isn't he a paedophile
‹KirstyKILLJOY› says:   2 February 2008   168321  
Not sure.. Talking indecently to a 10 year old... Could be :P
kinchika11 says:   11 February 2008   427264  
tailsfromsonic is my only true friend and he never did that to me yes
i am 11 and he is 13 this is all a big lie yes he likes pantys and
stuff but it does not mean he is a perv i am gonna stick to my friend
cute_much says:   9 April 2008   189375  
he has a new account now eww
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   29 April 2008   872851  
ughh...where are the pictures? The pictures are just here last month
prom says :   1 June 2008   957246  
Yea, where are the pictures, I wanna string Rock_Lee_ up

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