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First ReactionCategory: getting to know you
Tuesday, 4 September 2007
11:00:43 PM (GMT)
Body: This is called FIRST REACTION ... type what comes to your mind
first whenever
you hear these 39 words. Don't think and don’t go back and change.
Doesn't matter
how random just type it! Repost it for all of your friends.

1. Cigarettes: gross

2. S3x: not tonight

3. Relationship: work

4. Your Last ex: idiot!

5. Football: go BUCS!

6. Crack: kills

7. Food: i'm hungry

8. President: trying

9. War: loss

10. Vehicles: i have a new one!

11. Gas Prices: too freakin' high!

12. Bon Jovi: yum

13: Fear: scary

14. Beyonce: no

15. Blondes: kick butt!

16. Brunettes: kick butt better ^_^

17. Politics: whatever

18. One Night Stands: a LONG time ago

19. Cell phone: mine is pink!

20. Vanilla Ice Cream: my favorite!

21 Porta potties: DISCUSTING!!

22. High School: I  miss it...

23. Pajamas: my favorite outfit! 

24. Wet Socks: gross

25. Alcohol: not any more

26. H8: pray for people who hate

27. My best friend(s): my sister and my daughter

28. Heartache: been fun

29. Love: unconditional

30. Divorce: i couldn't do it

31. Parents: wouldn't be here without them

32. Trees: beautiful

33. Coffee: one of my only addictions (the other is shopping)

34. Music: right now it's MercyMe

35. Soccer: have no clue

36. Pot: stinky

38. Work: =money

39. Babies: i am NOT having anymore! 

thanks _Kuroodia_ ^_^

‹HANNER› says:   9 October 2007   195488  
1. Cigarettes: Waste of time/energy/MONEY

2. S3x: Maybe in like... 5 years?

3. Relationship: I love my friends

4. Your Last ex: Uhh... maybe in like...2 years?

5. Football: EWW... 

6. Crack: Gets you stoned

7. Food: Im sick... so thats the last thing on my mind

8. President: IM CANADIAN.

9. War: Still Canadian...

10. Vehicles: My boughted a new car 

11. Gas Prices: Meh... what do I care... 

12. Bon Jovi: JON Bon jovi 

13: Fear: Elevators and TRUCKS

14. Beyonce: Meh... she alright

15. Blondes: Uhh... 

16. Brunettes: Yea... Ok then..

17. Politics: YUCKY.

18. One Night Stands: ??

19. Cell phone: When I get a job.

20. Vanilla Ice Cream: Uhh..?


22. High School: Next year

23. Pajamas: I NEED NEW ONES 

24. Wet Socks: Are wet...

25. Alcohol: Haha... NO WAY. I take like 20 pills a day with my
disease... and I believe that taking alcohol with them will make me
puke my friggen brains out... even just a sip..

26. H8: ...?

27. My best friend(s): Nicolaaa!!

28. Heartache: Not at the moment

29. Love: Ha... maybe

30. Divorce: Waste of time and money

31. Parents: Take away the plurl.

32. Trees: I PLANTED A TREE... it only took my 3 hours 

33. Coffee: Luv it... 

34. Music: AAR

35. Soccer: Ew...

36. Pot: Waste of MONEY

38. Work: ...babysitting

Kyshkiida says :   30 April 2008   663383  
1. Cigarettes: Lung damage

2. S3x: Um, not even to save all the universes

3. Relationship: No time

4. Your Last ex: Never had one

5. Football: Tackle

6. Crack: Why?

7. Food: Apples

8. President: Lincoln

9. War: Waste of effort

10. Vehicles: Pollute

11. Gas Prices: Too high

12. Bon Jovi: What's that?

13: Fear: Nothing

14. Beyonce: Is she a singer?

15. Blondes: No difference between blondes and brunettes

16. Brunettes: No difference between brunettes and blondes

17. Politics: Interesting

18. One Night Stands: What?

19. Cell phone: I don't need one

20. Vanilla Ice Cream: ...Smothered in pounds of chocolate

21 Porta potties: Risky

22. High School: Skipping grades is not fun

23. Pajamas: T-Shirt

24. Wet Socks: Not bad once used to

25. Alcohol: Never ever

26. H8: What?

27. My best friend(s): No time

28. Heartache: Migranes, nose bleeds

29. Love: Not real

30. Divorce: Not marrying

31. Parents: Are tantalizing

32. Trees: Nature

33. Coffee: Cafe con leche

34. Music: Just classical

35. Soccer: Lots of running

36. Pot: Drugs

38. Work: Currency

39. Babies: They'll all be brats some day


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