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Wednesday, 17 January 2007
06:31:59 PM (GMT)
Celest woke up the next morning thinking it was all a dream. "Cell breakfast" her
mom called, she could hear her brothers arguing over the spot they sit in. She
decided to ware a blue minnyskirt and a pink tangtop. She was walked over to the
mirror to brush her red-blond hair when her brother came in and took her diary off
her night stand "hey, give that back" she yelled. "Make me ha ha ha" he shouted and
then left. "MOM, make him give it back errr." "Jake give your sister her ,umm, thing"
she could tell her mom was getting mad. Cell had to walk to school that day when she
got there she saw Ann Marie. "Hey Ann whut happend to your little plan" she asked.
"Umm lets think you forgot to bring me food so I had to go back to my house and get
some and unfortunettly my dad was getting a snack" she yelled. Then stomped into the
library. "Hey Cell" tom said. Cell adored Tom he had wavy brown hair not dark skin
but tan. "Hey Tom ,Cell, hey wanna go to the smoothie shop after school" it was Kiki
the moast popular girl in 7 grade and her four clones."no I think ill hang out with
Cell" he said. "HA HA HA you must be joking" she said thinking he was kidding. There
was Nina , a brunett about as skinny as a tothpick, Anaria she was blond and not as
skinny as Nina though, Tamika ,she had brunett hair with pink highlights she was
short though, and last but not least Megan ,she was almoast as popular as Kiki bleach
blond hair and so close to Kiki in looks they were almoast twins. "Hey are you
steelen her boyfriend" Megan said with a snobby remark "Hey I just asked you somthin
are you def or somthin." "yea" the others chimed in. "BADDADRINNGGG" Cell diddn't
want to deal with this so she just we to class
                                              UNTILL NEXT TIME

Dude_456 says :   20 January 2007   852365  
wow your really good


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