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Questiooonns--x Bordem Curer ;DCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 17 July 2007
06:36:21 PM (GMT)
Stole Thee Template Fruuumh Disaster. =o Sorry, It looked, erm, fun?

Status: Relentless & Irritated 
Name: CJ
Date of birthday: 30/1
birthplace: Canada =]
Current location: Living Roooom =D
Eye color: Hazel, With Blue. 
Hair color: The darkest of browns 
Piercings: Earrrrs.
Tattoos: Negative. =[


Band: Ohmy, hard one. I don't have a favourite.
Singer: Too Hard. =/
Song: RightNowww; P!ATD-These tables are numbered honey..Etc ;]
Movie: RightNowww; Shes the Man !
Disney movie: Bambi ;__;
TV show: Anything with decent actors/actresses.
Color Combo: Pink Black !
Food: Erm..Desserts ;] XD
Pizza topping: Extra Cheese
Ice-cream flavour: Vanilla *Boring?*
Drink: Exotic Juice.
Soda: Lemonade
Store: New Look
Clothing brand: MacKenzie ! ^__^
Shoe brand: Converse
Wear to bed: Either Oversized football top & shorts..Or Meh new jammies =]
Season: Summer !
Month: Januaryyy !
Holiday/ festival: Christmas !
Flower: Lillies Or Daffodils =3
Make-up item: Eyeliner !
Board game: Anything..Does Twister Count ;D

This or that

Sunny or rainy: Sunny
Chocolate or vanilla: Both =3
Fruit or veg: Fruit...
Day or night: Day
Sour or sweet: Sweettt
Love or money: ;Sigh; Love <3
Phone or in person: Depends who tis !
Looks or personality: Personality..About 90% of the time =]
Coffee or tea: Tea 
Hot or cold: Hot ;]


Goal for this year: Confidence 
Most missed memory: My childhood.
Best physical feature: Waist =S
First thought waking up:  Ughghmhmgh..
Hypothetical personality disorder: =].
Preferred type of plastic surgery: Heh.
Worst habit: I love chewing ice cubes ;]
Greatest ambition: Successfulness.
Greatest fear: My close friend/family dying. D=
Darkest secret: And i'd tell you...;Eye-Roll;
Favourite subject: Arty !
Strangest recieved gift: A rock ! =]

Do you

smoke: No
drink: No
curse: Fucking Hell No! =]
Shower daily: Yehp.
Like thunderstorms: LOVE them =D
Dance in the rain: Yes, why not?
sing: Noooo
Play an instrument: Nope
Get along with your parents: No. Just, no.
Wish on stars: Yes, you don't?
Believe in fate: Of course.
Believe in love at first sight: OhYeah.

Can you

Drive: No
sew: Yes
Cook: Yes
Speak another language: Yes
Dance: No
Sing: No
Whistle: Yes
curls your tounge: Yes, this is quite the yes/no game huh? :D

Have you ever:

Been drunk: Erm, of course not...
Been stoned/high: No
Eaten sushi: EWH. 
Been in love: Are you saying you HAVEN'T noticed yet?
Skipped school: Maybeh.
Made prank calls: Oh yeah, that was more than funny.
Sent someone a love letter: Love letter? You'll never know.
Stolen something: No, unless, no...
Cried yourself to sleep: Many unmentionable times. 

Other questions

What annoys you most in a person: Mean, Copycatting, bitchy, snobby.
Are you left handed or right? Rightyfuhl.
Whens your bedtime? Whenever.
Name 3 things you can't live without: Art, Computer, LIFE duhh.
What is th color is your room? Many colours.
Do you have any siblings? 1 10-year-old-pathetically-annoying brother. :'(
do you have any pets? Yes, a cat, and uncountable pond-fish.
Would you kill someone you hate for 1 million $: Probablyyy...:D ahah.
What is your middle name? Why would I tell a survey thing?? Huh? 
What are your nicknames? Heh...
Are you for or against gay marriage? FOR!! Ahah, no, i'm straight before the rumours
start. :D
What are your thoughts on abortion? Mixed.
Do you have a crush on someone? Oh yes, crush is not the word. 'IN TOTAL AND COMPLETE
LOVE WITH' maybe!! 
Are you afraind of the dark? SOmetimes.
How do you want to die? Erm, I've been over this story before.
What is the lagest amount of popsicles you've eaten in 1 day? Don't ask silly
questions ;Tuts;
Would you take a bullet for the person you love? I might. 
What was the last law you've broken? Murder 

In a member of the opposite sex:

Hair color: I like well, I'm not bothered. Heh. Don't like skin-head short, or mosher
*too* long.
Eye color: Doesn't really matter
Height: Well, either my height, or just taller. 
Weight: This is obvious. Elephants=NotGoood.
Most important feature: Is there one?
Biggest turn off: Selfish, snobby, up their own ass, stupidly stupid, no sense of
humour. That's a *must*

Took me ages to do this, ya'll better appreciate!! xx
Last edited: 29 December 2007

Promise says:   17 July 2007   497941  
Hey, this is the saem thing that one girl called Disaster did.
x_CJ_Random_x says :   18 July 2007   259439  
Read up the page--x
Quote "Stole Thee Template Fruuumh Disaster. =o Sorry, It looked, erm,
That means I used the template she did, she also used a template from
a different girl.
So, yeah, READ.

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