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Sunday, 12 August 2007
02:15:51 AM (GMT)

I pulled my tight shirt off and dropped it on the floor . I was not wearing a bra
underneath . 'Amanda , you have nice
breasts' : Eline said . I started to blush cause I never heard her say anything like
that before . 'Sorry' , she
quickly said when she noticed me blushing . 'Its okay' : I replied . I pulled off my
pants and my thong and dropped
them with my other clothes together with my socks . Eline was looking at my naked
body , her head moved up and down .
'Well , I guess I go shower no' : I smiled . 'Uhm yes ' : Eline replied a little
confused . 'I'll already go to my room
' : she said when I stepped into the shower . Eline closed the door behind her as she
left to her bedroom . 

I turned on the water . My nipples turned hard instantly when the cold water ran over
my body . I waited to turn on the
warm water cause I enjoyed the cold water run all over my body cooling me down after
an intense training . Slowly I
turned on the warm water and started to wash myself . The foam was covering my
breasts while I was washing them ,
rubbing them good . This felt so good that it even turned me on . My pussy started to
tingle . My hand moved down
between my legs and I slowly rubbed over my pussy causing a warm sensation shiver
through my spine . I realized I was
not at my own home so I stopped playing with myself I washed off the soap . I grabbed
a large bathrobe which was
hanging next to the door and put it on after drying my body with a towel . I walked
into Eline's bedroom . She was
laying on her bed , only wearing a thong and a bra and watching TV on her back . 

'My parents are going to be till at least 11pm so we can watch TV all evening without
being disturbed ' : Eline smiled
. I was still super horny and walked towards the bed . I was standing in front of her
and I dropped my bathrobe on the
floor , standing completely naked in front of Eline . I was eager to know what her
reaction was going to be to this .
She smiled : 'You are blocking my sight Amanda' . Not what I expected so I laid down
on the bed on my back next to her
. We watched TV for a while till she suddenly asked my something I didn't expected
anymore : ' Ever wondered how sex
with another female is like , Amanda ? ' I was surprised by this question and
stuttered : ' Yes , I have been thinking
about it sometimes , and you ? She turned her head towards me : ' I have been
fantasizing about it a lot lately .'
While she said this she laid her hand on my thigh and slowly started caressing me . I
trembled a bit , not sure how to
react to this . Eline smiled as she slowly moved her hand closer towards my vagina .
While her hand was rubbing , her
eyes were focussed on my smooth shaven pussy . I don't know why I did it but
instinctively I opened my legs for her .
Eline moves a finger up my slit and brought the with juice covered finger to her lips
. Her mouth opened and she licked
off my juices . 'Mmh tastes good' : she smiled . Eline took place on her knees
between my legs and lowered herself so
that her face was very close to my pussy . You could just feel the tension that was
in the room . This was the first
time for both of us . She looked carefully at my pussy , investigating it , admiring
it maybe ? I trembled when she
touched me again , with her fingers she parted my pussy lips very carefully . With
her other hand she placed a finger
against the opening of my vagina . Slowly she pushed her finger inside me , moving
about an inch inside me . A slight
moan escaped from my mouth . I heard how Eline giggled , she was enjoying this . 

She slowly started moving her finger in and out , making me so wet . Another finger
she placed on my clitoris , slowly
rubbing it around in circles . This made me even moan harder . It felt so intense to
feel another girl's hand on my
pussy . I looked down at her and saw how she lowered her head , her tongue sticking
out of her mouth as she touched my
clit with the tip of her tongue . Another moan escaped from my longs as I closed my
eyes for a while . With soft
strokes she moved her tongue over my clit , my body was trembling from pleasure . In
the meantime she kept on fingering
my pussy . I laid one hand on her head and caressed her hair while she was lapping my
wet pussy . Eline spread my pussy
lips and placed the tip of her tongue against my entry . Gently she pushed her tongue
inside me . I moaned . 'Open the
drawer next to you ' : she commanded . I opened the drawer . A purple dildo was
laying in the drawer , that same dildo
me and some other girls bought her for her 18th birthday . I grabbed the dildo and
showed it to her : ' This what you
wanted?' She smiled and accepted the dildo from me as I laid my head back down on the
pillow . 

Eline sucked on the dildo , making it wet enough . She placed the head of the dildo
against the entry of my fuck hole .
Slowly she started to push it inside me and at the same time I started moaning louder
and louder . With gentle strokes
she started moving the dildo inside my pussy , each stroke moving it a little deeper
. It wasn't a big dildo so it went
in easily . My hips were shaking on the bed , dildo moving inside me , controlled by
the hand of my best friend and her
tongue flicking over my clitoris . I felt an orgasm building up inside me , ready to
burst out soon . I was on the edge
of cumming when Eline pulled the dildo completely out of my soaking wet pussy . In
one stroke she pushed it back inside
me , all the way in , deep in my pussy . I was shaking and screaming it out , hips
bucking on the bed . My orgasm
exploded inside me , moaning loud , fluids running over the dildo and Eline having a
big smile on her face as my arms
fell exhausted on the bed . It took me a few minutes to recover and realise again
where I was . 

