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Bad Cyber!!!!Category: check this please!!!!
Tuesday, 16 October 2007
04:41:43 AM (GMT)
Seriously.O_o *** is what made us kids,but then if you cyber,well,that's not too
good,isn't it?Because you don't even know the person enough,yet you rape the poor
person till sunrise.That's really,really,WRONG.And,it's against the rules!You're
supposed to be married before you do the damn stuff!


P.S.:If you try to cyber me,I am gonna beat you up.*clenches fists*
P.S.S.:Seriously.I mean it.
P.S.S.S.:Cybering is...*barfs into a paper bag*
P.S.S.S.S:Cybering is also..*pounds hand against head while making a funny face*
Last edited: 19 October 2007

popular says:   16 October 2007   671198  
I dont agree...
I mean...
With one part.
This part :
You're supposed to be married before you do the damn stuff!

Thats some religions.
Its not life.
And there are no rules to it.
Sometimes its not even religion.
Sometimes its just parents.
But like...
Thats wrong.
It may be YOUR religion...
But... the rest of the world doesnt  live by your religion.
Hikari_san says:   16 October 2007   523999  
Yeah,yeah,I know.I'll just put it off.
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   17 October 2007   914837  
shut up popular! you need to be married if you want to do that crap!
pictures wont prove you know the person!
Hikari_san says:   18 October 2007   169856  
Yeah that's right!!!!Tell 'er,May!!!
Hikari_san says:   19 October 2007   462176  
Cha!!!And I didn't mean I'm going to put it off.I used crossies!
‹Melody Ashita› says:   23 October 2007   141839  
Cresselia!!!*uses psychic*
Hikari_san says:   24 October 2007   875175  
Yeah that's right Cresselia!Use Psychic on the Cyberers!!
Sanyu says:   3 November 2007   826433  
*is not married and has engaged in sex with 3 different people*
I'm currently in a very serious long term relationship, though.

People need to stop generalizing people who cyber. Do you generalize
all people who have real life sex as sluts, or "sick"? No, so stop
generalizing all people who have cyber sex as desperate or sick or
something. Some are, but that doesn't mean everyone is.
Hikari_san says:   4 November 2007   972315  
O_o what.....?Kindly please say that in English!
ItzJuztMe36 says:   15 December 2007   284563  
what! Sanyu did say it in English!
Hikari_san says:   17 December 2007   166237  
I meant,say it in a summarized way.It's........a bit long.
Hikari_san says:   17 December 2007   769811  
Frizzette says:   17 December 2007   714559  
If people want to cyber, then thats none of our buisness
It's our choice whether we do or not
Hikari_san says:   19 December 2007   754488  
WHAT THE HECK DO YOU CARE!!!(...these stupid random people!)
Damion_ says:   21 December 2007   999658  
CYBERING IS FICKIN' WRONG!! Its so GROSS! Wait until u r married to
do that!!!
(Sorry if it is confusing)
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   22 December 2007   232929  
you call us stupid random people? then what do you call yourself? an
angel? wow! an angel fallen from the sky!
Hikari_san says:   3 January 2008   635915  
Damion_ is right!And you are stupid random people!!
‹Pâtisserie› says:   3 January 2008   593559  
Cybering is not when your married because what if your husband/wife
walks in while your doing that, reaction? Not good. 

But even though I say that, I agree, cybering is quite wrong and
gross. When you married, you don't have to do that then, you don't
cyber... EVER!
reyka says:   3 January 2008   969357  
I agree with cybering is bullshit, but not with when you said ''wait
till your married''.. as some ppl mentioned already.
Hikari_san says:   6 January 2008   978194  
Is that a boy,or a girl....?(the person in a dress.
‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   18 February 2008   495852  
Whoever cybers, at least, you know, get a room or something!
Hikari_san says:   19 February 2008   316843  
What does that mean?
the_beatles_girl says:   16 March 2008   518851  
sanyu is right listen its only sick to closed minded people.
its not wrong its diffrent theres nothing wrong with diffent
i dont cyber but its mean to accuse everyone who cybers of being
not all people who cyber are freaks.
Hikari_san says:   17 March 2008   557266  
‹CarnivoreCannibal♥RaWr!› says:   2 April 2008   613564  
My opinion on cybering:

