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LifeCategory: Life
Thursday, 15 February 2007
07:11:01 AM (GMT)

You hate it 
You love it
You cant stand the people in it
but you wouldnt get rid of them for the world

you have a normal day to day lifes thts so borin its unbelievable 
but you enjoy every second
you fall in love and back out again
you think you ve found the one
and then their gone

you see the sun rise
and set again
the stary skys
the look in your guys eyes

the sister you wish you always had
but yet you argue and make each other sad
the soft breeze on your skin
the lad you know you ll never win
you get scared and run and hide
you miss the people that die
you curl up and cry
the feeling inside that somethings gone
when really you had it all along

the friends you miss
but will never forget
the moment you will always remember
inside your head
the days that pass by you dont even notices
your very first kiss
the times that fly
the times you cried

school days that seem to last forever
all the times you said never
the homework that seemed to take weeks
tht tap tht would always leak

the family arguements you wish you never had
the times you know you we re bad
the pets that made you smile 
the friends that you only had for a while

the girl that always called you names
the guy that drove you insane
the things you never understood
the times you wish you could
the times you know you should
and the times you would
the times that were good
the times that were bad
the times that were sad
the times you were glad

the poster you always wanted to keep
all the times that you freaked
the times you just had to sleep

the thing im tryin to say is live life now and not tomorrow 
cause it passes by sooner than you think

so i hope you have a nice day and a nice life 
and the next time you do something remember think twice

ok i bet i ve bored you to death so bye ^_^

ryryhere4life says:   15 February 2007   239985  
god i got a tear in my eye
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   162712  
lol thanks well it toke forever to write and even longer to think off
Twin_Nita says:   15 February 2007   664824  
That is so sad! AND SO REAL!
F**k the pplz dat call us<<omg random)
ilovespike says:   15 February 2007   476831  
ryryhere4life says:   15 February 2007   593566  
ok frankie that was weard the 1 b4 love it i think i just got sckerd
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   699782  
lol thanks ppl im glad you like it
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   383982  
and i was hopin it was sad but real
richard says:   15 February 2007   525162  
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   873218  
thanks lol ^_^
gangsterboy says:   15 February 2007   522434  
frankie21221 thats so not cool im a gangster now cant
be shown up with this ryryhereforlife dude hes so sad 
as if mental even actully no girls would fancy him unless
they were blind
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   557392  
and sorry but do i even know you and i ll just have you know
ryryhere4life is 1 of my best friends ever
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   218917  
and why is he showing you up?
ryryhere4life says:   15 February 2007   489155  
gangsta dick look knob head u think u are a gangsta but realy u dont
know what a gangster is bet u sit at home and just play with your self
dont u any way wright back soz frankie bbz
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   748888  
its ok babes lol thanks babe and girls ryryhere4life is proper cool
so id talk 2 him never know you might be that lucky lady thats gets
ryryhere4life says:   15 February 2007   591418  
yes u never no
xxAlexaxx cries:   15 February 2007   714678  
It made me relise I get bored easily but there more to life than
having fun  
[x]Thank yoo [x]
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   893586  
lol ye with him you never do know lol no im only joking hes really
great you should get to know him
Frankie21221 says:   15 February 2007   498427  
awwwwwwwwwwwww thanks its ok no problem glad i could help
danieltpe says:   17 February 2007   516129  
Down to earth very much so.
Frankie21221 says:   17 February 2007   865661  
thanks i think
ryryhere4life says:   19 February 2007   995733  
that gangsta kid wrote to me lol he is gay lol love your work sexy
Frankie21221 says:   19 February 2007   428472  
thanks babe ^_^
ryryhere4life says :   23 April 2007   787273  
its ok love bb xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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