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Stranded with love Chapter 3Category: story
Thursday, 15 February 2007
01:38:56 PM (GMT)
So after packing up all my things, including a first aid kit, and some snacks, cause
if we get stranded, 
without da right supplies.......... Logan will freak!  I met Logan and Justin on
land. And saw dat some ppl
had set up chairs, supplied by da captain's crew, to get a tan. We each got a chair,
and I got a table 4 us all.
Wow! this is like a hotel outside! exclaimed justin.  Everyone! may I have your
attention, da captain said.
since we do not have enough beds 4 everyone, u will each have 2 make your own bed.
BUT we can supply
blankets, and pillows, 1 pillow and 2 blankets 4 each person. I'll get da blankets, I
offered, and Logan 
offered 2 get da pillows. And I will start gathering supplies 4 da beds. Ok we all
said at once.
when me and Logan got back 2 our table and chairs, Justin had already started making
his bed.
So Justin showed us how 2 make our beds, it was pretty ez.  Now it was tie 4 lunch.
So everybody went back on da ship,
2 get da food, But some ppl were going 2 eat on land like us! We each got a sandwich
and lemonade.
We slowly went back 2 da table, carefull not 2 bump in2 any1 or spill our drinks. 
When I was just about
2 take a bite, Matt came up 2 me.  Wat do u want? I asked in an annoyed voice. Well
Maybe I should sleep
next 2 u 2night, just 2 protect u he said. no thx. I have my friends, I said and
pointed 2 Logan and Justin.
Those lil weaklings? they cant even protect a child! he said. They r not weak! They r
my friends! and I did not
come on this cruise, just 4 u 2 annoy me all day! Me? annoying u? dat cant be! u love
me! No I DonT!
I HATE u! with dat he punched me in da face, making my nose bleed. wat did u do dat
4? Logan yelled at him.
she said she hates me! As logan and Matt were fighting, Justin was looking 4 some
help, and came back with
da captain, who called da nurse, who took care of  my nose.  Then da captain started
yelling at Matt, asking him y he did dat.
she said she hates me! Matt replied, strongly. The captain turned 2 me. Is dat true?
he asked. Yes. I answered.
And then I told him da whole story, which turned da captain against Matt. He made
Matt stay in da ship when everybody
else was on land!

2 be continued.

Pinkwink9 says:   15 February 2007   151123  
Wow! dats da longest chapter I ever wrote!
KIKI1000 says:   15 February 2007   784268  
Pinkwink9 says:   15 February 2007   195863  
ok I will soon, but I dont kno wat 2 write yet.
Hahalover says:   15 February 2007   419959  
so whats up with this matt kid?
Cowyeshia says:   16 February 2007   426824  
This is cool. But why would the captin care if you hate matt? I don't
mean to kill your story or anything. But I loike this serise. I'm also
glad you don't write like so much that you feel like you don't wanna
read it
Pinkwink9 says :   16 February 2007   594819  
helloooo he punched her!


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