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Funny Stuff that happened in the last three days ...Category: (general)
Friday, 23 March 2007
03:46:41 PM (GMT)
Well, read the title ...

1. Me and my friends Ishimaru, Kawazoe and Michiru had to walk past this truck/van
thing to get to lessons, and there was thing really tiny gap. Two funny things
happened. First, Kawazoe got to the middle of the gap and got stuck, and then when
she got free the truck started reeeeeeeeeeeally suddenly and reeeeeeeeeeeeally
loudly, and we all jumped about a foot in the air. Michiru jumped too high, hitting
her head on this pipe-thing above her. 

2. We went to a different class and this boy Kawazoe is obssessed with was walking
with us, and she was being a baka-head and then Michiru kicked her to shut her up,
but she tripped, landed in the mud and she skirt flew up... revealing YOU DON'T WANNA
KNOW! to this boy. He turned red and walked off (ran away) and we laughed WAY too

3. I called Kawazoe to see if she wanted to go out today ... and she said she was in
Hastings. I was a little confused she we do not live in Hastings
...................................... and she was on her house phone. She started to
mumble and said she was grounded since she burnt the SALAD for dinner. Apparently she
wanted to see if cooked cucumber tasted nice, and she lit a match to burn a piece of
cucumber, but dropped the match in the salad bowl. 

4. It was "Mini Market" today, when weget into groups of five-ish and sell stuff we
have made. One stall was selling popcorn and Ishimaru brought about a carrier bag of
the stuff, and she was eating it when her face went all red and her cheeks went all
puffed up, and she spat about SIX carrier bags full of popcorn bits at Michiru, and
her tongue was covered in blisters. It turns out the popcorn had some sweetening
thing in it which she was allergic to. Ha ha. 

Does laughing at this stuff make me a bad friend? And the big question
......................................... do I care???

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From left to right - Kawazoe, Ishimaru, Michiru, Miharu (me) 

Kawazoe in anime ...
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Ishimaru in anime ...Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Michiru in anime ...
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Last edited: 23 March 2007

midnightxangel says:   23 March 2007   162993  
Lol. That's funny.
TiffanyShea says :   19 April 2007   717729  
Oh wow seems like you have alot to laugh at =) And no it doesn't mean
you are a badd freind...As long as they were laughing even if they
were'nt who gives a damn


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