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yaoi naruto story (lol I got bored) x3 scroll 1Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 October 2007
01:09:00 AM (GMT)
{Scroll one-- Sasuke confesses}

Naruto walked around with his hands dug into his pockets. His gaze reached to Sakura
and he grinned. 

"Oi, Sakura-chan.." Naruto said and blushed as is gaze wandered off of her. "I have a

"Yeah Naruto... What is it?" Sakura asked compleatly not interested. 

"... will... you go out with me?" Naruto asked in a hopefull voice. 

Sakura's look turned to confused then slowly to discusted as she looked at the blonde
haired boy.

"Ew no Naruto!" She yelled and Naruto sighed and looked down. "Your weird.. I like

Naruto glared a bit at her for being so stupid and likeing Sasuke. What was so
great about him anyway? Naruto's hurt look was looking at the ground as her ran away
in embarassment. 

"Stupid Sasuke... what was so great about HIM anyway? He was annoying and to self

Naruto kept mumbiling cursses under his breath and then sighed. He walked to the
training grounds where lo and behold Sasuke was standing there. He glared at Sasuke
and returned his gaze at the ground. Anyone could clearly tell Naruto was
pissed. Sasuke looked at Naruto and walked over to him.

"Heard you asked out Sakura." Sasuke said and lightly chuckled to himself. "And got
turned down."

Naruto glared deeply at Sasuke, I mean, who did he think he was?!

"Shut up Sasuke! If you could get any girl you want why don't you ask them out!?"
Naruto growled. "Just leave me and my personal life ALONE!"

"Thats exactly the point.." Sasuke said and chuckled to himself lightly.

"What... do you mean?" Naruto asked with his curiousity getting the best of him.

"Any girl I can get.." Sasuke said and turned his head with a slight smirk.
"Never said anything about any guy I want." 

Naruto looked more confused then ever. Was Sasuke admitting he was gay or something?
He clutched his head in confusion and Sasuke chuckled at the naive boy. 

"Are you saying..." Naruto started and trailed off. "...your gay?" 

At this Sasuke chuckled to himself even more and Naruto grew very confused... And he
thought 'how did Sasuke find out so quickly about Sakura? Naruto looked at the
raven haired boy in confusion and took a deep breath inward.

"You can get any girl you want and they will swoon over you." Naruto said and before
he was able to continue Sasuke cut him off by pinning him to a tree.

Sasuke looked deeply into Naruto's baby blue eyes filled with confusion and Naruto
looked at Sasuke's onyx eyes but wasn't able to see what Sasuke was planning.

"Naruto I don't want them..." Sasuke said and planted a rough kiss on Naruto's lips
and Naruto's eyes widened and Sasuke broke the kiss with a smirk. "I want you."

Naruto blinked a couple times letting this all sink in then took a deep breath and
struggled to get the raven haired ninja off of him. Sasuke kept his grip just as
tight and Naruto stopped fighting and looked at Sasuke in discust.

"YOU WEIRDO LET GO OF ME!!" Naruto yelled and started to struggle to get free again.
"I hate you!!" 

"Heh, Naruto you don't mean that." Sasuke whispered into Naruto's ear. "I know you
like me"

Naruto continued to look at Sasuke in pure discust and almost began to gag. I mean
Sasuke and Naruto?? Who would think of it???

"What are you two doing?" A firmillar male voice said and Sasuke turned to the

"Go away Lee can't you see that i'm spending quality time with my boyfriend?" Sasuke
said and rubbed Naruto's cheek as he turned hot in embarassment and anger.

"I'M NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND YOU WEIRDO!" Naruto shouted and began to struggle.

"Really Naruto-kun? You and Sasuke-kun would make a cute couple." Lee said and
laughed and Sasuke hugged Naruto with a smirk. 

"Thank you Lee" Sasuke said hugging Naruto closer and Naruto tried to pull away. 

"I'm not your boyfriend." Naruto hissed and Sasuke chuckled.

"Yet." He said and brought Naruto closer to his cheast.

Naruto found all of his might and pushed Sasuke off of him. Sasuke frowned at the
blonde boy as his butt made contact with the ground. His onyx eyes glared at Naruto's
scared expression and Lee crossed his arms and sighed. 

"You will be mine Naruto." Sasuke said with a smirk. 

"Wanna bet?" Naruto hissed to the Uchiha getting closer to his face in an attempt to
frighten him but Sasuke merely crushed his lips on Naruto's.

Naruto was in shock and jumped out of the kiss and looked at the smirking boy and
glared at him. Naruto started spitting out his saliva and wiped his mouth on his
sleeve continuosly.

"Yes I'll bet." Sasuke said and crouched down next to Naruto. "I bet you that in
about... i'll give you ... three weeks... in those three weeks I bet you I can get
you to say 'i love you' to me..." Sasuke said and Naruto snorted and Sasuke chuckled.
"I'm not done yet... and if you do..." Sasuke said and inched closer to Naruto's face
and whispered in his ear. "I get to fuck you."

Naruto's discusted expression turned to freaking out and shocked... and yes discust

"WHAT IF I WIN!?" Naruto yelled and grabbed Sasuke by his shirt. "I DON'T

"If you win.... i'll get Sakura to ask you out." Sasuke said with a smirk and Naruto
let go of the grip he had on Sasuke and Sasuke dropped to the floor. "Ok... its a

Naruto grinned and Sasuke smirked and the shook on it. Sasuke thought all fully of
himself I am so gonna win this. While Naruto thought in a happy mannor
Sakura-chan! I will get to date you at last!!! Lee on the other hand was
sitting on the ground looking up at the two ninja's with a grin.. Oh yes this will be
interesting indeed.

Sasuke feeling quite full of himself grabbed the dazed Naruto and threw him into the
tree. Naruto went to retort about him doing so when Sasuke kissed him hungerly
darting his tounge inbetween Naruto's lips. Lee watced in amusment and laughed
slightly to himself, he knew that this was gonna be great to see. Expecially if
Sasuke won...

Lee waved goodbye to the couple and jumped away ignoring the pleas of help from the
blonde haired ninja. Young love... its so strange... Thought the black haired
ninja as he jumped from roof to roof. (delivering christmas presents :D lol dun ask)

‹ikaeros› says:   14 October 2007   494473  

I can't wait XD Until the next one
modlelife4me says:   14 October 2007   544767  
Awsome!!!!! I wanna know who wins! GO on! Go on!!!!
Momo16 says:   20 October 2007   961677  
ahh thats so sweet!!!! i think sasukes gonna win though XD
*rushes to read the next chapter*
Sasuke23 says:   20 January 2008   871199  
iam not gay
TheAnnoyanceNinja says :   21 January 2008   656614  
no one said you were cause your not really sasuke -_- so yeah.

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