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~Memeries~Chapter One:The Three VisitorsCategory: Roxas Love story
Monday, 4 June 2007
03:49:18 PM (GMT)
Chapter One
1:00 am
The moon was shining on a black night as you and Josh snuck out of disney castle.
  "Why are we doing this again Aya?" Josk ask you for the hundredth time.
  "I told you," You sounded a bit annoyed, "I want my watch back!"
  "Whay can't you buy a new watch? Since it's your birthday and all...your
BOUND to get at least one watch."
  "No!" You told him. "King Mickey gave it to me before he left to fight
heartless!It's speciel to me! AND i need to beat the crud outta Saki!"
  "Sheesh..." Josh mumbled as ya'll creeped about the outside of the castle. "It's
hard to believe your 15..."
  "And its hard to believe your 17 Sir Punk!" You bared your teeth at him. "Now where
almost there."
Five minutes later, you and josh arrived at a side of a three story house.
  "Here we are!." You said cheerfully. "Now all i have ta do is climb to the window
on the upper right side." You sighed. "OK!I can do this!" You said full of yourself.
  "Consentrait!" Josh said.
  "I know!Geez..." He's one annoying bodyguard you thought.
You walked up to the side of the house, put both of your hands on the wall,then your
left leg,then your right. Soon you were climbing the wall. {me:like spiderman!}
When you finally arrived at the window, you saw a dark outlined figure pointing down.
So,of courseed, you looked down. Aya saw Sir Punk,josj, on the ground with a red
shard in his leg and arm.
  "Josh!?!" You hollared. You quikley pushed against the wall and landed on all fours
like a cat.{me:remember, your part neko}
  "Josh!!!" you slide next to him.
  "Aya...there...hear..for..you" He said in a weak, but firm voice. "There here for
you. Go and Run,now."
  "What did they want?" You asked taking the shard outta his leg and arm. "Seal thy
wounds in leg and arm,Xya!" you whispered. The wounds were gone in 5 seconds.
  He twiched before answering, "Something about A Pure Of Heart.."
  "Pure heart.....?"
   Yes, Pure of Heart.I believe you have it." A voice said outta nowhere.
  "Who are you!?Show yourself!" You shouted to no one in particuluar.
Then three dark-outlined figures appered 2 yards away from you and Josh. Two were
hard to see cause they were wearing black long coats. They one in the middle had his
hood off to show his spiky,blondish-brownish hair, deep sky blue eyes, and a not to
dark peach skin.
The one to the right was holding him in place, the other was pointing a gun to his
left shoulder.
  "Give us your Pure Of Heart, Princesse. You dont' Want Roxas here to die would
you?" One of them said.
  "I-I don't know who Roxas is, but no one will die but you!" Aya said getting up.
  "Oh, you don't remember him? Then i guess you won't care if we kill him!"
The person with the gun pushed the trigger.
  "I told you a while ago! NO ONE WILL DIE BUT YOU!" You ran as fast as a cat, and
when then the person let go of the trigger, "NO!"
you pushed Roxas to the ground and you took the impact on your own shoulder.
  "Aya!" Josh and Roxas screamed.
  "ITAII!!!!!" You screamed in pain.You forced yourself to pull out the
shard."Seal thy wound in arm,Xya!" you whispered. The wound was gone but the pain was
still there.
  You finally got up but soon was knocked down by a gust of wind. Soon you were up in
the air. Slicing winds were cutting you everywhere in your body. It finally stopped
after a minute.
  You where bleeding from your arms,legs,face, and body. Not even Xya healing spell
will beable to heal some wounds completly.
  "I thought you were going to 'slice and dice' her, Xaldin." The man with the gun
picked you up by the neck.
  "We were sposed to bring her back alive remember Xigbar?" Xaldin said.
  "*sigh*Lets go."
And soon they were both gone....along with You

tokyo_girl13 says:   5 June 2007   699775  
omg what happons next hurry plez dont leve me hanging omg
,omg,omg,omg,omg hurry plezzzzzz
SoraTomoshibi says:   5 June 2007   825747  
Ah! um ok!
‹HANNER› says:   14 June 2007   592929  
I like Josh 
GaaraGirl12 says:   14 June 2007   313341  
i kinda dont get it but i didnt read it all im havin dinner
SoraTomoshibi says :   15 June 2007   522592  
kiwiface answer:XD
Gaaragirl12 answer: you should read.....expacally chapter 2.


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