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A sad/scary story of a curseCategory: this is fake dont worry
Tuesday, 20 February 2007
09:52:50 AM (GMT)
The Story of the Caped Curse
One day in Old Thailand, a young 9 year old Lynn was working on their Grainy rice
dinner. This wasnt one of the regular dinners where everybody ate the crusty rice
without it being cooked all the way and hot water. No, this time King Chung was
coming for dinner. He said that if they were worthy of a meal fit for a King, they
could leave the Thai kingdom with no price, which was good because although it was 4
people in the family, they were awfully poor. So she poured the rice into the hot
water they would have normally drank. "I am going to go get some potato's from the
garden, Lynn. You will be in the hut for about 10 minutes. Are you sure you are OK?"
Lynn's mother, Kaya asked. "Of course, mama. I am 9 years old now. I can take care of
myself" Lynn stated proudly. Kaya laughed then left the room. Lynn heard footsteps in
her bedroom, which was the next room over. "Junly? Is that you?" Lynn asked. Junly
was her older sister that was supposed to be shopping for corn. There was no answer.
"Mama? Dad?" Lynn called next. Still no answer. Her dad was supposed to be in the
farm caring for the chickens, getting eggs for Mama's famous egg ice cream dessert.
She turned, and in her doorway was a vivid blur that flew past. In Lynn's ear, she
heard a faint "Gherlo". "Gherlo? Who-or what is Gherlo?" she asked. "I
AM GHERLO!!!!!" a deep v oice screamed from behind her. She quickly turned and gazed
down into the pot of rice. There was a tiny transparent head flowing around in the
pot, muttering things that sounded like some ancient curse! "What?" Lynn screamed. "I
said" the head said. TThen, jumping out and appering to be the head with a big body
with a cape over it, said, "I said, WITH THE POWER OF CAPE DINISTY FROM CHINA, I
CURSE YOU!!!!!". Lynn screamed and ran out of the house. Junly had just arrived and
was chatting with Kaya in the garden. They heard Lynn screaming and running to the
garden. "Lynn? What happened?" Kaya asked in shock, because Lynn was normally calm.
Lynn told her what happened. "Lynn, this is not good! Mama, get dad! We have to leave
at once!" Junly exclaimed. "Why?" Kaya asked. "I studied the Caped Curse in class.
Nobody belived it, but the teacher toldme that since I believed it, if anyone saw it,
their whole family would die, unless they leave the scene of the viewing!" Junly
shouted. They tried to leave, but the minute LLynn ran to her room to pack, something
stabbd her back, but she didnt see anything on her back, so she thought it was her
imagination. But that night on the train to ALaska, Lynn fell into a deep deep sleep.
She dreamt of the caped spirit, cursing her. Then, it said in a deep crackly voice,
"I wake you up, and give you 2 minutes to live". SHe awoke, and said, "Mama! Dad!
JUnly! It stabbed me in my back at home and granted me 2 minutes to live. Help,
mama!" Lynn screamed. Then, when she had 30 seconds to live she managed to squeeze
out "SAVE YOURSELVES!". Then, she fell into a quick but silent death. "Oh, no!" Junly
said. Then, when she started to die, she said "If you are stabbed in the back, the
caped spirit will follow you whereever you go. I'm dieing now. Dad, mama, I love you
both". Then, they squeezed Junly and Lynn in their arms as they died. The caped
spirit was never heard of again.

‹RainbowBunion› says:   16 April 2007   776831  
I.D.T.S girlfreind
Nina321 says :   17 April 2007   511824  
wtf is idts?


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