In the meantime Eline laid down next to me and smiled : 'Did you like it ? ' I nodded
cause it was one of the most
erotic and sensual things I had ever experienced so far and the orgasm was fantastic
too . She kissed me on my cheek
and slid off the bed , standing up and she took off her panties and unhooked her bra
, revealing her breasts to me .
She crawled onto the bed and moved on top of me , our breasts touching each other .
Her face was inches away from mine
, her warm skin rubbing against my skin . Eline kissed me on the nose and moved up
and took place right above my face ,
her in moist covered pussy in front of me . I never licked another pussy before . I
slid my tongue up and down between
her tasty pussy lips , hearing her moaning softly . I placed my hands on her hips ,
pulling her closer towards me .
Softly I blew over her aching clit . I felt her wetness running down my face as I
flicked my tongue over her clitoris .
Eline's soft moans encouraged me to go on . I slipped a finger inside her pussy ,
moving it around as my tongue worked
on her clit . She had a pretty pink clit which was sticking out so I could easily
flick it around with the tip of my
tongue . I felt her legs shaking a little . My index finger was still fucking her
pussy , juices running over my finger
. She wrapped her legs tight around my head , keeping me close at her clit . I sucked
and sucked and fingered till
Eline's juices squirted all over my face as I tried to lick it all up . 

After that we talked for a while and cuddled against each other all night till we
fell asleep in each others arms .

BETH AND LISA : mitsybitsy thanks!!  i hope you don't mind 
The inside of her thighs are so soft and silky. I knew she wanted me to
move up to her panties, I wanted to move up to her panties. But I wanted
her to ache with need, desperate for release.

I reached up to her breast and cupped it. My fingers closed over her
nipple pinching it, twisting it. She spread her legs wider and moaned.
"Please Lisa, please touch my pussy." She whispered to me.

I slid her panties off her bottom baring the crevice of her behind. Then
further until her swollen lips are visible. I slide them lower until she
lifts first one leg then the other. I leave them abandoned on the edge of
my bed. Later when Beth walks home with no panties on I'll have them
pressed to my nose savoring her scent.

Beth's pussy is soaking wet. Moisture glistens from the dark crinkled
opening of her behind to the silky curls crowning her clit. I push her
legs wider opening more of her beautiful treasures for me to enjoy.
She's pumping her hips. If I pressed the heel of my hand to her clit she
would rub it and ride it and spill milky cum across my hand. She has more
for me than just that though. A secret special gift she knows I love.

I slide my finger through the wet stream from clit to bottom. She's
drenched and I'm hungry. But first I know how she loves it when I lick
and finger her behind. I lower my mouth to her hole and taste her. Just
one quick stroke. Instantly her flavor coats my tongue and spreads
through my mouth. I bring my mouth to her again and this time I lick and
stroke circles around and over her tight opening. Beth's moans reach my
ears, my pussy clenches, throbbing. Beth rocks her hips initiating the
rhythm she wants from me. I use my thumbs at the edge of her ring and
spread her so my tongue can plunge into her and stroke her inner muscles.
I push my tongue in then slide it out as deep as I can but I know Beth
wants more. She's wet and slick and ready. One steady stroke and two
fingers spread her open and are buried inside her. She's spasming in
response clenching then releasing, milking my fingers, adjusting. I wait
only long enough for her to settle down just enough. Then I lick her
teasing and caressing while I stroke my fingers in and out.

Beth pressed my mouth hard over her clit, demanding her need. My pussy
clenched, I stroked her with my tongue. Back and forth I swiped across
her clit. I pulled her into my mouth, sucking her, holding her captive. A
stroke across her hard clit then I squeeze it, now my teeth hold her
taunting her. I give no warning, I release her then ravage her pulsing
clit,  hard and fast I lick and suck her without mercy I slam her over
the edge, hard and deep, I make her cum. I released her sensitive clit
from my mouth. I slid my tongue into her clenching sheath then sucked.
Luscious cream fills my mouth, I swallowed greedy for more. With the tip
of my tongue pressed inside her I can feel each wrenching spasm explode
through her beautiful pussy. With each spasm a gush of cum floods into my
mouth. Eagerly I drank from her.

I as she drew her finger up through my slit, sliding over my engorged
clit. I spread my legs even wider, opening my pussy offering it to her.
Instead of the warmth of her mouth I felt the coolness of her breath.
"Lick my pussy and make me cum, then swallow my juices, then I'll let
you cum." She said. Only two thoughts filtered through my throbbing
haze, make Beth cum in my mouth, and my cuming.


lez4eva says:   25 April 2009   285412  
these stories are crap, sorry but they just arent that good
blondie3 says :   9 May 2009   577871  
they are not mine igot them from some chick

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