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DAY 1-may 13Category: (general)
Sunday, 13 May 2007
06:08:45 PM (GMT)
Okay yes im not new to kupika but im just going to start writing in this diary
thing everyday because people are always telling me so much happends in my life and
its interesting so here we go:

Its may 13:and 2:49pm:

imah start off with my life story:

My whole life i have had a boyfriend.Well im 15 years old the oldest guy i have dated
was 17 and the youngest was 14.Yes i have actually been through everything i have
been abused by one boyfriend physically and mentally.If your in a abusive
relatshionship GET OUT.See it was Novemver 14 2006 and this boy brandon asked me
out.He was 16 and black.Everything was going good.Then everytime i started going to
school he would abuse me.One time it hurt so bad i had bruses on my whole side of my
stomach.I would cry every night because i was actually in love with him now your
probally thinking how could she be in love with him when he abused her.Finally on
Febuary 14 2007 i broke up with him and until this day when i see him in the hallway
he will try and hit me.

Another thing that i have been through was when i was about 8 or 9 years old i dealt
with the death of my mother.She was 29 years old when she died.Im not really sure how
she died.All i know was that she was deathly sick.So its hard for me to fall in with
a boy because im always scared something will happend.

Emmm.....everytime i have a boyfriend i dont tell them how i feel all i usally say is
 i dont know when they ask me a question about how i feel about them.Im just scared
to tell them how i feel.

My recent boyfriends besides the one that had abused me have treated me really good.I
really didnt have my first realy boyfriend until i was 13.

My first boyfriend was this boy kevin he was black and we were both 14.We were
always OFF and On.and it was too emotional so we decided to brake up.

my second boyfriend was this boy justin he was black also i was 14 and he was
16.I just ended it because i disnt see the relationship going anywhere and i went
back out with him about 1 month ago.That lasted a week i just wasnt likeing him

My Third boyfriend was this boy shaquille we dated for about 7 monthes i
thought it was love but it was just lust i ended the realtionship because i cheated
on him and didnt want to tell him.

My fourth boyfriend was a boy name Mikehe was black and 14 years old.I dated
him for about a month or two and then i ended that because he started makeing up lies
about US.

My fifth boyfriend was the ABUSER brandon.I think we all know why i broke up
with him.

my sixth boyfriend was this boy Martell.I dated him for about a month then he
just kept lieing to me and was cheating on me so i broke up with him.

my seventh boyfrind was this other 17 year old black boy named brandon.We just
broke up on april 20th 2007.I broke up with him because he said if i didnt losse my
virginity to him by A certain date it was over and i dont take that.

My recent boyfriend it this boy name carlose.Hes 15.Half puerto rican and
black.As you all know right now im going out with hima and my ex boyfriend
shaquille and they both dont know it.

Well more about me is i just moved here to lasvegas about two years ago and ill keep
you updated everyday about my life.


gilbert1 says:   13 May 2007   816795  
hi that is kool
LiVELAUGHLOVE123 says:   13 May 2007   853843  
omg.such a tragic life. your a fighter!
Oroborus21 says:   13 May 2007   375588  
very really makes me angry how those cowards could
hurt a girl....

i am glad you got out of that relationship and i hope u wont' get in
any more abusive relationships....

be true to seem like a nice're very
pretty..just value yourself and know that you deserve a guy who
respects you and who treats you right...
The_sexiest_latina_107 says:   13 May 2007   592378  
Wow.....that's said guys shouldn't even abuse girls guys should be
protecting us and taking good care of us....That's just sad that some
can't even do that...but some could
alize10 says :   13 May 2007   654893  
that's a cool story


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