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Weird Stuff About Me :DCategory: (general)
Saturday, 27 October 2007
12:18:25 AM (GMT)
Let's get this list going! *takes gulp of red bull* Onwards!!!

- I have a twin and get really sensitive/irritated (depends on how you see it...)
when people think our lives our based off one another and pretend to be friends with
me or start conversation with one topic on mind: my twin. It PEEVES me to NO END.

- I was born on a national holiday (USA). :D

- I was supposed to be a boy (when my parents found out their were having twins....)

- I was born premature so the doctors encouraged our parents to NOT teach us a second
language, hence the lack of Tagalog-knowledge from me and my sister. *sniffle*

- I was THIRD in my graduating glass, my cousin valdedictorian and my TWIN sister

- I like to read romance...too much of it. I hide this fact from MANY of my friends.

- When I get bored, I stare at the closest thing to me and start envisioning how I
can somehow put it on paper...but I have no paper in front of me. I make contours and
"swooshes" with my finger on a surface to capture it in my mind. People find me to be

- I go to a nationally acclaimed high school...I can NEVER be anywhere near the top
20% of my graduating class because of the kind of students I am competing against...
*huff* So, most likely, many colleges won't have the guts to put me in their Honors
programs even if I have a ~94 -95 average. Mou...

- I have a typical filipino family: cheap, loud, hungry and terrific! <3

- I have an oversized yorkie who never ceases to surprise me. His name is Leroy and
he was born in Dublin, Ireland. ^___________^

- My first anime and manga was Pretty Soldiers Sailor Moon. That style was the
beginning of who I was and the start of what I would become!!!

- I like WEIRD alternate pairings: (please do not comment on this weird fact about
me, this is me. This has nothing to do with YOU.)
Bankotsu/Sango or Inuyasha/Sango
Aoshi/Megumi <3 <3 <3 <3 I can't even explain the wonderful fanfiction there is on
this couple!!! *swoons*
Eriol/Tomoyo <3 The first of these alt pairings I think. That's when I started my
romantic rebellion on the term "canon".
Cloud/Yuna <3 Have you SEEN the youtube videos for Clouna???
...and more I can't think of...

- I am currently working on an ongoing manga project called Spirit XIII. See Tacoda
on my profile for a vague idea. :D

- I supprt Raphael of the Rennasiance because he was a true FANBOY! (you can ask
about this if you like. XD and see below)
LxM  ----> 5 kp to anyone who can explain this!!!

- I don't like visual kei but I adore Gackt and his voice. I'm not into the style
unless it was toned down A LOT. But the music is pretty awesome. :D

- I like jelly and butter sandwhiches. No, not PEANUT butter, just BUTTER. I know,
unhealthy. I have one once a month practically.

- I used to have Harry Potter as my imaginary friend when I was 14. I was going
through an emotional crisis, I think...

- I used to attempt to replicate Winslow Homer paintings with my crappy watercolor
paints when I was eleven.

- I had to be an ugly clown for Halloween for three years straight. T_T It was NOT

- I was and am still a little obsessed with PHANTOM OF THE OPERA! ERIK IS TRAGIC
HERO!!! *ahem* Sorry.

- I have issues with almost all my English teachers (despite the fact that I love to
write) and wars with EVERY filipino teachers, asides from my wonderful Forensics
teacher. :D

- I'm trying to get into Architecure schools when I only want to do it with 40% of my
being when I really want to do Art Education and Asian Studies with 85% of my

- As you can see above, I am terrible at math. Only when a grade is on the line, I
can actually put two and two make...5? *shrugs*

- I am still waiting for my long overdue Hogwarts letter. :P

- I am semi in awe of very vain people. (This, I can't explain. sorry. I honestly
can't explain it FULLY.)

- I get easily jealous of people...things...stuff...

- After a very hard lesson with gettings Cs early in my education, I learned to want
the A+s of my own will instead of trying to please someone like my parents, I want to
please myself with good grades by putting myself somewhere in this world, somewhere
satisfactory, unique or unbelievable.

- I have recently aquired the need to use hand sanitizers thanks to a former OCD
friend of mine.

- I dream of other lives and things I should have done. ;_;

- ...I am pro-life.

- I am Roman Catholic...but have gained the taste of worshipping God without having
others to keep an eye on me. I like my religious relationships to be personal and
alone...I don't like sharing it with a church full of people. (MY opinion.)

- I do not "not support" gay marriages. I won't fight for them but I won't
fight against them. Though, it would be nice if they were allowed to have their happy
endings too.

- I dream of happy endings.

- I get way too ahead of myself sometimes.

- People tend to overestimate me and then expect more than what I can give...

I think I have more but I'm tired...

Good night!

<3 Raynrayn :d

Share your weird facts with me too!!!

Mewmewkitten says:   27 October 2007   864286  
Here's mine~

-I have restless head syndrom.

-I am very, very ,very, VERY clostrophobic.

-I have to listen to music before going to bed or I won't fall asleep
for hours.

-I never fall alseep as fast as on weekends on sundays.

-I have 3 brothers and 5 sisters. (Me+3+5= 9 kids)

-I'm part Filipino, French, Dutch, Charakeet, Irish, ect...

I'm too tired to write more >__<
Mewmewkitten says:   27 October 2007   475112  
You should read my diary one instead.
I updated the diary one XD
kiwily says :   6 November 2007   916622  
sorry, that is way too funny. BUTTER SANDWITCHES ONLY ONCE A
MONTH!?!? holy shizz, if I'm hungry enough, I'll have like,  three a
by the way, I was laughing at your 14 mental crisi...wait.. I'm 13...
dd-d-d-d-d-does everyone at age 14 have mental crises?!?! OH
NUU!!-goes around running in fear and bumps into a wall and turns


My email account is furyrabbitblablah. I made it when I was like, 10.
I wanted it to be furry rabbit blah blah, but I couldn't spell"furry"
so it ended up as "fury"

My mom lost her periods a few months after I was born. No more babies
for her..

I'm addicted to cheese, cream cheese, and -drools-

I drool alot. XD

I cant spell....  I absolutely couldn't until Linda told me that
everytime I spelled something wrong, I would have to give her $$

I still haven't payed her that 20$$

I'm supposed to be writing a book report right now.

I procrastinate
hence, the book report. :D...


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