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Randomness 9 :PCategory: (general)
Saturday, 20 October 2007
05:14:52 PM (GMT)
203. Do you like urban legends? Erm
204. Do you believe them? Nah
205. Has any of them ever happened to you? No 
206. Anyone you know? No
207. Are you afraid of the dark? Pitch black, kinda 
208. Do basements scare you? Yes, I get scared I'll be locked in :D
209. How about dark basements? Even worse
210. At night? I'm scared now!!!
211. Alone? You're making it worse
212. What scares you the most? Being alone at night now!
213. Does anyone know? Yes
214. Have you ever had to face up to it? Nah
215. Why does it scare you? Dunno
216. Do you have a psychologist? No
217. Did I get the name right there? No
218. Would you ever tell them your fear? Yeah
219. Do psychologists scare you? Kinda
220. Do you want to be one? No!
221. Are you one and just keeping it quiet? No!! 
222. If you were one, and went through trauma, would go see another? Probs
223. Do you have a psychology? No
224. What do you think of physiotherapists? Dunno 
225. Chiropractors? Ouch
226. Pediatrics? Dunno
227. Paleontologists? ...
228. What is a paleontologist? ... 
229. Do you want to be one? No
230. Have you ever studied dinosaurs? No 
231. Why do you think they died out? Acording to my History teacher, they got hit
with lotsa big rock things :D
232. Do you wish they were still around? No
233. Have you ever been to a museum and seen dinosaur bones? Yeah
234. Have you ever found a dinosaur bone? No
235. What's your favorite dinosaur? Rex
236. What do you know about brontosauruses? Nothing
237. What is the plural of brontosaur? Brontosauruses
238. What would happen if a tyrannosaurus rex fell over? He make a loud noise
239. Do you know the name of the bird thing in the rock? Ptreyodactal?
240. Where was it discovered? Dunno
241. Do you even know what I'm talking about? Nah 
242. If you could be a dinosaur, which kind would you be? Why are we still talking
about Dinosaurs? 
243. Are you interested in geriatrics? No
244. Have you had braces? Yeah for a month :D
245. If not, are you going to have to have them? No 
246. Do you have fangs? Used to
247. If you don't, would you like to have fangs? No 
248. Would you let an orthodontist get rid of your fangs? No 
249. Do you believe in vampires? Nah
250. Do you believe that you are a vampire? No 
251. What do you think of people that think they are vampires? Dunno 
252. Do you like the concept, vampire? Uh huh
253. What powers do vampires have? Sharp teeth, and the ability to turn into bats
254. Are you a werewolf? No
255. Would you like to be a werewolf? No thanks 
256. Do you think it's possible to be a werewolf? No
257. What powers do werewolves have? To turn into wolfmen at night
258. Which is better, vampires or werewolves? Vampires
259. What other creatures of darkness are there? Errrr
260. Do you believe any of them are real? No
261. Have you read any of Beowulf? No
262. Do you know the story? Nah
263. Do you think it could be real? Dunno
264. Do you think Grendel is a pretty name? Kinda
265. Did you know there's a movie in production? No
266. Do you know who's cast as Beowulf? No
267. If you didn't know, will you check? No
268. If yes, where will you check? Google?
269. If you know who's cast as Beowulf, are you excited? Nah
270. Do you like the Phantom of the Opera? No!
271. Have you seen the show? Nah
272. Have you read the book? No
273. If you have, which do you like better?  
274. Have you read or written any fanfics? Not on the phantom of the opera
275. Do you like musicals? yesh
276. Which is your favorite? Grease
277. Why do you like it so much? Dunno
278. Do you hate musicals? No
279. Have you ever been forced to sit through one? no
280. If you could only see one musical, which one would it be? Chicago 
281. If you had to erase one musical from the course of history, which one would it
be? Dunno 
282. If you could erase one thing, any one thing, from history, what would it be?
283. Why did you pick that? Dunno :D
284. What would the ideal effects of that be? Who knows?
285. What do you think would happen if you really got the chance to do it? Nothing
286. Do you know when the garbage can was invented? No 
287. Do you care? Nopeh :D
288. Would you like to be able to time travel? Yesh 
289. Are you keeping secrets about your washing machine? Noooooo...
290. If you could travel around in time, when would you go? Future
291. If you had to travel in time and live in that time forever, which time would you
rather live in? 2006 xD
292. Would you be rich? Yeah
293. What would be the worst thing about living in that time? I'd be younger 
294. The best? It would only be last year :D
295. Do you think time travel will ever be invented? Yeah  
296. If yes, do you realize what that could mean? No
297. Do you own a flashlight? Yesh
298. Aren't they fun? Yes
299. What's are very small flashlights called? Torches? 
300. Have you ever shone one into your eyes? Yeah :D

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