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Saturday, 21 April 2007
11:45:01 AM (GMT)
Okay, this is a scene from an unwritten story that I've had floating around in my
head for about a year now. XD Yes I still remember it...

The group approached the closed door, which the light was coming from. The soft blue
glow tinted their skin a pale gray, giving them all the appearance of sickness.
Metrois' breath came quickly to him, streaming out in pale clouds. His arm was around
Tatina, for the girl was tired from the long trip and the cold of the cavern. Behind
the pair walked Rendu, accompanied by his son, who was in the form of an arctic hare
to preserve his heat. They were all bedraggled and somewhat exhausted, but they
definitely had a spring in their step. They were close now, oh so very close...

Metrois stopped in front of the door, his hands shaking with apprehension and lack of
sleep. Tatina leaned against him and smiled wearily.
"At last," she whispered, her breathy voice nearly lost in the enormous underground
space. Metrois nodded and then glanced back over his shoulder. Rendu and his son were
almost caught up with them. Then they could finally get what they'd come so far for.
The weapon to save their civilization.

Rendu stepped up to Metrois and placed his hand on his shoulder. The older man smiled
fondly at the young man who had grown up so far from the immature firebrand who had
wanted to destroy the oppressive government that was slowly killing the planet. The
arctic hare that was Rendu's son hopped excitedly. Rendu turned to him.
"You couldn't just turn back into a human, could you?" 
The rabbit shook his head. Rendu sighed ruefully and grinned.
"Well Metrois, you do the honors."

Metrois' hands, calloused and hardened from years of working to save a dying field,
trembled and suddenly seemed to lose all strength they possessed. He took a deep
breath and wiped his sweaty palms on his rough breeches, then placed his hands on the
door and pushed.

The heavy stone doors swung open easily, revealing a shimmering crystal on a wooden
base. The crystal was unlike anything the group had ever seen, glittering with an
inner light. It was the size of a small closet and appeared uncut, though it
refracted the light as if it had been molded. The walls were lined with smaller
crystal that reflected the light back again, until te entire chamber was flooded with
it. But the light was not a harsh glare, like the sun. Rather it glowed, like the
moon or stars. The light illuminated a figure in the heart of the large crystal, what
seemed like a human girl carved out of diamond. Around the strange statue the light
seemed strongest, making it appear as a gleaming star in the crystals center.

Tatina sank to her knees, awed by the beauty of the cavern. She recalled a lullaby
she had heard as a child, the one her mother sang every night before she went to

In chambers they rest
The key to our life
Figures of power
To settle the strife

The lay far to the North
Where no man dare trod
But one day one shall
Seeking a god

If his heart is true
His intentions good
He will get past
A guard'n of wood

But should he want
To use the power for war
He will be turned back
So he can learn more

She had never understood the words, only knew that they helped her fall into a
dream-free sleep. Now they seemed to be coming true. Only, she saw a crystal
guardian, not a wooden one. She attributed the difference to bards who had told the
tale, assuming that they had changed it to suit their needs. Tears budded in her
eyes, shimmering in the glow of the crystals.

Metrois stepped up to the crystal, his eyes wide with excitement. He reached over a
wooden tendril that seemed to have been carved around the crystal to decorate it. His
fingers were about to brush the clear surface of the crystal when the wooden vine
snapped up and whipped his fingers. He pulled them back with a cry.
"What is the meaning of this?" he said angrily. "How is dead wood moving to stop

As his voice echoed away, the wood at the base of the pillar began to shine. It had
not reflected any of the light glowing around the room, so they had all assumed it
unimportant. But it was now giving off a green glow, as soft as the pure light
illuminating the cave, but stronger. Suddenly it seemed as if a veil had been lifted
of the group’s eyes. The wood that wrapped around the base of the crystal was
shaped like a human girl also. She was pressed up against the side of the crystal
closest to the door and her arms and legs split into vines that snaked around the
other sides of the huge gem. Two indentations in what would be her face glowed with a
darker green light than the rest of her as a calm voice began to speak in group’s

What do you seek, coming to the Chamber of the Guardians?

They stood still, stunned for a moment by the authority and suddenness of the voice.

I said, what do you seek?

Metrois collected himself first.
"We seek to rid ourselves of the people who are killing us and this planet."

Ahh, the voice said to them. A noble cause, to be sure. But if I may search
your souls to see how you wish to be rid of them? 

Metrois looked a little confused at that, but a reassuring nod from Rendu promted him
to agree.
"You may look into my soul."

Silly boy, I said "souls" I wish to look into all of yours.

Tatina stood up abruptly.
"Wooden lady, you may search my soul as well," she said bravely.
"Mine as well," added Rendu. The rabbit simply hopped up and down repeatedly, but the
wooden girl seemed to take it as a yes.

Don't panic, she said. This will feel strange, but I assure you that I will
not harm you in any way.

Suddenly they all were struck with a queer feeling of someone inside them. The
feeling intensified for a moment, then left.


Okay, that's as much as I feel like typing now. I'll post more later, because I doubt
anyone wants to read much more than that. If they've actually read down to here...

lol says:   22 April 2007   749377  
this is really good. Write more!!!!!!
Wolven_Dancer says:   22 April 2007   922385  
I will, I will!

After I finish my homework... ;_;
carrotsoup says:   23 May 2007   382434  
Of course we all read the entire thing. It was very good.
Wolven_Dancer says:   24 May 2007   851564  
*snort* Well thanks, I feel very loved. XD
carrotsoup says :   6 June 2007   665796  
you should. XD

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