Cybering is left to others people's descions! If you would like to
cyber, by all means do it! (Just as long as we don't see it cause that
does get annoying.) But, anyway, if you don't want to do it, THEN
DON'T! But at the same time, the people that don't like cybering
shouldn't criticize others that do. Even if they are sick and twisted,
it has nothing to do with us.
Hikari_san says:   3 April 2008   655445  
Yes yes I know that.I have mine,you have yours.
Patricia_Lee says:   3 April 2008   863962  
wow lot of comments, mine won't take effect any way not like people
go through and read them all (well i do but that not the point)

I think what ever if they want to cyber go ahead, people are entitled
to their own veiws. Personally i wouldn't cyber if my life depended on
it, but it's just what people do I guess. So I stand by my own
oppinion of "SO WHAT!"
Hikari_san says:   3 April 2008   175397  
‹ItsBrittniBxtch :)› says:   27 April 2008   183776  
Check my diary out about cybering plus i ♥ yurs
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   27 April 2008   868452  
In my opinion, in children's eyes, it's wrong. (Especially, you,
because you're just....8 or 9 or what?)

Cybering is just....a ROLEPLAY.....a perverted...roleplay.

Let them do their stuff. It's not like you're going to die if other
people cyber. Other people even do YAOI or YURI ANIME's just the same as cybering.

If no one invented anime roleplays or other roleplays, cybering
wouldn't be created.
misty11322 says:   1 May 2008   893775  
I agree with cheeky. If it wasnt for cyber then there would be no
anime roleplays :O
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   1 May 2008   574924  
Yes there would. It was because of role-plays why Cybering is here.
Not the other way around.

I think cybering is sick. If people are going to cyber, then they
should KEEP IT TO THEM SELVES! We don't want to know about your sick
perverty role-play! Some times they won't keep it to them selves! Then
they don't bother to read your profile and they ask you to cyber with
them! I HATE it!

And having a religion or not, Sex was made for marriage. You don't
NEED a religion to marry anymore.
misty11322 says:   1 May 2008   519357  
Well they kinda DO keep it to themselves dont they?
Hikari_san says:   2 May 2008   114566  
XoxoBrittany:u thanks!I'll check it out sure!
Cheeky:No,cybering followed something else.Unvirtual sex.It didn't
follow role-play.
Tarkxie:I didn't say you have to be a Christian to get married.
Misty:I think they're all confusing too.
‹Rock_Ninja› says:   14 May 2008   714612  
I agree with that and I'm always careful with what I do. Good point
Hikari_san says:   19 May 2008   258798  
Thank you Lex!
Alice_Vandy10 says:   10 June 2008   172797  
I know, I nearly fainted seeing my older brother cybering on the net.
Hikari_san whispers:   10 June 2008   774887  
Holy mama. DX
Alice_Vandy10 says:   10 June 2008   853588  
I know. I hope he stops.
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   10 June 2008   266354  
you know the word "cyber" means something else so i dont get why
virtual sex has to be called like that though. well it means something
else in
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   10 June 2008   928915  
spanish. the cyber or "el cyber" is actually  place where people with
no computers go and borrow the computer for and hour or two. they have
those in the hotels in mexico, dont know if they have them in the U.S
Hikari_san says:   11 June 2008   797697  
To Alice:Me too.
To May:Cyber's meaning has something to do with technology,right?
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   13 June 2008   252452  
yeah it does.
Hikari_san says:   16 June 2008   322371  
I knew it.But I wonder why it's called cyber though.
leaf says:   26 June 2008   544768  
cybering is nasty and it not happening until i get married but that
because i have test done on my guy
‹Fairy.Wind.› says:   26 June 2008   377524  
if u have "it" at age 18 and under ur life will be harder and ya might
not get a great education so u will get a job that pays a little and
half of that money has to be spent on the baby!
Shinx_Luxio_Luxray says:   27 June 2008   428782  
Good job May! *hug* I'm so proud of you.
Shinx_Luxio_Luxray says:   27 June 2008   868162  
Smart idea to post this
‹Rock_Ninja› says:   27 June 2008   253842  
she's right, you're very smart to do this
Hikari_san suggests:   28 June 2008   762188  
Thanks for the comments!!NOW LET'S MAKE THIS THING FAMOUS AND SPAM!!!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says :   29 September 2008   922227  
ya seriously ppl, wait till u're married!


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