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unending december (bad title, srry lol)Category: story
Saturday, 24 March 2007
01:23:22 PM (GMT)
I leaped from tree to tree as fast as i could, but stopped every to seconds to
marvel at the foreest around me. "I'm bored, chu~!"  “Is there anything fun out in
this place….” I glanced around, trees, sparkling rivers, mountains towering over
the clouds; it was really an amazing sight, but only to a mortal of course.
“PSSSHT! Nuthin’ should’ve guessed, eh?” I curled up at a branch and looked
up to the sky. “Well maybe,” I thought, “the mortal beings are up to
something.” I sneered and leapt down from one branch to another till I could see a
small town dead ahead. Nothing special or different. Just a village, large huts and
houses, stands and shops were set up in various areas. “Hm, this isn’t anyone I
know” I started to reach under my black hat and scratch my whit cat-ears. “Then
they’re just like anyone else, and I’m feeling hungry!” I smirked again and
started to purr. 
	I started to check and make sure my ears were well concealed under my hat, and my
tail was curled up. My mouth was shut, so my fangs weren’t visible, and I made
fists, my claws mere wrapped in my palm. I began to walk deeper and deeper into the
town, not one human began to think for a second I wasn’t human accept for an
occasional “Why’s her hair purple, mommy?” I walked into the area where they
held the animals and licked my lips at the sight of FRESH LIVING meat! I couldn't
help but squeak 'chu~!' I leapt inside the gate and eyed a cow like you would i a
juicy hunk of steak (or if your a veg then a peice of brocoli) and pounced on it, but
before i could kill it i felt the presence of a stranger. I glared at whatever was
behind my shoulder and widened my eyes.

'OMFG! WHAT HAPPENS? the world will never know until you the audience votes for the
best singer! JK, btw kumiko that neko is based on me, she has my japanese name. I
think i might base a few characters on my friends :P if you wanna b in the story
lemme kno cuz i am as bored as a ... chicken. WOOOT! GO ME! FERG

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