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Monday, 9 July 2007
02:41:50 PM (GMT)
Two months after my parents died,
   It was the last day of school.
Sayo had come to the appartment that Sei and i lived in.
She walked into my room only to find that i wasn't there, then she walked into Sei's
room to find Sei and i cuddled together. She noticed that i had been crying. She knew
that this month was when my family took her on vacation and she knew that now that my
parents died we might just go with our "new" family. Sei's alarm clock went of and to
my suprise he actually got up to notice that Sayo was standing there trying to wake
me up. "What are you doing?" Sei asked. "Trying to wake your sister up, why?" "Just
snap your fingers and she'll wake up." "Huh?" *Snap*. "What? i was having a good
dream, gosh!! Oh. Sayo what are you doing here??" "Your morning wake up call." "Oh
right." "What are you doing here?" I waited till i heard my brother get into the
shower. "On the night before the last day of school, Sei and i promised to sleep
together." "Why?" "Well because today is graduation and all summer long we'll be on
summer vacation and then we're moving and taking you with us." "Why are you moving?"
"At the end of summer we're getting married." "What? Married? But how? you're brother
and sister. That's not even possible." "Yeah it is. Just don't tell anyone." "Fine."
Later Sei and i had to present the Validictorian and Salidictorian speeches. Sei of
course was Salidictorian so he went first. "The garduates of 2772 are in graditude
that they actually made it to the last year of school. In other countries there are
usually 12 school years but that was like 700 years ago. It is great honor to say
that we're getting graduated!! Congrats to the class of 2772!! May hope be with you.
Now i liked to show honor to my Twin sister Sun Himatchui."
 "Good evening class of 2772 and fellow friends and family. My name... Well you all
ready know my name so i'll tell you the stories that happened this year. My friend
Shawn fell in a giant bowl of pudding, always eat the pudding after you fall in!!
That is one of the great leasons we learned. Another is when your parents, i mean my
parents died, make sure you remember the good times we've had. No one is willing to
die but it's a part of life. So All i have to say Is, Sei come here. We all remember
who is the cutest and weirdist twin brother and sister and couple ever. That would be
my brother sei and i. And yes we are in love. This morning at our appartment Sayo
found us in his bed cuddled together. So what if we love each other ther's no problem
with it, besides brother and sister marriages are not illegal and yes at the end of
this summer Sei and i are getting maried. So to the class of 2772, We're getting
graduated and Sei and i are getting married!!" Later after we recieved are diplomas
and all the kids went home to change for the party, Sayo told us that her parents
were confused about Sei and i getting married, she told them that what i said was
true and she told them that she was moving out and never coming back! She officualy
moved into our appartment and became part of the little family. We then all agreed to
move to another part of Japan and we decided to vacation in Hawaii. "Hawaii, here we

‹em <3› says:   9 July 2007   288677  
that was awesome!!!
Emogirl93 says:   11 July 2007   425893  
Thanks!!! there's more to come!! By the way this is an anime book so
there's only 3 chapters and then it will be Connections book 2.
hikmah95 whispers:   2 May 2008   189424  
did you write this? its really good!!
Emogirl93 says :   10 October 2008   777286  
thanks. yes i did write it, i'm not done with this book though. there
are only going to be 6 chapters in each boook and then you get left
hanging till the next. i'm hoping to write 10 books about Sun and Sei.


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