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Sunday, 18 March 2007
06:46:43 PM (GMT)
(Roan is running throught the forest)
Something brushed past my cheek, but i ignored it.
how could she just leave me?! My stomach felt hot, Anger rose in my throat, and i
reeled, i ran the curse burning me. It was devouring my soul,heart,and mind. I was a
cursed child, every one thought so. i ran and ran deeper and deeper into the forest
to find the Great Spirit. He could make me something else and make the suffering go
Maybe if i was lucky he would make me a Grendor, or maybe a Heanien, or maybe even a
farie! there was soo many things he could make me. I grabbed my side to stifle the
burning, aching pain that was always there. 
I jumped over a rushing stream and landed with a loud humpf.
I jumped over countless logs, and tripped over many roots. A branch scratched my
check, but i kept running hoping my strength would hold on a bit longer. My throat
ached and my side burned. My head throbbed and I started to feel dizzy. I slowed down
to a slow walk, my knees shaking.  Finally i feel to my knees, panting. How would i
find him? where to look first? So many questions needing answers spinned in my aching
head. I laid my head on the soft moss growing on the side of the tree where i had
collapsed. Well maybe i could get something to eat, then get some sleep. then
continue my search for the Great Spirit. I went back to the stream and put my mouth
to the cold water and began to drink. In between gulps i gasped for air, then resumed
my drinking. After i had drank till i was certain i would burst, i stopped and leaned
back. I tilt my head back and took the biggest gulps of air i could manage. Then I
went back to the tree and searched around it, looking for mushrooms. I found some and
got a handful. I sat munching them and scanning my surroundings. I had been running
with such force, along with hot tears blinding me, that I didn’t realize how
beautiful the forest was.
As a child my Brothers and Sister and me would come here often to play while my
mother would help the villagers find good places to find food. She’d teach them
which mushrooms where poisonous and which weren't. And how to catch fish in the
rushing streams that scattered the land. My family is very wealthy. My father is King
and my mother is Queen. My brothers and sisters are all princes and princesses along
with me. All my other sister are all lady like and do every thing proper. But not me,
i want to be a knight or a some hero of some kind. My older sister Shaih is very much
like me, and i look to her for advise. 
      My father does not approve of my sword play, yet my mother encourages it. She
said i had to find my own path to follow, and if swords play was the beginning then i
should do it all i like. Then she died, and father took my sword. He said I had to be
proper, like my sisters. My brothers went on to train as knights, and my sisters
tried to teach me to sew. They were all so marvelous at embroidering the tales of our
pasts on cloth, yet mine just looked like a spiders web all tangled together. The
chamber maids would check on our work, yet when they came to mine, they would shriek
with laughter till tears streaked there faces. I’d get very upset and embarrassed
and I’d run to the stables and spend the rest of the day with my horse, Bruin. He
is nice and calm to me, yet to people, or things, that try to hurt me, he is as
fierce as a mother bear with her cubs. 
     Once some village boys were teasing me, and Briun, still a colt, charged them
right across the bridge. Mother saw this and said we should name him Bruin, after the
way he protected me. I liked the name and it suited him, so it stayed. My mother,
Novain, was a beautiful and shinning star in my life. She was the only person i felt
i could turn to when things got rough. My sister Shaih was the only other person
other than my mother, who i felt  i could turn to her for anything. Not my other
sister though, my other sisters are all proper and where afraid of spiders and
monsters. I’m not afraid of monsters, or my father. My sisters says i should obey
him, but i don't. That’s why i am here in the first place. My father was angry with
my constants swords play, and my boyish ways that he banned me from practicing with
my sword, or anything else that would make me look less like a proper princess.  
         So when i was wandering the halls with nothing to do, i spied a maid and
decided to follow her. Father never approved of my sneaking around, or my constant
planning of  battle plans. But i found sneaking got me more secrets then my sister
ever blabbered about late at night. So as i followed the maid she went into the sick
room. I crouched near the doorway as they spoke. They talked of the sick, the old,
and the dyeing. Then they turned to a different subject.
My sister, Shaih. She has always had a strong body, and never caught colds easily.
But there she was, in a sick bed, face paled and dripping with sweat. She had the
Rowan Death. It was named after a ash found on top a mountain. The person who caught
the Rowan Death would have there skin turn pale, then ashy, then they would go
through a fever that lasted about  8 days ,then 5 days of feverish sleep then they
would die. She has the beginning stages right now. Her face was pale, and her hand
are clammy. Beads of sweat flowed down her frail face, despite the cold compress on
her forehead. Her hair was uncombed and her nightgown drenched with sweat. The nurses
tend to her well enough, but I think they could do better. They just stand at the end
of her bed and stare at her with sorrowful frowns. Sometimes they cry, sometimes them
make jokes to try to make her cheerier, and somtimes they do nothing. My father seems
pays no mind to her, of her never visites her as much as I do. Maybe it’s because
he can’t stand to see her in pain, but I think he just doesn’t care. He only came
to see mother when she was sick, but he has never returned to the sick room since.

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